The NPRI includes information reported by industrial and other facilities that meet specified criteria and provides the main input to Canada’s comprehensive Air Pollutant Emissions Inventory (APEI). Developing regulatory and other measures to prevent air pollution emissions. Key objectives of the GHGRP are to provide Canadians with consistent information on facility-level GHG emissions, to support regulatory initiatives, and to validate industrial emission estimates presented in the National GHG Inventory. Issuing penalties to offenders that do not comply with wildlife laws and regulations. Environmental assessments are a large part of this program. Officers are provided training and are often supported by scientific analyses and expertise, including science advice to support enforcement actions. The Black Carbon inventory reported emission estimates from industrial sources, residential wood combustion and mobile sources in 2013, largely relying on information in the Air Pollutant Emission inventory. The Department will publish datasets from the NPRI for 2016 which will be used to identify pollution prevention priorities, for the assessment and risk management of substances, and to encourage action to reduce the release of pollutants. The Risk Assessment Toolbox was presented at this meeting. This program works to conserve and protect the natural environment through compliance promotion and enforcement of the Species at Risk Act, Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994, Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act, Antarctic Environmental Protection Act and Canada Wildlife Act. In addition, during 2015–2016, a range of chemical risk management initiatives were delivered under the CMP, as described elsewhere in this report, that supported implementation of the draft Harmful Pollutants Annex Goals under the new COA. The National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) Multi-Stakeholder Work Group is the primary consultation mechanism for the NPRI program, with representatives from industry associations, environmental groups and indigenous organizations providing input on changes to the requirements and other aspects of the program such as tools to access the data. Managing notifications of spills to assess whether reasonable measures were taken to protect the environment and human health. This program focuses on: the development and implementation of Environment and Climate Change Canada’s sustainability policies and strategies; provision of information to support integrated, ecosystem-scale planning; community engagement in remediation of sites; youth engagement; and research and reporting on environmental status and trends. The GHGRP is part of ECCC’s ongoing effort to develop, in collaboration with the provinces and territories, a nationally consistent, mandatory GHG reporting system, in order to meet the GHG reporting needs of all jurisdictions and to minimize the reporting burden for industry and government.

The program also works with INTERPOL as well as the United States and Mexico under the auspices of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation to strengthen wildlife enforcement. Completing the assessment of 1,550 existing chemicals substances by 2020, and another 400 to 500 new substances annually, to determine if they pose a risk before they may be made in or imported to Canada. *All figures throughout this document are net of respendable revenues. the publication of 5 final screening assessments which included 2 chemical substance groupings covering 75 aromatic azo- and benzidine-based substances and 12 living organisms. There were approximately 277 public enquiries made concerning CEPA in the last fiscal year. Work under this program includes: continued collaboration with other governments and stakeholders; delivery of sound scientific results, expert environmental science and technology advice, assessment, and program management in support of technology investment decisions, policy making and regulations; and cooperation with the United States to align GHG regulations as appropriate, reduce transboundary air pollution and advance clean technologies. The parties currently cooperate through a memorandum of understanding for data collection that is in effect until March 2018, whereby Quebec continues to provide a single data-entry portal for regulatees for the following federal regulations: The final order for an equivalency agreement between the Minister of the Environment and the Province of Nova Scotia with regard to the federal Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Coal-fired Generation Electricity Regulation took effect in July 2015. the related requirements and the benefits of compliance, as well as the potential consequences of non-compliance) with a focus on geographically dispersed, hard to reach, small and. Providing information to targeted users and contributes to safe and efficient marine transportation, particularly in the North. The National Advisory Committee provides a forum for provincial, territorial and Aboriginal governments to advise the Ministers on certain actions being proposed under the Act, enables national cooperative action, and seeks to avoid duplication in regulatory activity among governments. It conveys the state of Canada’s environment in a straightforward and transparent manner. Amounts may differ from those originally reported due to improvements in methods used to estimate emissions. Strengthening its prediction and forecast systems through. Part 4 of CEPA provides the authority for the establishment of a national pollution prevention information clearinghouse to facilitate the collection, exchange and distribution of information regarding pollution prevention.

In accordance with the five-year term limit in CEPA, the agreement is set to terminate at the end of 2019. Providing quality assured water quantity information (river flow and level) to various stakeholders to assist them in water management, planning and related decision making in order to address the risk to and impacts on continuously changing water flows. It provides scientific information and advice to decision makers and supports implementation of the Canada Water Act, Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999, Fisheries Act, International Boundary Waters Treaty Act, and International River Improvements Act. Delivering, in collaboration with other federal stakeholders, the Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan to reduce environmental and human health risks from federal contaminated sites and to reduce the associated federal financial liabilities in the Public Accounts of Canada. The program assesses risks to the environment from substances that are already in commercial use (existing substances) and substances proposed for use in Canada (new substances). In February 2015, ECCC, with the Air Pollutant Emission inventory, published its first national inventory of Black Carbon emissions. This program has responsibilities under the Species at Risk Act, Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994, Canada Wildlife Act, Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act.
Undertaking protection assessments for boreal and south mountain Caribou. The program maintains a contingent of compliance promotion and enforcement officers. Expanding Canada’s National Wildlife Areas and Migratory Bird Sanctuaries, including. To reduce duplication of effort, ECCC and Fisheries and Oceans Canada entered into environmental occurrences notification agreements with the governments of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, the Northwest Territories and Yukon. Providing air quality forecasts to help Canadians protect their health from the negative effects of air pollution through the expansion and improvement of Canada’s. b Actual results for this indicator are only updated as new environmental indicator data are available for the ecosystems. They regulate 249 … Providing accurate weather, water, air, ice and climate information to support decision making and emergency management in Canada and globally. Measuring the impact of ECCC’s enforcement activities to inform future training and targeting efforts. These actions aim to reduce damage and threats to biodiversity for the benefit of Canadians and the international community. This tool allows the media and the public to search for corporate convictions using the name for the corporation, its home province, the province where the offence occurred, or the legislation under which the conviction was obtained. Protecting the Antarctic through a permit system for tour ships as well as meeting Antarctic Treaty and Madrid Protocol obligations. The indicators are published on the CESI website, showing national and regional results along with the methodology explaining each indicator and links to related socio-economic issues and information. The purpose of the notification agreements is to establish a streamlined notification system for persons required to notify federal and provincial/territorial governments of an environmental emergency or environmental occurrence. Focusing ECCC’s scientific efforts to proactively understand, track and provide water quality and quantity information relating to Canada’s freshwater resources so that appropriate actions may be taken by governments, partners, stakeholders and Canadians. ECCC undertook a number of initiatives to respond to the needs of NPRI data users during 2015–2016.

Find out more. It also supports coordinated and coherent national assessment, research, planning and action to protect biodiversity, including viable, self-sustaining populations of species, healthy and diverse ecosystems, and genetic resources.

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