This analysis provides the surgeon more information on how to optimize the position of your new hip replacement to suit the unique way in which your body movies. It’s These evolutions and system developments will continue to improve outcomes for patients, and help drive efficiency within the hospital. Language: Obviously that's something hospitals are concerned about these days.

Please contact me if this is of interest to you. | Stefan Kreuzer, M.D., MSc.

And this means greater insight for the surgeon (and better outcome for the patient) as we move forward in time. New cloud-based software brings Corin’s flagship Optimized Positioning System (OPS™) onto a dynamic online platform. Every patient moves differently and their total hip replacement should be optimised to account for this. I became a team leader of Corin’s OPS™.

For more details please contact us.
What additional insights are you working on?

I did one of these today! Posted So from that point of view it feels like it must be making quite a big difference. now an established technique, and the results are usually excellent in carefully selected patients…, Hip replacement surgery can be life changing for those dealing with pain on a daily basis. Corin OPS TM Optimised Position System.

We create models of the bones, find landmarks on them, measure angles on X-rays and run it through a simulation to position the implants. This information assists in planning the position of implants with the aim of optimising functional implant alignment and improving surgical outcomes. Corin OPS TM Optimised Position System. Please note that all links will open in a new browser window. ©2003-2020 Infinite Campus, Inc. | Version:Campus.2040.9. Corin announced the U.S. launch of its Optimized Positioning System (OPS ™) System at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) in San Diego. This interactive planning solution is the latest evolution of Corin’s Optimized Positioning System (OPS™), which uses pre-operative functional imaging to enable surgeons to precisely plan optimal implant alignment, considering individual patient anatomy, spinopelvic mobility and … The thought of: “Alright we've got to get these cases out for these patients or they're not going to have what they've been promised.”. Sayali Bendkhale. The Australian Registry data shows a correlation with OPS™ becoming more widely adopted and an improved survival rate for Corin implants.

Patients can be very different and the most critical part in the process is the implant positioning: for some people you need to lengthen their legs to balance them out again. Optimized Positioning System (OPS™) is an innovative technology for use in total hip replacement procedures. We are happy to hear from you. Now, it’s debuted in the United States. This saves time and removes ambiguity. The personalised technologies deployed within CorinConnect™ generate actionable insights, pre-, intra- and post-operatively.
Every patient moves differently and a total hip replacement should be optimised to account for this1…, References: 1. We're therefore working on offering alternative delivery methods for the technology. Jeremy Latham - Helping hip pain since 1998. I have more cases coming up in the near future. This should help to improve function and reduce the risk of dislocation and premature wear of the bearing surfaces. “OPSInsight takes 3D dynamic planning for THA to a new level. CorinConnect™  is a cloud-based single access point for Corin technology offerings. It is a step closer being able to personalize THA for our patients”, said Dr. Gwo-Chin Lee, (PA, USA).". Developed in conjunction with a team of expert biomedical engineers and orthopaedic surgeons, OPS™ technology uses advanced computational modelling to simulate how a patients hip joint moves through a range of daily activities. Several surgeons have told us they used to just put their thumb on a certain landmark and cut at that height, regardless of how small or large a person is. Uniquely combined.

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