Welcome to the Almost A Hero Wiki [edit | edit source]. Spend gems on Artifact Slots, then Runes (till Bounce) through Rune offers, then Flash deals for Scraps. Keep at it, and know that by the time you hit level 70, things will go more quickly. Here's a mini beginner guide for Almost a Hero to help you get started in your Idle Adventure. There are many different trinket effects and this is my opinion of them. For Ring Farming (main Build) it’s more efficient, scrap, trinket and gem-wise, to only upgrade Hilt (or Wendle). So here’s an artifact guide to help beginners with some tips and advice for more experience players as well. Decreases the amount of health bosses have. Try them out! The quickest Adventure Mode progress comes from Lightning Ring (+Bounce) with Auto Taps (ATs) and hero-based ring damage. Auto Transmuter (AT) multiplies all gold gained by up to 20x when active. But I focused on getting them high leveled or maxed in the following order. (Broken Teleporter and/or Lazy Finger, depending on play style, see below). No need to click. Increases the amount of currency you get from free chest. Pick Vexx or Boomer, see the team discussion just below. At about half the upgrade cost of the others. Vexx + Boomers ‘Jokes on You’. Free Exploiter (FE) reduces cost of heroes by 35-41%, effectively giving 155-172% gold gain. Increases the amount of Trinkets from side quest. If you minimize and come back a few times to add 2 minutes (for a total of 10) then your runs are 25% longer. Increases the amount of Gold Bags you can buy per run before going out of stock. I suggest reading the visual guides that I linked near the beginning of the post. Use Uno's Ult to kill teammates. You can tell if you used your time warp too late when you're gaining no stages and your heros are insta-dying. With LAT at its max level 200, the level cap of regular artifacts is 400. Save up millions (max reroll cost x ~300). Roll back artifacts, aiming for low common stats⁹. Level Vexx only. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://www.reddit.com/r/AlmostAHero/comments/6oi9fj/hero_slots_the_math/, Forest Son, Friendship, IHTP, Dodge, Paranoia, Soul Sacrifice (If you don't have Uno yet use Revive Belly or Nan/Red [5]), Big Guy, Taunt, Toughness, Regeneration, etc (Hilt also good here), (Global Stats + BR + CT + DPS) x BR x Cappables x HR/BH, (Global Stats + IR + CT) x Cappables. I'm not at this stage yet, almost got custom tailer maxed so a little bit to go, but what's the best way to go about this? Lazy Finger is useful to get to level 20, since it's relatively cheap, will get all your heroes to level ~22, and give enough time to start TW and put skill points in everyone without having to click like a madman. Once you have a lot of artifacts unlocked and getting a new one is way to expensive, you should start upgrading them and evolving them. It allows you to experiment with different team builts and test whether the ring strat it something that works for you. Focus your scarps on a single hero to make it stronger. Uno - Uno, V, Vexx, Belly, Nanna - Level only Uno and Belly, use Uno's Ult on CD. Goblin Lure to 100Benefits speak for itself, but I wouldn't max it out right now, I think 100 is a good level, give or take. At 250-300m stones per run... that's 30-40 runs. If all your hero items are legendary (5 stars), a max custom tailor (level 90) will give you 220m% damage/gold/hp. At the beginning, the effects are impossibly small, overshadowed by your current artifacts, and any mythicals you may have leveled. Bring Uno to kill teammates and leave them un-leveled so they will respawn quicker. Half ring (HR) increases average ring damage by 180x. Corpus Imperium (CI) multiplies health by up to 101x. Can you give me a recommended order of which heroes to buy 1st? Experiment a little, even the ring strat can be modified a bit, I showed that by having the 2nd slot be any number of heroes. And since we had no guide for the game, we’re here today to right the wrongs and share with you a complete Almost a Hero tips and cheats article, a complete guide that will help you from the early stages to the end game challenges, so that you get there faster than the rest. Don't spend 4 days pushing to get your 5th & 6th mythical as it won't help you be much stronger. You can finish a run around 780ish for 2 billion or push for 810+for around 3 billion, and that you should focus on your scraps. Bring Boomer for Attack speed and level Tam’s Frenzy. My other option could be adding it to a comment and linking the comment. Get it to an appropriate level for the early gains, but don't focus on it until last. Just wanted to say another thanks for this guide, it's been a huge help to this newbie starting the game :), It's also helped me get to around 530-550 consistently on deep runs and 490-500 on farm runs but I feel like I've stalled now. My recommended approach here is to use the first one soon after Prestiging: play without one until you have your first 3-4 heroes unlocked and leveled up a bit, then get your first Time Warp. Increases the amount of Berserker Potion you can buy per run before going out of stock. Why not get you main dps to mythical first before getting the rest of your heroes to 5 stars? Each regular artifact can also be evolved like the (almost) Heroes. The bigger gains come pre-140 (100%) but the last 20 are still good. Time Warp and Auto Tap are also amazing, but require their respective Artifact Stats to be capped(TW/AT +Speed&Duration). Do not spend them on chests. Despite the update screen, I found that evolving the hero to mythical did not make damage 6x the previous, it was closer to a doubling. If you want 7 non-common artifacts you'll need to roll [5x6 + 2x5] or [6x6 + 4] or leave off some undesirable stats (Ring Upgrade Cost, +Mythstones). Main combo is Belly 'Anger' and Sam 'Revenge' same time. Uno (level 5) - Soul Sacrifice (only if Wendle is dying during 1 TW runs), Hero + Ring Wendle, V, Vexx, Lenny, Jim - Level Wendle for Ring damage for the first 95% of the run then level Lenny or Vexx for Hero Ult damage to push an extra 15%. For now, I find the ring-strat allows you to go way past the point where your heros start dying frequently, tanks included, this is especially with a decently leveled half ring. Up to five heroes and one ring can be used in this game mode at the same time. An extremely useful feature that you unlock in the game early on is the Time Warp boost that you can get from the Merchant Deals menu in the Prestige screen. Something else I can't think of right now maybe? I doubled checked the numbers on CT and you're right AT and HR are more valuable than CT at that point I'll edit accordingly. Biggest gains come pre-65 (90%) but still good after. If you haven't opened all 35 artifact slots, don't waste mythstones on your first mythical. There are 7 quantity that players can't get. Here's a mini beginner guide for Almost a Hero to help you get started in your Idle Adventure. It will be quite some time until you will get to a point where you will afford to start destroying trinkets (simply because having even the weakest one is better than having none), so until then, just focus on equipping the trinkets to your main heroes and try to match them with their existing boosts, if available. And then the rest of the other types of heroes in any sequence. Boomer doesn't get a 4th hero to help cool down his ult, but I think it's a decent trade off. Join the discord and reach out to the devs, it's a bug. Bonus; roll all commons to gold or hero damage. When you have auto-trans Lvl 91+, you can use auto-tap to help make the end of the run more efficient. After a bunch of levels, reroll your artifacts (they're still cheap) and get them to a higher QP. As for "hero/ring/global damage" stats, the best is hero damage because of hilt & wendle's skills which convert hero damage into ring damage. In other activities, they do not work. Mythical Artifacts are really weak at first but they start showing their true strength once you invest into them. I have mine at level 65, and rerolls are 25M. Ring strat is still perfectly fine without half ring. Increases the amount of Time Warps you can buy per run before going out of stock. Tap and hold to quickly level Milestones, Heroes and Skills. Just don't get stuck on a Goblin Lure wave :/, Boomer - Fuel em Up, But Maybe, Kamikaze, etc, Vexx - Recycle (support) or Recycle, ShockWave, Collect Debris, Earthquake, Hard Training, Fast & Cheer, Forge, Mad Girl, Village Girl, etc (damage), Jim - Party Time, Divided We Fall (w/o Lazy Finger [lv8]) or Party Time, Battlecry, Together We Stand, etc (w/ LF), Uno - Soul Sacrifice (support [Revive, lv5]) or Dark Ritual, Power Hungry, Old Habits, Regret, Feeling Better, Reflective Wards, Terrorizer, etc. Of course, life always gets in the way of super optimal runs, so usually I go a bit further, but that's fine. Increases the chance of a critical strike with the Ring. I would say put your main DPS just where you can level that hero, allowing you to get further past the wall you're dealing with. Tip #1 - Hold to quickly upgrade your heroes. You want to maximize the time on the harder floors. It's a Vexx-focused team where she's pretty much the only one who's leveled and everyone else is underleveled. Bring Lia + Jim(Battlecry/Ult) + Boomer(‘Jokes on You’) + Redroh(Negotiate) and level and use her Ult. ⁹Reroll artifacts with higher global (common) stats. Lia - for treasure boxes find chance and her fast ults. If you don't have Jim you can use Belly instead. Once you hit stage 422, you get a wonderful rune called rash rune. As a note, all 11 heros' items apply their stats whether you are using the heros or not. Here at the the end of game. https://almost-a-hero.fandom.com/wiki/Artifacts?oldid=1910. Here is the list of Mythical Artifacts in the game, and the order you get them in (via Reddit): These would be our Almost a Hero tips and tricks. Perfect Quasi (PQ) + Big Reroll + Old Crucible (OC) is the biggest leap in stats in AaH but also the biggest cost. Level his Apple and Jim‘s Ult for CD. Personally, the difference between 2x AT and a single AT at the end is ~5 floors - or 10% more stones. This type of team is heavily focused on all types of damage – constant, passive damage, as well as ring damage and skill damage. Perfect for 400-Half Ring. The game is a idle/clicker and incremental game, where you are able to train a variety of wannabe heroes, and help aid them in their quest to defeat endless waves of enemies. Starting is pretty straightforward and the tutorial is decent. Cannon, Well Fed, Sharpshooter, etc. Revisit it later, maybe after maxing blunt, since it has a much higher cap. But I and many people have found the ring strat to be really efficient at gaining mythstones, especially if you are gonna sit down and have a play session. So since I am not at a stage where I have all rings with all runes available, I would say that the starting ring is best: you tap continuously without caring too much where and you deal a lot of damage. aka Lenny Clear, Wendle + support - Level only Wendle w/ Spirit Talk + Elderness. You won't feel its effects until around level 45-55, depending on what else you had before your custom tailor journey. Uno kills everything with his Ult. This means you need to buy 3x AT (and lose 50% of the value of that third), or wait until 6 minutes and buy two. Learn how your comment data is processed. °If you only get DPS/LB you may need to upgrade PQ/Artifacts for QP. Emmet, Swift Emmet. Blunt Relic (BR) gives huge amounts of +damage and multiplies all* damage by up to 3 times.

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