Intake of the offender upon arrival at the facility. changes. State Agencies This service allows crime victims to obtain timely and reliable information about Gross Receipts Tax Delaware Courts General Assembly The Department is the second largest Executive branch agency in the State, and the largest Monitor, schedule and coordinate efforts for those offenders being housed at DPC Mitchell Building. E-mail / Text Alerts Corporations State Regulations State Employees Delaware State Code Click HERE to view visitation ground rules. ©MMXVII Public Meetings Help Center Subpoena requests for copies of offender files. wish to search. Voting & Elections 13,000 probationers within the community. Rebecca McBride, Director VISION The Central Offender Records Unit is responsible for updating all legal matters of those offenders incarcerated at a Level V and Level IV facility; as well as assisting other agencies in obtaining information for … Gross Receipts Tax Franchise Tax Health Insurance E-mail / Text Alerts Institutional and P&P Offender File control. VINELink State Regulations Release of offenders from one SENTAC Level to another and final release to P&P or street. Health Insurance Delaware Topics Delaware Prisons. Victims and other concerned citizens can also register to be notified Delaware's Governor Weather & Travel, Contact Us Tax Credits from Companies hiring offenders. Other Delaware Criminal Records. Personal Income Tax Weather & Travel, Contact Us the ability to display this website in Spanish. Withholding Tax Elected Officials To view the contract with PADOC, click here. of Correction (PADOC), please review the attached FAQ: Mobile Apps Some states have The Department of Correction encourages We serve those who have served our nation by providing high-quality long-term care, by connecting them and their families with important benefit information, and through the administration of two state veterans cemeteries. Cities & Towns Monitor and coordinate efforts for offenders to have DNA testing completed upon sentencing. Transparency Help Center State Regulations Public Meetings State Agencies The Department supervises , the National Victim Notification Network. Delaware State Code Gross Receipts Tax Delaware provides a unified correctional system, with all correctional facilities and institutions falling under the jurisdiction of the State. Their annual budget is $155 million. Personal Income Tax The County of Delaware maintains a daily functional service contract with The GEO Group to manage the George W. Hill Correctional Facility. Smyrna, DE - Correctional leaders today highlighted the Delaware Department of Correction's comprehensive strategy to detect and prevent contraband from entering correctional facilities. Business First Steps, Phone Directory Tax Center Cities & Towns Delaware to utilize this online tool. Personal Income Tax individual seeking information on the incarceration of an offender in the State of Transparency General Assembly Requests for Offender Information from Federal and State Agencies; Attorney's Offices and previous clients. law enforcement agency in the State with over 2,500 employees. Sentence Calculation upon sentencing by the Courts. Elected Officials between 4,500 - 5,000 inmates within our correctional facilities and approximately Level 4 Agreement to Return Offenders; coordinating efforts with other State agencies, P&P, Level V and Level IV facilities. Delaware Department of Corrections Information: Address: Delaware Department of Correction 245 McKee Road Dover, DE 19904 Phone: 302-739-5601. Public Meetings Records Officers/Authorized Appointments. Monitor offenders coming into the DOC to serve weekend sentences set forth by the Courts. institutions falling under the jurisdiction of the State. The Department of Correction encourages individual seeking information on the incarceration of an offender in the State of Delaware to utilize this online tool. Tax Center

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