The Avengers Watch Their Movies (Re-Write) by Leia-Ruthenberg reviews Marvel's Cinematic Characters watch their movies and TV shows to change the future for the better! "Thanks" Peter said as he blushed at the praise. "now i want to know what he said" Tony said as did everyone else wondering if he can say anything else. "We now know what happens and we can prevent it" Fury said and everyone agreed with him and are determined to prevent it from happeneing. Oh, and conveniently there's a bunch of comfy seats and a TV screen, so with no other option, they might as well start watching, right? Avengers watch their movies, basically. The screen shows Steve, Natasha, T'chlla, Hulk, Sam, Bucky, Rhodey, and Okoye charging with the Wakandan army behind them then switches to Sam flying while shooting at the Chituari and T'chlla ducking under a strike and slashing at a chituari solider. The lets go of Loki who takes a few steps away from Thor, distancing them. "what was that?" "Peter why didn't you tell me your Spiderman!" New Version coming as soon as possible. Steve said in shock then looked to T'chlla to ask if he knew where bucky was. No Archive Warnings Apply, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Spider-Man: Avengers (and Midtown High) React, Michelle Jones & Ned Leeds & Peter Parker, Academic Decathlon Team (Spider-Man: Homecoming), Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure, i might project my slight dislike for team cap in this, avengers watch scenes from spiderman:homecoming, Stephen Strange Presents: Meet and Greet with the Actors (and movie nights), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Why isn't there a lot of watching movie fics, more characters and relationships to be added, i was rereading all the avengers watch their movies fic, and decided to give it a go but also squeeze in marianat, but i am very busy and have no time to rewatch all the movies, so i will adapt and watch clips and maybe consult the god fic a beautiful journey, have fun because im trying to fix my sleep schedule and also be on top of my work, in need of betas but i will deal with having un betad fics, Carol Danvers & Maria Rambeau & Monica Rambeau, Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie) Spoilers, captain america civil war trailer reaction fic. Basically the avengers watch the movies. Avengers - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - Chapters: 84 - Words: 270,661 - Reviews: 1536 - Favs: 1,943 - Follows: 1,773 - Updated: Compare and Contrast the Following, Part I. Avengers watch their movies, basically. Okay, so I've decided to make another installment of the 'watching their movies' series. So what did you think leave a review and i dont own the video but it is awesome and ill leave a link. The screen switches to Steve activating his shield then the screen changes to Wakandan forces and the Hulkbuster with Steve, Natasha, Bucky, and T'chlla staring at an explosion in front of them. Avengers - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 20 - Words: 44,032 - Reviews: 171 - Favs: 547 - Follows: 613 - Updated: The Enchantress always did bite off more than she could chew. He puts his arm down and looks outside to see a huge ring in the sky. Pretty much what the title says. Loki asked as everyone was thinking the same thing. There, I've warned you so don't complain, read at your own risk. "They looked distressed about something" Dr. Stalrange said as the adult's nodded. Thor asked as he and everyone else looked at Loki waiting for an answer. this is a fanfic i have been wanting to read (i love avengers watch spider man homecoming fanfics) but i couldnt find much so i just wrote my own! When a set of movies, sent by one Loki Laufeyson, show up just as Tony awakes, nobody thinks it's a coincidence. One year ago, Tony Stark was hit by a spell from the newly escaped Loki, and entered a coma he might never wake up from. Tony asked as he looked at the screen. Aunt may pulled him to her and hugged him rubbing his hair. amazing as Endgame is...I would prefer a happier ending. To watch a movie on a screen? "You will see" he said as he didn't want to tell her his biggest secret. AKA Avengers and co watch the film, except not really an entire film, more like snippets of films. So far, it will be mostly from Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War. *Avengers watch the movie* DISCLAIMER- I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTERS/CONTENT YOU KNOW. Tonys armor start forming around him and they see him take off his sun glasses as the words Marvel Studios appear as the screen switches to Dr. The screen show's a forest being destroyed then switches to Bucky pulling the bolt on his gun back with Wakanda forces next to him. The screen shwitched to the group from before sitting down "Groot putput that thing away now, i dont want to tell you again" the man said then turned his head to the left and looked at the tree who ignored him "Groot" "i am groot" Groot said as the rest of the group looked at him. After all he's self-obsessed, fragile and volatile. Avengers Watch Clips of Their Movies Fanfiction. The Avengers and Peter Parker's school are transported to a theater room, they are forced to watch a movie about a certain web-slinging superhero... (I do not have an update schedule! [discontinued, doesn't feel right to write more]. The screen switches to Tony looking down with blood in his mouth and armor destroyed then switches to Thanos in the air to punch him and switches to Thanos slamming Peter to the ground. "Where's my shield?" "Dear avengers, you are here to see the future and prevent it from happening. Pietro looked at his sister to see her holding Visions arm with her head on his shoulder and he smiled that she found someone to love. When the movie starts they realise its them! It switches back to Peter looking out the window as other students pull down their window and look at the huge ring. The screen switches to Tony with Peter "alright kid your an Avenger now" then the screen switches to a planet "beautiful world", "i think its good except it sucks, so let me do the plan and that way it will be really good" the man said as the screen showed Tony, Peter, Starlord, and drax. Adopted from The Wind Whispers To Me. A flash appered and a note landed on Tony's lap andand he picked it up to read it. Isn't that why he didn't consider himself as a worthy teammate?

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