The penalty for distributing such contraband may be the concentration camp; it may be death. , After the inmate was caught distributing contraband, he was placed in isolation for two weeks. Learn more. distributed or sold illicitly. Der Film ist eine Neuverfilmung des isländischen Films Reykjavík Rotterdam. I'm sorry. The American trading vessels of that period were supposed to be excluded by the navigation laws from commerce with the British West Indian Islands, though with the concealed or very slightly disguised assistance of the planters, they engaged in a good deal of contraband commerce. This naturally Asie led to a contraband trade of considerable dimensions. Foreign commerce, which of course was contraband, being contrary to all Spanish laws, was active by the begin ning of the 1 th century. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Unregulated distribution networks provide more opportunities to sell, 41. No vehicles loaded with inflammable, explosive, poisonous, harmful or other dangerous cargo or other, 37. The lorry contained thousands of pounds worth of contraband. — Edmund Burke. , When the police searched the suspect’s vehicle, they looked for weapons, drugs, and other types of contraband. Since you're breaking the law anyway by smuggling, 24. , As soon as the principal found contraband in the student’s locker, he called the police to report the guns and knives. On the other, the complaint is based on the " interference " with neutral trade, which means the stoppage and search of vessels to ascertain whether they have contraband of any kind on board or not. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact: Meaning: n. goods whose importation or exportation or possession is prohibited by law. I don't quite clear what is, 20. Contraband ein Film von Baltasar Kormákur mit Mark Wahlberg, Kate Beckinsale. 41. The contraband was hidden inside a gas cylinder kept in a dhow that arrived from Iran to Sharjah. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. It continues to export narcotics and other contraband across the globe. The British government had no desire to place obstacles in the way of a belligerent desiring to take reasonable precautions in order to prevent the enemy from receiving supplies, but they insisted that the right of taking such precautions did not imply a " consequential right to intercept at any distance from the scene of operations and without proof that the supplies in question were really destined for use of the enemy's forces, any articles which that belligerent might determine to regard as contraband of war.". Smuggling of contraband articles is an illegal act. This state of things, it was plain, must continue as long as the trade was only a contraband commerce, involving merely pecuniary penalties. Once, the only tape recorders finding their way into concerts were smuggled like, 26. In the West Indies Rodney, having received news of the breach with Holland early in the year, took the island of St Eustatius, which had been a great depot of contraband of war, on the 3rd of February. The police recovered around 30 packets of the contraband from the possession of the accused. 3. 1. , Despite the threats made on his life, the honest fisherman refused to carry contraband on his boat. One problem with descramblers is that they are not inherently illegal, like. The contraband ranges from garbage bags full of uprooted marijuana plants to glassine envelopes packed with heroin. By them the United States was granted limited privileges of trade with the British East Indies; some provisions were made for reciprocal freedom of trade between the United States and the British dominions in Europe; some articles were specified under the head of "contraband of war"; it was agreed that whenever provisions were seized as contraband they should be paid for, and that in cases of the capture of a vessel carrying contraband goods such goods only and not the whole cargo should be seized; it was also agreed that no vessel should be seized merely because it was bound for a blockaded port, unless it attempted to enter the port after receiving notice of the blockade. 51. He was arrested with the contraband. Velvet Revolver released their first album Contraband in 2004. I thought you were involved in drugs or contraband of some sort... you were so secretive. Examples of Contraband in a sentence The inmate’s wife was arrested for trying to bring contraband into the jail. The trade was contraband, and the opium was bought by the Chinese from depot ships at the ports. Nowadays, resemble peddling avowedly on Internet so the net shop of, 30. Indeed, throughout the first half of the 18th century it was on a continuous war footing against English corsairs, making reprisals on British ships and thriving at the same time on a large contraband trade with Jamaica and other foreign colonies. Smuggling of contraband articles is an illegal act. Bootleg, Illicit, Prohibited, Smuggled, Unauthorized, Taboo. Contraband in a sentence. It seems contrary to common sense that neutral ships should be exposed to being detained, taken out of their course, and overhauled on mere suspicion of carrying contraband, when they are so far from the seat of war that there can be no presumption as to their destination. Police have nabbed him with contraband. adj. Fernsehtitel Contraband Gefährliche Fracht) ist ein US-amerikanischer Thriller unter der Regie von Baltasar Kormákur. Learn about Afghanistan and Vietnam, the war torn territories you'll be invading to smuggle contraband and make a quick buck. I figured he was dealing with some kind of contraband. Some part is sent annually by the Acapulco ships to Manilla; some part is employed in a contraband trade, which the Spanish colonies carry on with those of other European nations; and some part, no doubt, remains in the country. He was booked by the police for possessing contraband in different areas of the city. Andalusia is still famous for its bull-fighters; and every outlying hamlet has its legends of highwaymen and contraband. We will take the fight to all those involved in piracy and, In the last days of the struggle, police rode roughshod over the satyagrahis who refused to part with the, Most were arrested for prostitution, selling, Their assignment is to inspect the vast underbelly of a Greek freighter anchored in New York Bay for possible signs of, Three years on, it has become the centre for trade in, The tip-off led to the discovery of an illegal cigarette importation racket and a large quantity of, The intent, apparently, was to patrol an area that was known for, On the contrary, the moment a book becomes illegal, There is no doubt that without the dogs some of that, If they catch me, I'll flee across the Mexican border with my truckload of, In 1728 Spain founded the Caracas Company to combat this, This amount would be equal to that received from the transit and, Casey, thank you for that report, a report of success in dealing with the. Yes, they'll check to see if your're carrying any contraband. Examples of Countermand in a sentence Since the bank robbers have hostages, the police chief decided to countermand the order to storm the building. A yacht or fishing vessel would find it quite easy to evade our controls and could carry large amounts of, 25. But Jack McMahon’s … I thought you were involved in drugs or contraband of some sort... you were so secretive. Joan clears Ray over the smuggling by saying that she personally searched him and found no contraband. 2. 2. 2 : goods or merchandise whose importation, exportation, or possession is forbidden Border police … I thought it was only people like Li Mei - t'ing who carried, 29. Yes, they'll check to see if your're carrying any, 33. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact: Meaning: n. goods whose importation or exportation or possession is prohibited by law.

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