The engineer preparing a report shall make the inspections and tests necessary for the report as often as he or she considers necessary. Get, renew or upgrade a wastewater operator licence in Ontario. (1) No person shall construct a sewage system unless it is wholly contained within the parcel of land on which the structures, in connection with which the sewage system is to be used, are located. h�b```a``z������� Ȁ �@V �hhbb`8�����2ld�u���Uq�*3=����Â,�_x���W�3\IO~��������� ������� ������рf�&]% -�b`�C�Y�3E1i0 0�1�0i0+0�3%2G3�c`��lƘ��Lo nVb`�#�� ie��>�m��T�=���� .����ZQ�8 � ��:� (4) A sewage system that does not function in the manner in which it was designed to function and that is not being corrected under arrangements made by the owner is classified as a malfunctioning system. 14. (4) The following are prescribed as standards for the construction of a privy-vault or a pail privy: 1.
an order issued under section 79 of the Act. 5.

“distribution box” means a device for ensuring that effluent from a septic tank or sewage treatment plant is distributed in equal amounts to each line of distribution pipe in a leaching bed; “distribution pipe” means a line or lines of perforated or open jointed pipe or tile installed in a leaching bed for the purpose of distributing effluent from a septic tank or proprietary aerobic sewage treatment plant to the soil in the leaching bed; “earth pit privy” means a latrine consisting of an excavation in the ground surmounted by a superstructure; “fill” means unconsolidated material brought from another location; “ground water” means water below the surface of the ground occupying a zone of the earth’s mantle that is saturated with water; “ground water table” means the elevation of the upper surface of the ground water existing in the area of the sewage system; (a) is not finally disposed of at the site where it is produced and is not carried away by a sewer approved under the Ontario Water Resources Act, and.
1, 2. (2) The following are prescribed as standards for the construction of a Class 2 sewage system: 2. be located where the effluent from the shallow buried trench would cause impairment of the groundwater, or. 358, s. 10. placed or installed on a layer or covering at least 0.15 metres in depth and 0.5 metres in width comprised of stone that is either nineteen millimetre clear aggregate, washed to be free of fine material, or clean gravel screened to be between nineteen and fifty-three millimetres in size. You must earn a licence in the system you want to work in. “engineer” means a person who is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers of the Province of Ontario who is qualified to make the tests and give the opinion required by subsection (7), and if the tanks with respect to which the report is prepared are not manufactured in Ontario, includes a professional engineer who meets similar qualifications in the province or state in which the tanks are manufactured. 370/97, s. 2 (2).

Soil added to meet the requirements of subparagraph i of paragraph 5 or to form the leaching bed, shall be regarded as part of the sewage system for the purposes of section 5. the site to which the soil is added is generally clear of vegetation.


(3) The following are prescribed as standards for the construction of a leaching bed, constructed by means of absorption trenches, that is used in connection with a Class 4 sewage system: 1. 2. 3.

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