DEFUND THE TORONTO POLICE: The Toronto Police service is currently being allocated a 1.076 BILLION DOLLAR BUDGET out of an operational budget of only 13.5 billion.

As of Friday morning, it certainly looks like we're heading for at least two years of — well, not much. Joe Biden is likely going to be our next president.


Calls to defund Toronto police, and other forces around the world, have grown louder after protests in recent weeks. Communities across the land will likely follow Los Angeles’s lead. The petition also claims, “Policing and militarization overwhelmingly dominate the bulk of national and local budgets.” The Urban Institute’s data tells another story about state and local budgets. June 8, 2020 7:14 PM 2 mins reading. Citing the Urban Institute’s research, the petition makes a claim that would shock a casual and uncritical reader: Spending on police and corrections has increased 220% over 40 years. Our pain, our cries, and our need to be seen and heard resonate throughout this entire country.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo is wrong about basic U.S. history. Why aren't Democrats embarrassed to have anticipated rioting by liberal voters as if they're third-world citizens? To never again vote to increase the Toronto Police Service budget.

He has overtaken President Trump’s narrow leads in Georgia and Pennsylvania, and without either state, Trump has no path to reelection.

1. Toronto Council is not reflecting our voices, and valuing Black, Indigenous, and racialized lives. We can’t be certain until January, but the current standings favor a narrow Republican majority in the Senate.

Our city can lead the way in defining public safety through community not cops, where Black, Indigenous and people of colour are free from police oppression. Despite the mixed signals from the 2020 election, the exit polling indicated one clear loser: the Green New Deal.

In order to do this, I call on you and the City Council to reduce funding in these ways: - Withhold pensions and don’t rehire cops involved in excessive force cases- Require cops to be liable for misconduct settlements- Reduce the size of the police force, and stop sending armed/uniformed cops on mental health-related calls. The push to defund police forces is gaining momentum in some parts of Canada as thousands sign petitions to reallocate funds and some city …

3. Citizens of two states defied stereotypes on racial issues in very good ways in statewide referendums this week.

Email local representatives in under 5 minutes! Centrist House Democrats complained during a private conference call that Republicans had an easy time labeling them as far-left socialists, leading to GOP gains in the House. Though no official winner has been declared, it looks like Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will be our next president.

The 2020 budget for Toronto Police Services is $1.076 BILLION of the $13.5 billion 2020 operational budget. Don’t worry, we’ve prepared the templates for you!

Hopefully, elected officials will gather with police and community leaders to discuss their respective funding priorities. An increased police presence, which includes TTC inspectors and enforcement officers, does not keep us safe, rather it directly threatens the lives of our most vulnerable communities (BIPOC, the LGBTQ2S+ community, unhoused people, street-based sex workers, people with disabilities, people experiencing poverty, etc). This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google.

No, Chris Cuomo, Trump's likely defeat will not be the worst in US history. But one thing is clear: If, once the dust settles, Biden is certified as the winner, Trump will have no one but himself to blame. Tell your representatives you will NOT stand for this senseless vote. Alberta Schools: Add Black History to Curriculum! Without adjusting for inflation, state and local spending have increased in all categories outlined by the Urban Institute in the last 40 years: 381% increase for public welfare, 216% for health and hospital expenditures, 128% for elementary and secondary education expenditures, and so on. Our police are human beings with personal lives. I am asking you to create a better future for all residents of Toronto by divesting from harmful policing and investing in life-affirming services.
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced on Wednesday that he and the city council have decided to redirect $250 million away from various departments, including $150 million from its police department, to “invest in jobs, health, education, and healing.”. We should look to and learn from organizations like Black Lives Matter Toronto, Black Legal Action Centre, Toronto Police Accountability Coalition, PASAN, Toronto Prisoners’ Rights Project, Maggie’s, Showing Up for Racial Justice, and so many more. 1.

We, the united citizens, DO NOT want our police defunded.

The idea that this is being done currently to our police is hypocrisy on a grand scale. We, direct politicians, voted into office respect our voices.

We do not intend to stand for the unfair treatment of our first responders, namely, in this petition, our police. Everything needed to know about the character of the Democratic Party can be best summed up by their absolute apathy about the likelihood that their voters were ready to engage in mass violence if the election didn't go their way.

It looks like House Democrats have held on to their majority but by a smaller margin than before. States and localities have spent more dollars on police but not devoted more of their budgets. Again, those numbers compare to the 223% rise for police and corrections, putting the law-enforcement numbers well within reason. Petition to Change ‘Cornwallis Street’ in Halifax to ‘Rocky Jones Blvd’ Alberta.

We demand acknowledgment and accountability for the devaluation and dehumanization of Black life at the hands of the police. Sen. Rand Paul and Reps. Justin Amash and Thomas Massie have long been leading lights for libertarianism in Congress and within the Republican Party. I am also demanding the implementation of budget cuts to the Toronto Police … The economy also created and restored 638,000 jobs, the slightest of slowdowns from September, but a gain far greater than expert expectations. However, a conversation must be well-informed and made in good faith. We require our rights to protection of life and property. In actuality, the Bureau of Labor Statistics' October jobs report found that we kicked off the first month of the fourth quarter with a 6.9% unemployment rate, back to better than the majority of 2013. Not even close, If Trump loses reelection, he'll have no one but himself to blame, Voters in both Alabama and California reject race-based lawmaking, Libertarian-leaning Republicans make small gains in Congress, Trump's legacy is remarkably strong, even without a second term. The 2020 budget for Toronto Police Services is $1.076 BILLION of the $13.5 billion 2020 operational budget. Defund the Calgary Police Department. Show your support by signing this petition now.

These initiatives must support our most vulnerable communities and centre the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and people of colour in Toronto.

Repeal the critical infrastructure defence act.

I am asking Mayor John Tory to: 1.

Speak to a councillor on the importance of defunding the police!

They put themselves in harm's way, every day, to protect us, and that authority is to be appreciated and respected. They put themselves in harm's way, every day, to protect us, and that authority is to be appreciated and respected. Click the buttons below to email, call, and tweet your local representatives.

President Trump has made serious accusations against the integrity of our election system. “As a percentage of direct general expenditures, police spending has remained consistently at just under 4 percent for the past 40 years,” says the Urban Institute’s data summary. We call for radical, sustainable solutions that affirm the prosperity of Black lives. What we need in Toronto is leadership that can initiate a reduction in the immense police violence that targets our most marginalized people, toward the eventual abolition of police and prisons.

It’s never illegitimate to have a conversation about public, taxpayer-funded budgets.

With this petition I am DEMANDING that the Mayor, John Tory, as well as City Councillors NEVER VOTE TO INCREASE THE TORONTO POLICE BUDGET AGAIN. While most of the country was focused on election results, on Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a pivotal religious liberty case that seemingly pit two hot-button issues against each other: free exercise of religion and same-sex marriage.

We do not intend to stand for the unfair treatment of our first responders, namely, in this petition, our police. We can expect a recount or several where the race was close, and Trump’s campaign has already announced plans to take the results to court.

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