while growing up on a farm & having to build fences I suggest that you stay away from locust post because when the post dries out /cures you will not be able to drive a staple in it to fasten the wire without bending the staple .we have some here on the farm that have been in place 60+ years but are not usable. Tube gates can be expensive, usually running between $50 and $200. It is less durable and can be harder to stretch than woven wire. On our farm we have field fence around our garden area. It is easier to stretch and easier to fix. :), Yes, it’s just a 3 ft gate…from our local farm store. They are easier to build yourself from reclaimed wood. It can also be harder, or impossible, to fix if the wire welds break. Just like with your posts, you have a lot of different choices when it comes to wire fencing. Treated wood fence posts are usually round posts that come in sizes ranging from 6-8ft. 4-Rail Horse Fence. Cost will vary greatly by area and based on the size of your posts. Also, best options for undulating / uneven terrain? Your email address will not be published. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; It is easy to stretch and can handle changes in terrain. An enduring symbol of the American Dream, the picket fence is also among the best affordable fence ideas for bringing privacy to the yard, thanks to … “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”. We have used it for dogs, cattle, and goats and it worked just fine. Field fence is a specific type of woven wire fence. We recently purchased local, 7 ft locust fence posts for $3.50 each, making them less expensive than t-posts. Our fencing has a combo of the metal ts and the round treated wooden poles at corners/bends. Locust fence posts are a way to bring natural beauty to your fence. :D. This is a great & very informative post! Thanks for sharing this to us! It is a great option for a chicken run or garden fence as well as used as a guard to protect trees from deer or livestock. We are planning to add a fence soon and this truly is a thorough guide for fencing. Thanks for the very informative article! This is an awesome read. The mesh spacing is variable, ranging from 3 inches to 7 inches, with the bottom spaces being closer together and the top farther apart. Depending on your needs, you can choose “goat fence” with smaller openings and strong construction to prevent animals from putting their heads through and to withstand impact from the animal leaning or standing on the fence. Once you have in mind what you are looking for you can begin to narrow down your fencing options to the one that is right for you. A good, cheap fence post option for someone looking to get a fence up in a short amount of time and not break the bank. Read more about how we use Electric Fencing for Goats. We are about to put up a fence extension for our goats and llamas. Woven wire fence is a durable, long lasting fencing option for livestock. First you need to consider what your fencing needs are. Lots of great information for anyone looking into putting some fencing on their farm. It can be purchased in a variety of gauges and most commonly comes with 2″x4″ mesh openings in heights between 3 ft and 5ft. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Previously we had a barbed wire fence and it was perfect for our cattle, but not so much for the goats. Thanks you for sharing on Rural Wisdom and Know How. Split locust fence posts are a way to get wooden fence posts without the chemical treatment. With barbed wire you can also place your fence posts much farther apart, reducing the overall cost of the fence even more. Step-in posts are light-weight posts used primarily for temporary pastures. Vet bills are exceedingly expensive. They are easily found at your local farm supply or home improvement store. However, adding a fence may strain an already limited family budget. We used the pressure treated wooden posts to make our first fence, but I think we will go with the metal t-posts this time around so we don’t have to deal with the auger.

I am a fan of using barbed wire or electric fencing. Thanks again! amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Larger animals or those who don’t stress a fence can have wider openings. In this article: Learn every thing you need to know about farm fencing options, with a full guide on posts, wire, and gates! by Sarah Toney | Homesteading | 30 comments. This is where you need to decide the purpose of your fence- what do you want to keep in our out? Some parts of this are still a mystery to me, and it’s good to have a guide to go back to. Nice post! Required fields are marked *. Both cheaper options than the normal wooden fence materials. It is easy to build and can be used in conjunction with wood or metal fence posts. They are also available with panels to prevent smaller animals, such as kids or lambs, to jump through. When it comes to gates, you don’t have quite as many choices to choose from. Zig-Zag Fence. You rock! Your email address will not be published. Thanks for sharing with us over at the Homeacre Hop!

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