Their agenda is deceitful in regards to the Yazoo Pumps. "When you take private property rights from a man that's worked all his life ..  to grow the food and fiber for all of us to sit down and enjoy thee times a day, that is very intrusive to him. Wheeler said another 45 are slated for elimination over the next 18 months. It’s impacts were significantly high to warrant a seldom used “veto” (actually a determination by the EPA about the unsuitability of deposition of dredged or fill material). This article is not only misleading but riddled thoroughly with false information including photos. Today, the Trump Administration officially put forward a proposal to build the Yazoo Pumps – a shockingly irresponsible project that will put tens of thousands of people at risk, threaten the integrity of the Clean Water Act, and degrade hundreds of thousands of acres of globally significant natural resources.

This includes 20 percent of the nation’s duck population! Thousands of terrestrial animals starved, drowned or were cannibalized by each other. The USACE has been gathering data for years and work independently from any political party. The aquifer is already severely depleted, in part because of lost wetlands in the Yazoo Backwater Area, pumping more water out of the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer may exacerbate the already precarious situation and contribute to future groundwater shortages. No “meaningful” flood relief! Please keep our water clean. With your support, we're urging senators to vote against any attempts to roll back the Clean Water Rule, which ensures the protection of more than 2 million miles of rivers and streams and the drinking water sources for one in three Americans. "When President Trump took office, he immediately set in motion a process to remove and replace regulatory burdens that were stifling American innovation and economic development," Andrew Wheeler, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, said before signing the rule repealing the measure. But environmental advocates warn the rollback of the Obama rule could remove pollution and development protections from most U.S. waterways and pose far-reaching effects on the safety of the nation's tap water for more than 100 million Americans.

Most importantly, the USACE has provided the proposal and put forth factual data about the pumping station. What is the 5,000 Miles of Wild Campaign? 1 Surface Mine – one of the largest mountain top removal project ever conceived – and the Two Forks Dam – one of the largest water storage projects ever proposed in the West. There are several sites to visit of the stories and photos this flood caused. Your point that the levee cannot withstand water on both sides is exactly our point. There are plenty of people who live in the Yazoo River batture between the Deer Creek location and Vicksburg and they don’t deserve to by flooded by the Yazoo Pumps. – indicating that this mitigation proposal is designed to fail, 4. All rights reserved. "The Obama administration's 2015 'Waters of the U.S.' definition was at the top of the list.". Unfortunately in real life this may not have the same happy ending as those stories. Of course its going to become much worse – look at ANY community on the coasts of this country and others, i.e., how many cities are presently using pumps to keep from losing land, structures, WILDLIFE HABITAT right now? Seems to me American Rivers should do some more research on this – Seriously – you think there actually ARE wetlands existing there now? It was blocked by false information given to the EPA by do called organizations who touted saving the wildlife. The Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1948 was a good start; the 1970 Clean Air Act helped to make a difference, and the 1972 Clean Water Act sought to ensure all U.S. waters would be fishable and swimmable by 1985. Only 13 have ever been issued since the Act was signed into law in 1972. What this levee was NOT designed to do is hold 98′ of water pushed up against the interior side for 6+ months. They effectively function in the same capacity as the pumping station intended for the lower Delta.

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