Thank you! I stumbled upon it purely by chance (since I actually do not read Star Trek fanfiction, maybe because there are so many official books in print? "Fair enough," says Jim. "Shut up, McCoy," begs Jim. Or what if Spock made it himself? They go down to the garden itself, and Spock says, "Oh.". - I'd look up pitting edema if you didn't know what it was. There was a silence for a minute and then lists of duties began to scroll across the screen, along with a general debriefing of the situation at hand, and a list of who they expected to receive on board. Sarek waits for a moment, and when Spock remains quiet, he says, "When Dr McCoy comes on duty, he has promised to release you, if he sees fit. It's bad enough getting hopeful little memos from Pike and professors who have seen his test scores about potential and honors tracks and testing out of the better part of two years of classes. Uhura herself had to go back to Starfleet SFO to have people suck her metaphorical dick (Jim means this in an admiring sort of way) over the way she is fifteen million times better than them at being in Communications, and hopefully to get a raise and be assigned to wherever and whatever she wants. delusionsinc liked this . Klingon totally doesn't count, because all Jim can do is start a bar fight in it. "I knew he had a Vulcan crush on her," hisses Jim. Yes, the dimensions and character… everything were beyond good. "Jim," he said on the third day, "I wish for you to answer me with truth. ", "Negative, sir," says Jim, cursing Vulcans heartily. "Failing to ascertain the teacher of Basic Principles of Vulcan strikes me as less illogical than foolish. Is there more? And special thanks to the folks who have stopped by livejournal and dreamwidth over the years to drop a comment and provide feedback. McCoy thinks it's something to do with radiation exposure just after he was born. His eyelashes drop down, heavy black over the pallor of his face. ", Ha, thinks Jim, and then says, "Did you know he had some sort of weird Vulcan crush on her? From what Sakel overheard, some of the rescuers thought that a planet-killer bomb would scarely suffice to cleanse the planet of the horrors there. Jim covers his face with his palm and tries not to groan as everybody turns and looks at him interestedly. "When was the last time you got your profile updated? Rec: Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit. He even is a gentleman and doesn't remind Uhura that she doesn't have a lot to talk about students and teachers being 'that way'. "Uh," says Jim, looking around for an escape. Ish. "There are many flowers here," said Sakel. she says. It fixed many of the problems with the new Trek by ignoring or papering them over or just spinning them in a less shallow way. "For this assignment.". I don't even know if you can GET it on your dick, but if you did, it would not be fun times. The Oregon was at warp and the stars shone eerie blue and red as they sped by. Your email address will not be published. "No 'fense, Jim, but bless your heart. He showed Jim the library, with the smell of old books and the study carrels cleverly made to look as old as the building, and the old chandelier shaped like a sunburst that hung from the second floor. She had been strongly empathic, though -- they reckoned the overflow of emotions had just sort of burned her brain out, like wiping a memory chip with a magnet. "But more - it is valued because it still blooms.". Had been grateful for it then, in a dim unknowing way, that someone was making him pay attention to something besides his hurt. Also get your goddamn hand offa me before it becomes my property,'" translates Bones. Sakel was content to watch and wait for a few days, but then he witnessed Jim throwing his food across the room, and running out. Or rather he says calmly, "Professor, I do not understand the logic of your statement" in Vulcan, because Jim is secretly as scared of Sakel now as he was when he was a tiny, angry child. "Mr Kirk," ventures the head of Xenolinguistics, "You were the author of the paper on pre-Reformation Vulcan love poetry?". 2900 guests While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. asks Jim, turning his back on the vipers in his bosom and giving Uhura his most pleading look. It appeals to my whacky humor. "I didn't know you knew Doctor Sakel," she says. "To the Xenolinguistics Department of Starfleet Academy of San Francisco, Terra, I leave my collection of Klingon grammars, in hopes that someone will make use of it. Sakel began, as usual, by pointing at something, telling Jim the name, and having Jim repeat it back at him, and correcting him as needed. Fics where the meld with Spock Prime left stuff behind, like memories. ), Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit He's also wearing fuzzy gloves, but Jim's still kind of stuck on the hat. Her eyes flick up and down him, obviously trying to figure out why Jim's in a black suit and not his dress uniform - and then settle on the mourning pin, go over to where the ship's-flag is hanging on the wall, and then come back. -- in accordance to his wishes, we are here to witness and confirm the reading of his will and to speak of our memories of him." merlin | 46.1k | arthur/merlin ; graduate vulcan for fun and profit | lazulisong . Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit reviews It really does take a village to raise a Jim. Then Sulu loomed behind Jim and Chekov, wearing his blandest expression and doing the thing with his sword unfolding, and said, "These gentlemen bothering you, Kirk?

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