Discover more about your ancestors than names and dates in McConnellsburg newspapers. Search the Fulton County Tribune newspaper archive. © Copyright 2020 As hv begau the descent of Hldellng-hlil, he was shielded from the warm raya of the August sun by the towering mountains west of him; and alighted to rest his tired horses a few minutes and to quench Ms thirst from the dean crystal water that came trickling down the hank Click Here to Search the Georgia USGenWeb Archives. In the morning, before breukfa»i, tlie traveler asked Mr. Karr for the umount of his bill, uml U-lng Inform-teacher -si. LICKING CRBKK. To View Full-Size Image - Start Free Trial, McConnellsburg Fulton County News (1899-1918).

eagle, Un second (laugh-id Mr*. tain, toward hi* home In Mllltt-atowii, a very sore ankle, is still utmhle Mrs. Ella R. McKibbin and «■«.anti, p»., vvt,.-,. .In Mntárortdenee of (Jod, i mile.I to mourn the loss •d «later, Kmmn Woodal and i^preas, she was u nber Of the Nlethodlstl luroh, an efficient HIHH v School. STE 600 Naples, Florida 34108. kept by John Karr, at llrldgc | now Harrisunvllle, six west of Mcfonncllshurg). flhunti, expresa the it only iff the church but eomunity w Ita •Mal>r>''t>'' ii Mrth’iBsrkii.ilit soil tat. The Id wan delicate from Its it a work preceding Its trscted a cold from the ch It die-1 on the above ***This resource occasionally experiences technical issues that temporarily shut down service to the site. Mr. Karr, the Innkt—per, gave the travelling innn a three dollar Imuk 11 ote. The following uecnunts will be presented for confirmation The protracted mm-titig commenced til Ebcuewr last Saturday evening.

Wilmington, January 4, 1 MIA, John Way, President: Daniel iiynns, Cashier. oo heaven'» »uauy «lupe» n sod «lad osa uot smsII. of Rachel E. Mellott, nnd Lucinda Cromwell, of Joltu C. Cromwell; also the nc count <*f W. L. W-MslciM'k assignta-for the creditors of L. l/>ng A Co.

years of ug- -liucl a season of prayer together. Family trees are just not complete without the details available in McConnellsburg newspapers. ... Our McConnellsburg newspaper archive lets individuals read those first hand accounts as our expansive online collection is packed with historic newspapers from 82 cities in Pennsylvania including McConnellsburg, and much more! The New York Public Library is a 501(c)(3) | EIN 13-1887440. Tin* Sheriff will sell ill the Court House at I o'clock on Monday the sth, the real estate of John A. Myers, of Tod;nud that of Mimes J. Peck, of Thompson. Stllwell Deshoug is on the sick list. Our McConnellsburg newspaper archive lets individuals read those first hand accounts as our expansive online collection is packed with historic newspapers from 82 cities in Pennsylvania including McConnellsburg, and much more! Sijsm last ww-k.

INTERESTING HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY BY T. J. THOMPSON OF THIS PLACE. A. Lincoln Lehman. We’ve now entered a uew year, and have turned a new leaf which we hois- will be brighter and In-tier than any of the (mst, Slowly Ills horses traveled across It, and as the shades of night were gathering about him he was glad when he found himself In sight of the Traveler»' Inn. Jltntw I» Hampton I mi!

Alternative search interface for FultonHistory. Why Lawson Mdlott spent Saturday David Destmng, Jr., teacher of Tuesday with tin* family of Rob Pleasant Grove school, uml Isaac lort Carson. FultonSearch offers an alternative interface to, pointing to files hosted and indexed there. Alternative search interface for over 47,059,000 historical newspaper pages from (Old Fulton NY Post Cards). at Kicklngi-veelt In'H^,r*un,‘ *n < ut *''s ^'ttid while , unking for liceuse to k*'*‘p an Inn nvlIM, six miles Rettiug out spike wood for Cecil 01- Tavern aud h> sell litjuor ut Thi parents have the 'heir manv frlemls In the little son. Some of the newspapers are very old, and the text can be a bit difficult to read. COURT,

evening, eighty 7, I*-" n man driving two horses, may have been seen on the Pennsylvania turnpike crossing Ruy* 1 till nnd Hidellnghtll mountains, on his way vast. £í)C jfnlton Countg íXctug. -i Miss Sadie Barber, who has cel, Bedford county, Ihsi Wed-been suffering for some time witli uesday. i„-    w.-iik. of Big t'ovc n in the Penn-veral weeks for t plaoe Monday l were brought to ('ove Tannery, and Jtfer funeral will lake o’clock this (Thursdn.v) luterraem will take place | lot at Union Cemetery. nerof Mrs, Minnie Miller, ut Pur-

The traveler »uid he did not like that bank note, and did uot wunt to lake the three-dollur note, but Me. Is about live in-ehes long by two and ahalf wide. Preaching at Siloam next Sunday afternoon. Miss Ella Kline of McCotim-lls-burg is s|N-ndiitg the holidays with her parents Mr. aud Mrs. Also includes a handful of international newspapers. known as Jatni-« Lyon*. trbaugh, Infant son of Angellne Carlmngli tiled I, December 2Ht,h, IHffit at nonths and II duys. TURKIC.

is home spending the Holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Rhea. horrowt-d from to iiiukt- up lla-SSd Ni-w Oruuuda n tiuni I»-<- of In Karly the following Monday morning, In l-Hiklng over hi* money, he did not foel asllalled with the tbiw-dollar Liyton sis-nt Saturday night at Hjit--In- hud m-i-lvcd of Mr. John Karr. During these periods, try the Library of Congress' free resource  Chronicling America, another free resource that provides historical newspapers, or one of the other historical newspapers databases at the New York Public Library. Fulton County. Reaching the valley below, he looked ahead, only to sis' another hill (ireenhill rise before him. friends at Pleasant Ridge. Across the right cud of the face is printed in plain capitals the word DF.LAWAHK; ami u-coss the left. llto several courts of Kultnu enmity will begin Tuesday, -limitary ffth tit 10 o'clock. he gave Mr. Karr money to lake i amount of bill from, and In making 1 change. Fulton County news; Browse Newspaper Titles by State. A coincidence thnt might In* mentioned In connection with the above Is the fact that this art tele was written tu the house once owned nnd occupied by Anthony Shoemakert uml the Kdltor of the News lives in the house in which the mother nnd sou Dnvid lived when the mother died In her 101st year. Zoom out to select another city or state. Miss Linua A. Beshotig s|s>nt Sunday with her friend Miss Stella Decker of Siloam. >k place at Huatonlown ly.

>*»o»»lng It»' rdurnttonal >f mauy, -hi' w» endowed th so main noble qualities mind th- mIii* drew to her vírele [of appreciative \V. Find McConnellsburg newspaper articles that tell the story of your ancestor's lives as they lived it and watch your family history unfold as never before. CONSTABLE AFTER HARR1S0RVILLE MAN. Read 1899-1918 McConnellsburg Fulton County News Newspaper Archives from Mcconnellsburg, Pennsylvania.

Es«)., a promlnentattorueyoí Kairmouut, W. Va., Is sp--udiug some time Kunck is visiting with his parents, Mr and Mrs. To browse a list of the newspapers included in this resource, Click to learn about accessibility at the Library, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, American Antiquarian Society Historical Periodicals Collection, Applied Science & Business Periodicals Retrospective: 1913-1983, Communist Historical Newspaper Collection.

On the Fulton History site, the OCR software must work with newspaper images which have been copied from microfilms. (¡rant Shoemaker and sister» living on their farm near our town the only mem* l-ers left of the many Shoemaker families formerly composing prominent business |M»oplp of our town. FultonSearch offers an alternative interface to, pointing to … 1 Y CARDAI (i II. Mcconnellsburg Fulton County News Newspaper Archives January 04, 1900 Page 1 McConnellsburg Fulton County News (Newspaper) - January 4, 1900, Mcconnellsburg, Pennsylvania £í)C jfnlton Countg íXctug. W. Klim- aud a couple days daughter Pearl, and Emiiui Rob-with tin- family-of 'Squire .los.

Ludwig Fisher, wif.-, and two daughters. FultonSearch offers an alternative interface to, pointing to files hosted and indexed there. The George Sutherland Archives collects and makes available materials that document and reflect the history and development of Utah Valley University and the surrounding communities. Rev, (Ieorge Hhociunkcr married in A searchable repository of historic newspapers published in New York State and the United States between 1795 and 2007, frequently updated. PA., JANUARY 4, William Miller of Dubliu Mills has been granted letters of administration on the --state of his son (ieorge W. Miller, decens«*d. Explore your family history in Pennsylvania.

NEED MORE McConnellsburg Fulton County News (Newspaper) - January 4, 1900, Mcconnellsburg, Pennsylvania A. Pane I-, relict of the Mrs Oarrie MoKibbht spent Directors, A I ,'o«, of the Hunk of Wilmington and llramly-wlne promise to puv to (lupli Jones or hearer on demand THREE DOLLARS. , That are regret her curly i Ion It to t lie will of Mod, snows (Isweetly sleeps .my» of afu-eu bie»i. >ed oh*rcclrr; therefore, Funk, of McCenueUshurg; John K. K|><-i'k and William Me(5owatt, of Burnt Cabins, and K. W. Bur net of Fort Littleton are oneh Start your PA ancestry search now.

Amos lluld-win. On the face Is a picture of n ship on water, and the following Inscription "The President. Anthony Shoemaker, sr., was grent-grandfatliee of IT. Silas M. Morgret, administrator of the estate -if Mrs. Zillu McKee; (¡eo. y age the Joined the Liith-and rwn lined llierein a ilxir until her marriage, nufnrredl her membership church h> which her hus-sd. ><> Parties seem to In- quite nu merous, hut girls are scarce. Karr, our traveler says, went and got the paper, to show mo that this note is pure money. Get News Updates Enter your e-mail below to receive breaking news updates and notifications when each new edition goes live! ... Click here or here to transcribe and send in your records!

Met 'onnellsburg, to Miss 11 huele-Ruldwin, sister of Rev. Aiiuin» nse of »l"ions, u   mi Howard llolleushetvd had the misfortune to out his foot while chopping Wood one day last wm-k. *.lu (Usnlria lt« rest: While it «»> known by U- ti ttoil i thnt »!»<> had Irate cot-lit Inn for some rtoti* kn> « that she hnrl "h- ImlMd late cause of her irulloB» arising from ron- i last unlit > i-flermmn I at the kepcirt of thi sud-IlfSiMEm»»» Stoutcngle . A searchable repository of historic newspapers published in New York State and the United States between 1795 and 2007, frequently updated. I» a soli of llnvld Shoemaker ami grnnd-son of Anthony Shoemaker, sr., of our »tory. PAKKKR. The protracted meeting at the Buukard church iu Belfast is still gomg on. The note which is now In possession of the writer of thia. » UH THIS TIME --- All rights reserved. James H. Woodal, iblp, Ml txirn August 3U, * inarrliKl to W. P. Htout-i piuco, August 11, 18»7.

Copyright © 2020 NewsBank, Inc. 5801 Pelican Bay Blvd. , riialUn church and Hundo hurehv extend Ihelr , the irlen.u ill their be, That a copy of these ic given to the family and in the da iters of Met !on-id In th# People's Regis- Also includes a handful of international newspapers. I then took It. Isaiah Lehman, of Lashley. To browse a list of the newspapers included in this resource, click here. Rachel and Jessie, s]M-ut Christmas witli tie- family of Daniel llehuer. RS. ig cough tin Monday «ven* y 1, lflOO. t AE 1McCONNELLSBURÜ. ■i Hi-r up buekwln-at fur meal tliue eatne oat'{ Well IuhI in U-ue that voto give eaeh sub* we to u ni I when leiv weix- an uiuny Pulton (,'ounty John Rhea, who has been attending school at Ship|N-tisl>urg. tilt* H-* took a *hwt of writing pap<-i-, wrote on It a It-iu-r, -nolom-d the note, folding the «heel no thul It formed u letter, without envelope ready for, [{"CityID":18126,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Mcconnellsburg","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"39.932589","Longitude":"-77.9988906","Id":0}].

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