Kaveh Shahrooz is the spokesperson of the Campaign and the primary architect of the motion in the Canadian parliament. 34th Canadian Parliament Elected 1988 3 sessions Dec. 12, 1988 – Sep. 8, 1993 Progressive … It was controlled by a Progressive Conservative Party majority, led first by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and the 24th … He represented the Quebec riding of Gaspé where he was first elected in the 1984 federal election and re-elected in 1988, therefore becoming a member in the 33rd and 34th Canadian Parliaments.

The membership was set by the 1988 federal election on November 21, 1988, and it changed only somewhat due to resignations and by-elections until it was dissolved prior to the 1993 election. The driving force behind the Canadian recognition was the Massacre88 Campaign – an Iranian-Canadian group comprised of Iranian-Canadian academics, lawyers, journalists, labour activists and human rights activists. As such the bloodshed met the legal definition of “crimes against humanity” under customary international law, as well as the definition under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. It was controlled by a Progressive Conservative Party majority, led first by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and the 24th Canadian Ministry, and then Prime Minister Kim Campbell and the 25th Canadian Ministry.

According to Mr. Shahrooz, the efforts of the Massacre88 Campaign was modeled after the efforts of the Armenian community to obtain recognition for the 1915 genocide and brought forth by the NDP, a Canadian political party traditionally affiliated with the Canadian left and the labor movement. Most major legislation originates from the House, as it is the only body that is directly elected. Pair. He served in the 34th Canadian Parliament but did not seek another term in Parliament in the 1993 federal election. Rolland paper, DF. The Parliament of Canada (French: Parlement du Canada) is the federal legislature of Canada, seated at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and is composed of three parts: the Monarch, the Senate, and the House of Commons.

Last week, after a quarter of century, the Massacre received its first international recognition as an act of crime against humanity. The Official Opposition was the Progressive Conservative Party , led first by Joe Clark , and then Brian Mulroney . The membership was set by the 1984 federal election on September 4, 1984, and it only changed slightly due to resignations and by-elections prior to being dissolved before the 1988 election.

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