Alex Gibney, the Emmy and Oscar winning documentary filmmaker who has previously investigated everything from Scientology to Theranos, will pull back the curtain on Russian collusion in the 2016 U.S. elections. ------------------------------------------, how the Russians interfered with our elections, the Democratic National Committee's servers. Hugely hard. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. . It must be challenging to be putting the final touches on this film, and look up every so often at the TV screen and see these developments rolling out in a story that's very much in progress. A Jigsaw Production for HBO Documentary Films; directed and written by Alex Gibney; producers, Alex Gibney, Erin Edeiken, Jessie Deeter; editor, Andy Grieve; co-editor, Alexis Johnson; associate producer, Ophelia Harutyunyan; executive producer Graydon Carter. Why Is 'Saturday Night Live' Suddenly Booking So Many Older Rock Bands? I guess I shouldn't be shocked that, you asked him a very direct question about culpability, and he says that although he has an answer he's not going to give it to you. But the part of the story that really stands to rob a person of any shred of trust in our system's resilience is the notion that a sizeable amount of Russia's success in aiding Donald Trump's election can be attributed to the efforts of social media trolls groping around in the dark, finding the weak spots in our society, and splitting them open with a maul . but they're also institutions that allow us all to take part in this democratic experiment. I was a teenager in the '60s and early '70s when there were pretty big divisions and massive riots and protests all over the country and a lot of killings and assassinations. address allegations that were sent to Alex Gibney and documentary producer Sheila Nevins . Interviews with leading film and TV creators about their process and craft. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. I spoke with Gibney on the morning that Trump's Justice Department labeled Portland, Oregon, Seattle and New York City "anarchist jurisdictions," and not long after The Atlantic released its own interview with Weissmann, in which he provides an answer to a question he refuses to give to Gibney in the film. Gibney never even asked Writers include Gibney and Michael J. Palmer. In 2004, Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford to start a company that was going to revolutionize healthcare. That was disappointing to me, but at the same time, I think he made it pretty clear that by not answering it, he was infuriated by the way that Barr had represented the Mueller report. These are provided with the intent of exposing who these individuals truly are and why Alex Gibney, producing a documentary based solely on their lies, is purely a “PROPAGANDIST” in the deepest sense of the word. See for yourself the barrage of letters asking for a fair opportunity to Going Clear is yet another Gibney rehash of false, stale and unproven claims. Alex Gibney's two-part documentary series "Agents of Chaos" on HBO … The filmmakers reach the sobering, seemingly hard-to-refute conclusion that if Putin's intentions were to stoke dysfunction and discord in the United States, he bet on the right horse. and that they were funded by Yevgeny Prigozhin, aka "Putin's Chef" -- a former fast food salesman who kept failing upward. I thought that seemed like a pretty provocative way to start a movie. . Alex Gibney churns out films that have been increasingly criticized for going for the cheap buck via sensationalism. . Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Kindergartner reportedly dies of Covid-19 in Texas, Amazon rolls out rewards program that makes it easier for drivers to get work. That there this idea of America that is so ingrained in our minds and hearts of its resilience. — Director Alex Gibney In 2004, Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford to start a company that was going to revolutionize healthcare. "Agents of Chaos" airs Sept. 23-24 at 9 p.m. on HBO. and falsehoods in Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, all of which were It also looks at Sater’s efforts to build Trump Tower in Moscow. But in this particular case, the chaos is what it was all about. 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The documentary also digs into one-time Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort's interactions with a Russian intelligence officer, and features an extensive interview with Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson regarding the much-maligned Steele dossier. For that reason we were ready, willing and able to go into this moment, even though we knew it was going to be noisy, because we felt that it had a special resonance now that it wouldn't have after the election. Learn about those Alex Gibney uses in his film to forward his anti-religious and anti-Scientology propaganda. We're receiving lots of important information, but much of it is drowning in distraction, which of course is what your documentary series addresses. As Gibney, who narrates the film, puts it the outset, "Being an agent of chaos was part of Trump's brand.". And I would say that was a contribution by Mikey Palmer, the current writer and editor. propaganda. And so if everybody is locked in their prisons of belief, or put in another way, everyone is locked in up in a kind of tribalism, the dangers going forward are really manifest. I think to some extent though, the Mueller report – and I haven't read The Atlantic piece yet – but I suspect that's part of what Andrew is getting out of this book, that he knows the Mueller report also failed to some extent by not being a little bit more pointed in its narrative. The former bucket includes new interviews with Trump campaign adviser Carter Page and business associate Felix Sater, who discusses negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, having testified about the matter to the House Intelligence Committee. . They simply exploited conflicts that were already there, and continue to exploit them to this very minute. The Atlantic released its own interview with Weissmann. And then [Simonyan], she's practicing this kind of political jiu-jitsu where she was saying what a glorious moment it was, because it was finally proof that American democracy works because Trump was elected. The bias is eye opening. In 2014, Theranos was valued at $9 billion, making Holmes, who was touted as “the next Steve Jobs,” the youngest self-made female billionaire in the world. “While a lot has been written about certain aspects of this story, much of it was done in such a superficial way that it was hard for people to penetrate. How close to the debut were you either tweaking the narrative, even small ways, or even changing it? But Gibney and HBO refused. "Agents of Chaos" talks to a who's who of key figures in the Trump-Russia nexus, conveying the scope of a Russian operation that -- to the extent disrupting US politics was the goal -- succeeded beyond its wildest dreams. a fair and reasonable opportunity to respond to any allegations, it was arrogantly dismissed. So our thinking was, we'll try to do that. Gibney previously collaborated with HBO on the likes of “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief” and “The Inventor: Out For Blood in Silicon Valley.”, “The was a Herculean effort that was reminiscent of the cleaning of the Augean stables in terms of difficulty,” Gibney told Variety. And so it seemed interesting to actually start it in Moscow rather than Washington. Alex Gibney's two-part documentary series "Agents of Chaos" on HBO leaves no room to argue otherwise. Instead, Gibney relied on lies and hate speech churned out by the usual collection of “Agents of Chaos” also makes clear that the outcome of the upcoming White House race has the potential to be swayed Russian election meddling or by that of other countries such as China or Iran looking to exert influence over American democracy. Editors included Michael J. Palmer and Aleks Gezentsvey, with Ben Sozanski serving as co-editor. The title, however, refers to "agents" in the US and Russia, harboring a range of objectives. “Crazy, Not Insane” is one of several high-profile documentaries that Gibney has worked on recently. “Agents of Chaos” provides an account of the creation of the Steele “Dossier,” memos claiming links between Trump and Russia the helped trigger a political fire-storm. you control the narrative very often in book rollouts by making sure that you turn up on shows that give you a quick hit and then move on. Actually we're opening with the election result announcement in Russia. Alex Gibney churns out films that have been … Philip Alexander Gibney, son of journalist Frank Gibney whose career was tainted by his secret ties to the CIA in writing a book on a Russian spy, is an American documentary film producer and director.

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