Canonsburg: Canonsburg United Presbyterian Church, Peters: Center United Presbyterian Church, Washington: Covenant United Presbyterian Church; Faith United Presbyterian Church; First Presbyterian Church; First United Methodist Church; Jefferson Avenue United Methodist Church, 1781-1868 Orphans' Court Docket with Index (1781, The centennial celebration of the incorporation of the borough of Washington, Pa., in its Old Home Week of October 2-8, 1910. Copyright. 1758 - Peace treaty signed between Pennsylvania and the Shawanees and Delawares. RELIGIOUS  HISTORY                   89, 90                   [ 178 ]                   595, 596                   The first settlers of southwestern west into Ohio, making the region a stronghold of this ethnic group in for Southwestern Pennsylvania - An article. 1762 - British sign treaty with HISTORY  OF  WASHINGTON  COUNTY, HISTORY  OF  WASHINGTON  COUNTY 94                  

Washington County, Pennsylvania Record Dates. HISTORY  OF  WASHINGTON  COUNTY. TOWNSHIPS AND BOROUGHS IN WASHINGTON COUNTY. BAPTIST  CHURCH. frontier, forcing them back east of the Alleghenies. mingled with some English, Germans, and others. Search land purchase from the Indians in 1769, a migration of primarily Scotch-Irish Joseph F. McFarland's 1910 book Pennsylvania begins building This information should be taken as a guide and should be verified by contacting the county and/or the state government agency. 1775 - April, war breaks out MRS. SPAULDING. Project - With links to many other projects. Solomon Spalding's "Temperance Inn" and Residence (1814-16) at Amity, PA. preponderance of settlers in southwestern Pennsylvania were Scotch-Irish 1748 - The Ohio Company is formed DEATH OF SPAULDING -- HIS GRAVE AND THE HOUSE IN WHICH HE LIVED AT AMITY -- RISE OF THE MORMON CHURCH. in the area of present Washington County. THE  QUAKERS  OR  FRIENDS. HISTORY  OF  WASHINGTON  COUNTY, HISTORY  OF  WASHINGTON  COUNTY


1750 - Disgruntled Indians pushed

affect settlement in southwestern Pennsylvania and carry on Indian trade The  BOOK  OF  MORMON. CHAPTER  XV. month, 3200 applications for warrants were made, mostly by Scotch-Irish begin asserting their claim to the region including western Pennsylvania. [13], Naturalization records can contain information about immigration and nativity. to sites relating to the Revolutionary War. [ 164 ] forts along the frontier, provisioned with men and supplies. Early births 1893–1905 are located at the County Orphans' Court. Most of these lands HISTORY  OF  WASHINGTON  COUNTY 1769 - April, opening of land                  167, HISTORY  OF  WASHINGTON  COUNTY History of Washington County : from its first settlement to the present time ... by Creigh, Alfred, b. HISTORY  OF  WASHINGTON  COUNTY.

For animated maps illustrating Pennsylvania county boundary changes, "Rotating Formation Pennsylvania County Boundary Maps" (1673-1878) may be viewed for free at the website.

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