There was repeated abuse – re-victimizing women and men for being raped. It is important that justice be carried out in this situation. Verses were quoted out of context, and sometimes used to support conclusions that didn’t sound right. A brief history: How did legalism become associated with homeschooling? 7. Why is there so much despair in the world? Your daughter is super attractive.

"I met a British man there and soon realised how different my life was back in Oregon.

I just kept trying all the more to be spiritual.

If you follow developments in homeschool leadership, you likely know that prominent homeschool leader Bill Gothard is alleged to have sexually groomed and molested dozens of young women during his leadership career in homeschool and other fundamentalist Christian circles, beginning in the 1970s and continuing until he stepped down from leadership a couple years ago. Course options include all core subject areas, electives, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Career and Technical Education (CTE), and AP (Advanced Placement). It replaced faith in Christ with a manmade system that dictated personal choices in many areas of life with no recognition of Christian liberty. With one exception, all my Christian friends at [university name] were public schooled from day 1, and it’s arguable that their faith is more sincere than mine. Against all my convictions and everything I parroted that my parents believed, I helped her. But I have not seen my family since I left. We finally said goodbye to ATI and began to follow a more grace-oriented approach to homeschooling and parenting. Never mind that we have a very young child who, developmentally, should be doing things like learning his ABCs and how to count. As a preparation for this, it is vital to make diligent inquiry with each boy to find out all the facts. When HSLDA alerted homeschoolers in the U.S of the pending HR-6 bill, they flooded the phone lines of Capitol Hill. The ATI ‘umbrella of authority’ is transformed all too often into a suffocating blanket of my-way-or-the-highway. Copley also raped Jane Doe II.

), 15. Against all precedents, they sent me alone on a train and in a taxi to the center of the country where I found theological discrepancies between ATI’s material and my parents own branch of personally branded “THE correct way” philosophy. When we attended our first ATI Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee, a few months before we began homeschooling, we were wowed.

Yet, he’s dictating everything about how we should live.” He usurped the authority that our leaders supposedly have over us! Everything was taught in very black and white terms. So I knew from  a young age that my escape was not going to be through a man. To Teach him his responsibility to cry out to God. Thus, there is no such thing as abuse in the first place. There was still plenty of room in the schedule for chores, leisure, and family time.

I married K. He actually wasn’t a Christian when I initially met him. Going into a courtship with a man approved by my father was far too frightening a concept for us sisters to want to entertain.

Gothard also refused to help Ms. Deering when she attempted to contact him, as a result of physical abuse that she was suffering at home. This means any anger they have is wrong; it’s God’s place to be angry or not at the abuse of His body, not the victim’s right to be angry at the violation. Each handout of this type contains a lengthy list of victim blaming statements, complete with verses. Listen and believe, those were our mandates. This is yet another way Gothard deflects responsibility. This caused me to question what I had been taught in ATI. Had we known what was really going on behind the scenes, we would have left much earlier. It fostered competition, not cooperation. I was especially afraid of Christian men because of the religious Christian monster my father was. My brothers were privileged simply because of their gender. Recently Homeschoolers Anonymous was given access to a worksheet from The Institute of Basic Life Principles‘ training center. While she was at the ITC, a juvenile delinquent by the name of “Jarvis” attempted to rape her. If other children went to public school, that would likely allow finances for them to play travel soccer and develop advanced skills there.

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