Easily browse through english vocabulary, listen the sentences or copy them. Back then, the English loved bacon, even coveted it.
It provided me with great new friendships and a new set of social skills that are highly coveted by many men. I have heard some of his family say that they, I know at last that I can measure up to the standard I have always, There was much play with the hats all through; a tremendous competition to get in first and put hats on, Soon the sand began to grow moist, and then the, The Irish wolfhound is now very scarce, and a genuine specimen is a valued and highly, As you sometimes saw fit to entrust me with considerable money, to buy tools or materials, not a cent was ever, They are the latter because they collect at night over refuse-heaps, and fight, bark, and yell over the disputed possession of, How she had saved and denied herself, and even consented to the indebtedness she so hated, to gain that, They may well be content, and thrice content, with their lot, yet it is not a lot which should, But the wonder was, how could old Plodder bear to spend four hundred dollars of his hoarded gains even for the, Nor did he doubt that the other loved her and had carried her off not so much for the hostage of a, Well, he kills a moose, and to the last bit the, Chronically in a sentence | Short example sentence for chronically, He Then in a sentence | Short example sentence for he then, Worthlessness in a sentence | Short example sentence for worthlessness, Sallied in a sentence | Short example sentence for sallied, Occasions In A Sen in a sentence | Short example sentence for occasions in a sen, Indulgently in a sentence | Short example sentence for indulgently, Nurseries in a sentence | Short example sentence for nurseries, Cylinders in a sentence | Short example sentence for cylinders, Mocked in a sentence | Short example sentence for mocked, Reluctant in a sentence | Short example sentence for reluctant, Trophy in a sentence | Short example sentence for trophy, Berth in a sentence | Short example sentence for berth, Endorsements in a sentence | Short example sentence for endorsements, Prized in a sentence | Short example sentence for prized, Trophies in a sentence | Short example sentence for trophies, Vying in a sentence | Short example sentence for vying, Awards in a sentence | Short example sentence for awards, Prizes in a sentence | Short example sentence for prizes, Contenders in a sentence | Short example sentence for contenders. The show also honors renowned stylists and presents the coveted Visionary Award to the hairstylist voted "most creative.". Serious collectors often find auctions to be the best resources for finding coveted titles. Sedu celebrity hair styles are coveted far and wide, and it's easy to achieve many of their glamorous styles with a little help from this tool! Combining function, femininity and an edgy style, ChloƩ handbags are coveted for their uptown aesthetic, sumptuous materials, and luxe detailing. Sure, the designer constantly churns out new, highly coveted styles each season, but slippers aren't always part of the collections. Your best bet is to visit eBay, the online auction haunt where highly coveted items eventually turn up. The custom, moreover, had grown up of bestowing the coveted office of archdeacon on the provosts, deans and canons of the cathedral churches, and the archdeacons were thus involved in the struggle of the chapters against the episcopal authority. The winner of the show will get $100,000 in cash as well as a spot in the coveted "100 Most Beautiful People" list in People magazine.

Since 1921, Gucci has consistently offered the world a coveted selection of luxury items such as handbags, jewelry, shoes and watches.

Calcium Carbonate - This type of calcium supplement is coveted for its lower cost and works well for those without special medical needs. Watch the Web site during early spring for great markdowns on coveted winter booties, too. The word "coveted" in a example sentences. 2. Whilst studying at the Royal Academy of Music they won the coveted John B McEwen competition for the best string quartet of the year. For 2010, the coveted cruise will take place from December 2-5. It appears as one of the highly coveted "your lips but better" shades that many women often search in vain for.

But Mary's heart was in the expedition and in the overthrow of Huntly; she was in the hands of her brother, to whom she had secretly given the earldom of Murray, coveted by Huntly, whose good faith she had never believed in, and whose power was apt to trouble the state and disturb her friendly relations with England. Consider yourself lucky if you have the coveted hourglass shape! An important distinction between Mobil and other hotel ratings, however, is that Mobil is very selective in handing out the coveted stars. Their work has won many awards, including three highly coveted Royal Television Society Awards.
The crusaders set sail at last, and Zara, which the Venetians coveted, was taken without much trouble. Two sides prepared to join battle over the coveted title of world's tallest sandcastle.

Many models have won the prestigious and coveted cover page over the years, including Christie Brinkley in 1979, 1980, and 1981, and Kathy Ireland in 1989, 1992, and a trio shot with Elle Macpherson and Rachel Hunter in 1994. He was back in the Football League within a year, signing for Cardiff City, who had long coveted his talents. The student who secures his coveted leisure and retirement by systematically shirking any labor necessary to man obtains but an ignoble and unprofitable leisure, defrauding himself of the experience which alone can make leisure fruitful. The company also churns out clothes, jewelry and accessories, but the handbags are, by and large, some of the most emulated and coveted pieces in the fashion world. Coveted in a sentence (esp. ; yet Peter was the only one of the three conspirators who survived the Twenty-one Years' War in which they so confidently embarked during the summer of 1701. The price tags of adult Dior couture items will run into the tens of thousands of dollars, which gives you an idea of the limited and coveted nature of couture items. Inimitably classic, the LV Monogram collection was - and continues to be - highly regarded and coveted by millions for decades. In 1584 Hugh O'Neill, if O'Neill he was (being second son of Matthew, mentioned above), became chief of part of Tyrone; in 1587 he obtained the coveted earldom, and in 1593 was the admitted head of the whole tribe.

coveted in a sentence - Use "coveted" in a sentence 1. Not only are the performers and directors competing for the coveted awards, but the networks and shows also battle it out to see which one receives the most nominations and awards as well.

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