(H9) The Salt and Brine Management Plan must be developed by December 2019 that has investigated the following: (a) the viability of waste reuse or recycling through chemically processing or treating brine or salt residues to create useable or saleable products; (b) the viability of the injection of brine into a natural underground structure that is geologically isolated and does not contain groundwater and does or could supply water for potable or agricultural purposes; (c) the outcomes of the investigations and proposed actions forward, and identified methods for the. (C10) All regulated structures must be designed by, and constructed under the supervision of a suitably qualified and experienced person in accordance with the requirements of the Manual for Assessing Hazard Categories and Hydraulic Performance of Dams, as amended from time to time. x��Z[o�D~���0���z=�[ �R a total of five years of suitable experience and demonstrated expertise each, in three of the following categories: Construction, operation and maintenance of dams. Description of applicable environmental values and water quality objectives to be achieved (i.e. NSW EPA: Protection of the Environmental Operations (Clean Air) Amendment (Industrial and Commercial Activities) Regulation 2005, or the US EPA Code of Federal Regulations: 40 CFR 60.18 and 40 CFR 63.11). Spillage of all chemicals and fuels must be contained within an on-site containment system and controlled in a manner that prevents environmental harm. Sampling and In situ Measurement Point Location, 80th percentile based on at least 5 samples with not less than 30 minutes between samples, Conditions (D17) to (D20) apply only to permanent sewage treatment works operations with a design capacity of between 100 and 450 equivalent persons. (b) if it is certified by a suitably qualified third party as being of acceptable quality for disposal to land by the proposed method and that environmental harm will not result from the proposed disposal. (c) on local government controlled roads, written approval from the relevant Local Government has been given to the holder of this environmental authority. (i.e. (e) Interpretation of monitoring results as required by condition (AA7) to validate performance against the objectives of condition (AA3), (AA4) and (AA5). (b) Any relevant environmental objectives and targets, so that all staff are aware of the relevant performance objectives and can work towards these, (c) Control procedures to be implemented for routine operations for day to day activities including associated accommodation and recreational activities, to minimise the likelihood of environmental harm, however occasioned or caused, (d) Contingency plans and emergency procedures to be implemented for nonroutine situations to deal with foreseeable risks and hazards, including corrective responses to prevent and mitigate environmental harm (including any necessary site rehabilitation), (e) Organisational structure and responsibility to ensure that roles, responsibilities and authorities are appropriately defined to ensure effective management of environmental issues, (f) Effective communication procedures to ensure two-way communication on environmental matters between operational staff and higher management, (g) Obligations with respect to monitoring, notification and record keeping obligations under the EM plan and relevant approvals. The Commonwealth and the States acknowledge that there is benefit to the people of Australia in establishing national environment protection standards, guidelines, goals and associated protocols (hereinafter referred to as. ensuring that the community understands the need for early action on measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  a library, childcare centre, kindergarten, school, university or other educational institution;  a medical centre, surgery or hospital; or,  a public park or garden that is open to the public (whether or not on payment of money) for use other than for sport or organised entertainment; or,  a work place used as an office or for business or commercial purposes, which is not part of the petroleum activity(ies) and does not include employees accommodation or public roads; or. 9. It is permissible that a suitably qualified and experienced person obtain subsidiary certification from an RPEQ who has demonstrated competence and relevant experience in either geomechanics, hydraulic design or engineering hydrology. 0000007486 00000 n (ii) an alternative soil stabilisation methodology that achieves effective stabilisation is implemented and maintained. (d) the difference between the internal A-weighted and Z-weighted noise levels is no greater than 15 dB. BB1 The holder of this environmental authority must ensure that the ground level concentrations do not exceed the criteria for each air contaminant in Schedule BB, Table 1 – Maximum Ground Level Concentration Criteria. This environmental authority authorises the carrying out of the authorised environmentally relevant activities subject to the conditions of this environmental authority. composed of species characteristic of the vegetation’s undisturbed predominant canopy cover. (J13) Stimulation baseline bore assessments required in condition (J11) must include the minimum water quality analytes and physico-chemical parameters identified in the Baseline Assessment Guideline (EHP) and any restricted stimulation fluids as defined in the Environmental Protection Act 1994, as amended from time to time, in order to establish baseline water quality.

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