Each of these offices had previously been held by Hastings, and the latter appointment brought him great influence in the area of his own existing family hegemony. Rescue, fair lord, or else the day is lost! The kindred of the queen, must die at Pomfret. Grant by John Pratte of Henley, to William Catesby, esquire, of all his right in a pasture called ‘Henleys’ in Lapworth. Look, how thou dream'st! 0000004583 00000 n März 1996 in den deutschsprachigen Kinos. Sir William Catesby. Here comes his servant: how now, Catesby, Sir William Catesby. Ere I will see the crown so foul misplaced. He wonders to what end you have assembled No less importing than our general good, Letter of attorney by John Talbot, Viscount de Lisle, William, lord of Lovell, knights, Henry Grene, Thomas Tresham, Robert Catesby, the elder, esquire, William Bryten, vicar of All Saints’, Northampton, John Gervys, rector of Bukkeby church, John Verney, rector of Lodbrok church, John Wattson, rector of Rodburn church, and John Prudde, authorising Edmund Newnham and Thomas Mettley to deliver to William Catesby, knight, and Joan his wife, full seisin of the manors of Grenburgh, Lodbrok in Grenburgh, and Lodbrok, the advowson of the church of Lodbrok, with lands &c., 25 June, 31 Henry VI.

Even though they're noblemen, they act like a couple of thugs. Private papers of the Earl of Ormond: Bond of Thomas Ormond and William Boleyn, knights, to William Catesby for 40 pounds, 2 Ric III Feb 8.

Sir William Catesby. 242 23 Seeking for Richmond in the throat of death. Tell him, myself, the mayor and citizens, He is one of the main actors in the scene that convinces the citizens that Richard is reluctant to take the throne. Critically, it also lay directly on the path of his manifest expansion into Leicestershire. Handlung. Speeches (Lines) for Sir William Catesby in "Richard III" Total: 31. print/save view. (stage directions).

Um dieses Ziel zu erreichen, intrigiert und mordet er, kann sich aber nicht lange an seinem Erfolg erfreuen. Rather than trying to provide an exhaustive listing of all of the offices that William Catesby held over the course of his life, this appendix is only concerned with how he specifically benefitted from the execution of William, Lord Hastings.1 Thus, it is principally confined to the offices and rewards he received following Hastings’ execution on 13 June 1483. Richmond . The king to John Halwell, Knight of the Body to the King: Grants of land in Silsworth and Braunston late of William Catesby, esquire, attainted of high treason: Northamptonshire., 7 Hen VII. Divinely bent to meditation; I'll tell him what you say, my lord. Richard III (Duke of Gloucester). It is also representative of Catesby’s rapaciousness, a characteristic of which he himself was well aware as we shall also see. Sale by John Hathwyke, to William Catesby, for 200l. Sir William Catesby is one of Richard’s chief supporters and an important figure in his coup. He wonders to what end you have assembled... O, make them joyful, grant their lawful suit! 'Tis a vile thing to die, my gracious lord, I'll have this crown of mine cut from my shoulders His grace not being warn'd thereof before: It has been noted that this land in the time of Henry III was in the possession of one Hugh Revell. As with the offices of William Catesby, one of the most interesting comparisons that can be made is between his holdings prior to 13 June 1483 and the lands and influence he accumulated after this pivotal date. Release by John Halyghwell, knight, to George Catesby, son and heir of William Catesby, of all his right in land in Silesworth: Northamptonshire, 18 December, 11 Henry VII. Why stand'st thou still, and go'st not to the duke? Even that restriction provides significant scope since, as we shall see, Catesby reaped numerous rewards, many of which derived directly from Hastings’ demise. Again, it is important to note the geographic context here. Der Film folgt der Handlung von William Shakespeares Drama Richard III. Sir William Catesby. Welcome my lord; I dance attendance here; [Enter CATESBY] My lord! Return, good Catesby, to thy lord again; Nachdem Richard behauptet hat, dass die jungen Prinzen unehelich seien, ist der Weg endlich frei und er wird zum König Richard III gekrönt. As is evident from analysis of his land holdings, Rockingham occupied a prime place in Catesby’s ambitions. He is one of the main actors in the scene that convinces the citizens that Richard is reluctant to take the throne. When these were all lost in the aftermath of Bosworth, his family was impoverished and took more than a decade to recover even some of its traditional holdings.

Concordance    xref A horse! Sonnets    Catesby at Long Buckby, Murcote & Shutlanger. Richard III (The Life and Death of Richard the Third) est la dernière pièce historique d'un ensemble qui forme, avec les trois parties d'Henri VI, la première tétralogie de William Shakespeare. Many good morrows to my noble lord! Richard Maryet of Shiryngton [Sherington], gentleman, 2.

and so falls it out ; Endorsed: charter of Richard Boughton made to William Catesby and others, of the manor of Brownsover: 1st May, 1475. These various offices and appointments, and the celerity with which they were awarded, very much supports my contention that it was Catesby who revealed the pre-contract and at the same time precipitated the death of Hastings. Sir William Catesby. Enter NORFOLK and forces fighting; to him CATESBY]. Concordance    0000002752 00000 n At Sherington, Cambridge University, King’s College Archive Centre, Wootton Lease: Date:3 February 1485 (1484/5). KING RICHARD III Rumour it abroad That Anne, my wife, is sick and like to die: I will take order for her keeping close. is it not an easy matter Very shortly after 13 June, Catesby began to see manifest rewards for his service to the Protector, Richard, Duke of Gloucester. [Exit BUCKINGHAM with the Citizens]. 0000001354 00000 n Richard III (Duke of Gloucester).

Doch als Richard von Buckingham verlangt, dass er die Prinzen töten soll, versagt der ihm seine Gefolgschaft und erhält den von Richard versprochenen Lohn nicht. For example, it is clear that Catesby focused considerable effort at ‘in-filling’ around his already-established holdings, see Figure 38. Ratcliffe, Catesby. [Enter CATESBY] Sir William Catesby. 0000072511 00000 n [Enter the Lord Mayor and Citizens] KING RICHARD III Catesby! La pièce met très librement … Stanford-on-Avon is not so close to Ashby St Ledgers as either Welton or Long Buckby; however, it does lie a few miles to the north, immediately adjacent to the properties of Catthorpe, Lilibounre and Clay Coton, for which Catesby had already manoeuvered. What think'st thou? 0000005825 00000 n It's supper-time, my lord; I think, in in answer to the question cui bono, Catesby was the one on the receiving end and the unprecedented reward of someone outside Richard’s close circle argues for the rendering of a unique service. trailer

[1], https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Richard_III._(1995)&oldid=203719344, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. (stage directions). Madam, his majesty doth call for you, Well, let them rest. 0000000016 00000 n Richmond gathers a force of rebels to challenge Richard for the throne.

[To RATCLIFF] Thou know'st our reasons urged upon the way; Dezember 1995 in den Vereinigten Staaten und startete am 14. Figure 37). Recovery by William Catesby, Esquire of the King’s Body, and John Catesby of Althorp (Olthorp), esquire, of the manor of Welton, and lands there, against Thomas Peyton: Northampton shire. When men are unprepared and look not for it. 25, 26 Hen VI. Sir William Catesby. 'Tis a vile thing to die, my gracious lord, When men are unprepared and look not for it. Duke of Buckingham. As well as in-filling, Catesby expanded his lands consistent with the valley of the River Nene.

They stand in stark contrast to the lack of reward received by Stillington, it being arguable that the unfortunate cleric received absolutely no personal reward from Richard whatsoever. Demise by John, lord Le Scrop, knight, and Dame Elizabeth his wife, for her life, to William Catesby, esquire of the king’s body, of the manors of Berughy, Oneley and Gretton, with lands and tenements in Hayngworth: also letter of attorney authorising Thomas Aynesworth and William Lytylhay to deliver seisin of the premises: N’hamp.

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