A one-stop shop for all things video games. Laughing at them a little, but never trying to hurt them too badly. Some will be super short because oh lord do I have a lot of fics on the go right now (this is not a bad thing, obviously. Turns out the demon he calls is less Demon and more Grumpy, Cuddly Man, but, hey. But Aziraphale rejects the idea outright and also denies their partnership, as he re-establishes the fact that they are on opposite sides. He’s not an idiot. He resisted any attachment he had to the literal demon he had dinner with every week. It’s baffling that in 6,000 years the angel and the demon would not have questioned why they are working together. Me: I mean, what, exactly, is the difference between heaven and hell then, and the forces of good and evil, according to your story? There are a bunch of characters that I believed deserved more screen time than they got. It has been several years since Crowley & Aziraphale stopped the first apocalypse, but the fight has begun again. They're on their own side now and he wants to show the demon the care he knows he deserves. Some other universe or dimension or such nonsense?”. I saw him start to care in spite of himself. Crowley and Aziraphale contact Shadwell, sending him to Tadfield to find Adam. He… had faith in me. The Arrangement changes. On occasion I have been known to post chapters back to back. I'm an artist- and these two are my otp. They are, in many ways, two halves of the same whole. But the fandom has many questions, especially pertaining to the partnership of Aziraphale and Crowley. Feathers clustered as they stretched outward, buffeting the crowding denizens of Hell.Beelzebub sneered, drinking in the sight. And it’s very evident that if Crowley found out about the Antichrist, he would immediately tell Aziraphale. But if your into my art you can find me on Deviantart or Twitter (links inside with the art.) Hell is where you know you’re rubbish. Crowley is a botanist who is agnostic. Work Search: Their friendship blossoms with every encounter through the ages and love is soon to follow. The only certainty is this: the world is full of Love, and we are made in Love, for Love, to be Love. Meanwhile, Aziraphale and Crowley moved in together, got married, and are overall really happy.When their former bosses finally confront them — attacking with an object that will take centuries worth of memories from the ineffable pair — something goes a little wrong in the process… Crowley takes the full hit. Our “heaven” was just another hell, really. Aziraphale: Crowley! But I'll always put a CW up so you can skip those chapters if it's not your cuppa tea.). Saturday, Last Day of the World - A UFO lands in Tadfield, and the aliens on board … I would say they each love the other more than anything. Home; News. Crowley: One of my more diabolical achievements. We are characters in a parable of heaven, hell, and humanity, and we are as real as any fictional character. Crowley gets more than he bargained for when he discovers Aziraphale frequenting the same Gentlemen's Club where he has been tending to the glory hole. Hell yes. The weight of the whole blessed world bore down on my shoulders as I struggled to find my angle. The weight of the world is on their shoulders as they raise the Antichrist. He hates it, hates the constant thoughts that batter him daily. To be fair, there is good reason for it. The false heaven is a place of self-righteousness, where everyone thinks they know everything and have nothing to learn. After... After, he's drawn back over and over, like he's attached by a tether that just won't let him go. When Father Anthony Crowley arrives, appointed there by the diocese, a lot of things he thought forgotten will re appear to face him with the deepest and most hidden parts of himself. ♡. The book is a comedy about the birth of the son of Satan and the coming of the End Times.There are attempts by the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley to sabotage the coming of … How did you come to recognize each other as friends? Aziraphale made the mistake of letting the wine and friendly company relax him. He denied it even to himself. Who is Raphael? Elle commence aux alentours de la Nativité, montre plusieurs moments de l’enfance de Jésus, puis le reste de sa vie, et sa mort. I shouldn’t do this, but I’m posting the start before I’ve finished writing - before I’ve even fully decided on the ending (although I’m many chapters into it already) - there is the potential for tags/rating to change therefore….

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