And he added: "We will act if we need to. Laura Kuenssberg tells BBC news that, “The science has changed.” This is not factually incorrect. Passionate about cats and education. As Norway & Germany experience far fewer fatalities per 1000 cases, & it is known that the government’s initial plan meant thousands of extra deaths, the BBCs political editor says ‘the science has changed’. The move would also pile more pressure on Chancellor Rishi Sunak and the Bank of England to increase the already huge financial support that has been provided for the UK economy, which slumped by a record 20 percent in the spring and is struggling to mount a fightback. 'There were some difficult days where they were both quite unwell'. The Prime Minister said he will be thinking "very, very actively" about what steps to take if people continue to gather in large numbers in defiance of calls to stay apart.

Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. But a new national lockdown could trigger another huge Conservative Party rebellion who are growing increasingly fearful of the economic, social and health costs of the medical crisis. She wrote on Twitter: "Govt considering next steps like closing non-essential retail or whether to start treating people flouting the stay at home advice as acting against the law - all being discussed - huge decisions, nothing final.". No, he got nothing wrong. She worked as the political editor for the network. On Friday, further terrifying data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggested more than 50,000 people were infected by coronavirus each day in England last week. The Government later issued updated guidance making clear that essential travel did not include visits to "second homes, camp sites, caravan parks or similar, whether for isolation purposes or holidays". All Rights Reserved. [POLL]. Before joining the BBC in 2000, Laura worked in local radio and TV and studied at Edinburgh and Georgetown universities. US election results 2020: When will we know who has won? as an 18-year-old was thought to have become the youngest victim of the virus in Britain. Ms Kuenssberg tweeted: "New data shown to PM + Chancellor yesterday shows - "all models suggest a significantly higher peak than those estimated at any point in the current Reasonable Worst Case Scenario" - wide range in the projections but one even puts daily deaths over 4,000. Striking news pictures from around the world. The Health Secretary condemned the "very selfish" behaviour of people who were ignoring social-distancing rules. This absurd lack of scrutiny isn’t acceptable when lives are at risk. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. NOT ONE. First Minister Mark Drakeford has revealed that both his wife and mother caught coronavirus earlier in the year. This is what the WHO have been saying FOR WEEKS for god sake. However, following a report conducted by Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team which showed that Boris Johnson’s strategy could lead to as many as 250,000 deaths and the NHS being effectively destroyed, the UK government has, finally, come to the conclusion that it wasn’t the entire rest of the world who were wrong about their strategies, it was them. How can Laura Kuenssberg say 'the science changed' like there wasn't any 'science' beyond UK Govt advisors? Video, Frank Gardner meets paralysed student. The Italian government was one of a number of European countries to announce new or extended restrictions - with Germany banning public gatherings of more than two people not from the same household. Biden wins – BBC projects White House victory, China sends world's first 6G test satellite into orbit. READ MORE: England BATTERED by second wave - 50,000 infected per DAY. — Thomas James (@ThomasJ58805552) March 17, 2020. Speaking to Laura Kuenssberg on BBC Newscast, Mr Drakeford said: "On a purely personal level both my wife and my mother fell ill with coronavirus at a point where I … He's just tweaked a bit based on the best science. And own goals, like the prime minister addressing the country on Sunday night, without the government able also to answer the public's immediate questions, don't help. ''The system simply wasn't ready to deal with what we have got," says a senior official. The science has been the same since January. — Alex Tiffin (@RespectIsVital) March 17, 2020. The Prime Minister appeared shocked at the prospect of the police being brought in to enforce coronavirus restrictions when asked about it at a press conference on Sunday. Ethiopia conflict deepens as Tigray leaders sacked, .css-gw44ni-IconContainer{display:inline-block;height:1em;width:1em;vertical-align:-0.125em;margin-right:0.25em;}playChina sends world's first 6G test satellite into orbit. The Editor of one of the world’s most prestigious medical journals has heaped criticism on the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg for distorting the truth regarding the government’s change of strategy towards the Coronavirus outbreak currently sweeping the UK – with many also claiming that the BBC’s Chief Political Editor’s false claim was an attempt to cover for the UK government’s mistakes. Several regions of England have quickly been placed into Tier 3 - the highest alert level - with around a fifth of the population set to be hit with the toughest restrictions by the start of next week. The virus has a TWO WEEK incubation period- we need to act yesterday.

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