Despite being lauded by environmentalists as a landmark for freedom of information in China, the regulation has never been fully implemented because of strong opposition from both businesses and government departments.

Cisco Blogs / Corporate Social Responsibility / Cisco Receives Top Rankings from China’s Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs. In 2011, our work was reported by the media in China as well as overseas, including People’s Daily, China Environment News, Caijing Megazine (财经杂志), Nanfang Weekly, and The Financial Times. I believe that the public pressure worked, especially after the media in China, the US and Europe undertook their own investigations," said Ma. During these processes we focus on public participation in environmental protection. Six people - one each from Africa, Asia, Europe, Islands and Island Nations, North America, and …

Ma said that rising public awareness of environmental issues has already resulted in a number of promising changes. The Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE) is a non-profit organization based in Beijing. This post was written by guest blogger Toddy Tu, Supply Chain Manager, Cisco.

EnviroFriends Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, East Asia Environmental Information Center, SEE Foundation, NRDC, China Dialogue, Friends of Nature. Requests for information about pollution levels are often refused. Cisco’s jump in the ranks reflects the work we’ve been doing with our suppliers in China, including wastewater surveys and pollution mitigation projects, tracking and addressing reports of illegal pollution, and requiring our tier 1 suppliers to assess and manage the environmental performance of their tier 2 suppliers. The Ministry of Environmental Protection has revised the country's air quality standards by including the measurement of PM2.5, tiny airborne particles that can cause severe lung disorders, in response to widespread public concern about the accuracy of official data on air quality. Last year, the US oil giant ConocoPhilips and China National Offshore Oil Corp failed to release information about oil spills that contaminated around 5,500 square kilometers of China's Bohai Bay until a month after the event, a move that sparked public anger.

China is an important market for us, as nearly 50% of our component supplier facilities and manufacturing sites are located in the region. We need more information to bridge that gap," said Ma. Through these roundtables and trainings, we’re identifying key actions we can take to increase efficacy within supply chain management. In 2018, we at the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) examined the climate actions of 118 IT and textile-industry brands sourcing from China … Each winner of the award, established by the philanthropists Richard and Rhoda Goldman in 1989 to honor grassroots environmentalists, receives $150,000. The Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) is a registered non-profit organization based in Beijing. Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (China) - Fill your calendar with corporate social responsibility and sustainability events with the help of CSRwire. Promote transparency and public participation in environmental affairs; further improve mechanisms of environmental protection.

I am proud to work on a team where I can contribute my expertise on environmental management and make full use of Cisco’s buying power to drive key stakeholders within our supply chain to protect the living environment when producing Cisco products, which ultimately has a larger impact on our planet. Ma Jun founded IPE in 2006 and built it into a powerful and effective environmental watchdog. "It is easy to complain about lax government supervision, but the ultimate impetus for cleaning up pollution lies in the power of the people," said Ma, who added that in some cases, local governments would rather protect the polluters than close them down because of the lucrative tax revenues. Through March 19th 2012, the Water Pollution Database and Air Pollution Database comprehensively collected information about water quality, air quality and pollutants emission in 31 provinces and 339 cities since 2004. As a supply chain social and environmental responsibility manger based in China, I am working closely with our suppliers to ensure their daily operations meet Cisco’s supplier code of conduct requirements and generate positive social and environmental impacts in the local community. "It's impossible to tackle these problems without widespread public participation," he said. To suggest an NGO for inclusion in our directory, please click below: March 2011 - Present, Pollution Information Transparency Index (PITI), January 2011 - Present, Green Choice Promotion, July 2011 - Present, Listed Company Research and Website Development. Six people - one each from Africa, Asia, Europe, Islands and Island Nations, North America, and South and Central America - shared the 2012 Goldman Environmental Prize. "Globalization has created a huge knowledge gap between consumers and producers. For more information, please check out our latest CSR Report. The IPE is the most powerful and influential environmental NGO in China, and this recognition is an accolade to the amazing efforts Cisco is putting into environmental supply chain management and our corporate social responsibility. The public can now learn about the pollution levels and sources in their neighborhoods simply by clicking a mouse. Cisco Receives Top Rankings from China’s Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs. We analyze environment information released by the government through historical as well as regional comparison. In 2011, our work was reported by the media in China as well as overseas, including People’s Daily, China Environment News, Caijing Megazine (财经杂志), Nanfang Weekly, and The Financial Times. Businesses that failed to adhere to the environmental standards were also ordered to publish their pollution data in their local media, and to allow authorities to verify and register the data. In 2010, these NGOs published a report claiming that Apple Inc, along with a number of popular IT brands, had hired suppliers that violated China's environmental regulations and caused pollution. Ma said that against the backdrop of globalization, the public can exert significant influence over erring companies by refusing to buy their products. I am excited to announce on Cisco’s behalf that we recently jumped to number three in the IT industry on the influential Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE) Corporate Information Transparency Index (CITI) ranking. Most of the time, people don't realize that the products they buy can cause severe environmental damage.

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