If the water on one river is dirty try a smaller river that may clear up faster. They say that once the salmon enters the river their bodies go through changes and this causes the meat of the salmon to become softer and not as firm and therefore once they start to get too dark and beat up it is not advised to eat them. Just about every river and every creek flowing into Lake Ontario, Lake Huron and Georgian Bay has runs of salmon. Take 2 chicken breast cut them in to 1" chunks put in a zip lok baggie add 3 table spoons of minced garlic and a box of strawberry jello. I’ve even had them rise to the surface and inhale my float or indicator. Once you find them you can have a lot of fun catching all sizes. Boat is still in storage and I was looking forward to trying for some browns for the first time as I always seem to be busy in the spring. As the top river guide in Ontario I have been fishing for Ontario salmon for over 35 years and guiding for salmon for over 16 years. 2020 fishing regulations released by Editorial Staff | December 17, 2019 The coming new year signals a new Ontario Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary as anglers head out on the frozen water for another ice-fishing season. Double header days and days of 50 to 100 hook ups are possible. She jumped up on a model boat, sat in the front seat and acted like she was fishing. The also are expending a lot of energy while they are spawning so they don’t fight well. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United. Chinook salmon are the most sought after salmon because of there large size and large numbers. Although it’s been said for many years that once the salmon enter the rivers they stop eating, some new research on Salmon suggest what I’ve been saying for years, and that is that some salmon do eat during the spawn. Find a nice spot with cover( lily pads, grass, cat tails, logs,rocks, ext.) Pink salmon are more common further north in the St.Mary’s river and occasional catching have been reported in some Georgian Bay rivers. Even minnows are difficult to handle. When you are ready to fish again, take them out and they come back to life. I've even caught trout on it. If you hit the river 24 hours after the rain and it’s pure mud the salmon can’t see your bait so catching them is tough in those water conditions until the water starts to clear up. On some rivers the Salmon runs can be over 10,000 fish and it’s when even beginner anglers have a shot at a huge fish. Usually one will be enough.” –Alec Plummer, “Try it all, love the outdoors and keep a bait in the water. I have found that using squid soaked in Hawaiian Punch is a KILLER fresh bait in Mississippi and you can also spray all of your bait and lures with wd-40 and catch a good bit, too! You can put them in a bag in the freezer to keep. No cop is going to bust your balls for fishing or hunting. Don’t handle cigarettes or any type of tobacco products without washing your hands before applying baits, hooks, sinkers, new line, etc. If they are down resting, you might as well stay home. Teach them good conservation habits and watch their eyes light up when they hook that big one. Happy fishing! Either way I don't have those days here anymore, but I have a lot of my favorite ole memories that will never fade away from my heart. However, there may be extended seasons and year round season available. I just got the NYS Parks email newsletter and they reference visiting parks for a "solitary nature break". Ontario also has Coho Salmon, Pink salmon and Atlantic salmon but they are in much smaller numbers and timing the runs of these salmon are hard. For the best gear that I use and that I recommend for salmon fishing check out our Best Salmon Gear Page – HERE. Some days it’s not uncommon for a few thousand salmon to enter the rivers giving anglers some spectacular fishing. You won’t catch anything if you aren’t out there!” –Jody Wolf. I taught them all to fish using sun dried hot dogs left out of the package all day or microwave them just before you go. Put three or four crickets and a couple of mill worms on a hook and hold on! One hour before and one hour after high tides, and one hour before and one hour after low tides. Get some chicken livers and hot dogs, take your chicken liver thread it on the hook kinda like a worm( the warmer from the sun the better) take a nice slice of hot dog and thread it through the skin and butt up against the liver to help hold in place. Effective January 1, 2020. I’ve been fishing for Ontario Salmon for over 35 years and I’ve seen 30lb salmon swim half way across the pool to smash a fly or a roe bag and I have had them hit a spinners, spoons and minnow lures with hard aggressive and deliberate strikes. Further west you could try Oakville Creek, 16 Mile creek and a favorite for many is Bronte Creek. I have caught very good ones on shrimp in lakes. Submitted by Elizabeth Reeves on July 27, 2020 - 4:08pm. Technically anything more than just you fishing by yourself is against the mandate... "no gatherings of individuals of ANY SIZE". They need a very cool temperature to survive. What Are The Best Salmon Rivers Near Toronto? Fishing for Ontario Salmon during the fall salmon run is when anglers have the opportunity to hook and land over 20 huge salmon a day. If you catch the salmon within a day or 2 of entering a river they may be suitable to eat. Most Girls really don't like any type of wiggly, crawly bugs or slimy night crawlers and my sister was a girl scout leader and showed me this is the perfect bait because honestly most boys really do not enjoy using live bait either.

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