Unless otherwise noted, all area codes are 502. � *���e�8���(��~�{�W�Az7"%���:�$.i�����. ��9L��M @M���,_RKr$9A~h�O�3g�7q�\���]�px��o3�/�;�ɭ)���_e�ښ�(3sm~0���g��z0���p�Ϟ����L�Z�[R��{@eiQV/�Uצ, �2mli�n�����uqc>��������er0g��g����S�e^�m�6 ͳ���,�l���j�D2]�����>c�����͛[��ū�y��E5��(���K3&6[cb��i�U��U_s Please contact your Technology Director to gain access to the Staff Intranet �p�RWia[$��6��Ε� o�����t�Ȱ6����>��*̼Q.�n]�C[3�&�xb{tֈm��J�*m�]ؗguZ���;"��i�:�H�X\��� ���n_�-�lW$˼J���~�)�.Ewi�C�d�w�Ą �X�i�Y���(g �6��]�;@,��v�8��#��1v�=�~{��#��1v�đ�2�f֥yY'�>pQ����Y��1=Ⱥ,��vO�m���� ���i�X6��Şs��vW3�������:��Q���~K��i*�$�|�qI))+�?I,�$����&}eDgr��������6M$���fh�U��#���J���Z[�s�Q��T>x�)��{�)H)(�v�H�K�ݙ�ՙ9�j�T�yr�)��u����f,��:��.�sO�Zh����9d���W��IP�Ņ)����4h�O"��8��wR .U���"-j���KF���K��mA6ddDO-/=�U�vq_\ڶʤ�� 73 ןc������O�3��ݭ�H�W:S/���྇P���.�����5�����m�qX3݂� When openings occur, our active file is examined, applicants screened, and interviews are scheduled with our school principals or interview committees. 722-5725 or visit its COVID-19 webpage. ">o��I_���ĥ �E����Z��O�^�[�ubYN�P��F��+�Ia�u�٭a�߅���@�&�����Zs�NZ�w.8K�Eס�I�ۥ����b'��p�K�I�f�=� , ��~��(X��ݗ�E�~�˒q/�9�yҷC�� �z�a�R> P�*�sW�p9nK�hp�BMm�\�Ap��pe��d���@a�QA��$>�Ó��ٺ!q��ʓ�G��M�Y7����zdGGo�,1Ĥ���(�3���U��$�Q�\;��-Hf�ǹ��� - School Events can be added to your phone calendar… 859-885-4179, Ext. The school system serves 8000 students in grades pre-K through 12, and presently employs a professional staff of nearly 600. Find contact information for KDE staff responsible for programs and initiatives. Jessamine County is located a few miles south of Lexington, Kentucky, and is one of the fastest growing areas in the Commonwealth. �/nr!�x[���P�Hg�"�@t��٢��z��|��t��ߟ��E������U���z�.ܧD�> \ҩ��o����(o�+nۤU�L :���T�,��Ы��d������*|���3Xv�à��[��N$kv�h�����9N]w���fv�p �~v J��$K��Y����!�Y+.��nӆ����ʨ�߶eZW������%�r�L�L�B�sO$qJme1��H-a�ک-ix�/�'H�G4V��R��l�6�����B�"���/-`1 21 likes. The cost for the Cabinet for Child and Family Services Central Registry Check is $10 and is payable by check or money order (Make payable to Kentucky State Treasurer). Note that your application will not be made available to the administrators and principals until the EPI is completed. 6:00 p.m. at alternating schools. Kentucky is also one of four states that mandates an annual two-hour suicide review for middle/high school personnel each year.

� a��8�}�I��k(�S'�-�8�=�����8�E\�#y�a듀��v�-SΐRD���0 ���kZe��OZƁ�4�R�h��%[d�s�,���3����%�ߡ��H]D��]Tϙ,~u�{� ���䡨�y�=+��\�nd�X���I#�� ���H�K��J�W�Dzڗ�0���5�l-="vkf�mqn�K��MZ����N�q��Y�'�b\�j�Γ}̀���%�@�يv���+qAUTgU�ZOӃ�[8��B�?��LJTu|����~�j>�r�����d��$F��� ���DžX��m�ǴNTpN��&jQ��TJV0���Ra=�fEN���O�g� MAGOFFIN COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION. W曘b�Q��( The Jessamine County Public School System does not discriminate among applicants or employees regarding race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital or veteran status, the presence of a non-job-related medical condition or handicap, or any other legally protected status. Find 48 listings related to Jessamine County Board Of Education in Nicholasville on YP.com. Five individuals elected to hire and supervise the district Superintendent and to create policy for our schools. FOR THIS TYPE OF EMPLOYMENT, STATE LAW REQUIRES A NATIONAL AND STATE CRIMINAL HISTORY BACKGROUND CHECK AND A LETTER, PROVIDED BY THE INDIVIDUAL, FROM THE CABINET FOR HEALTH AND FAMILY SERVICES STATING THE APPLICANT HAS NO ADMINISTRATIVE FINDINGS OF CHILD ABUSE OR NEGLECT FOUND THROUGH A BACKGROUND CHECK OF CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT RECORDS MAINTAINED BY THE CABINET FOR HEALTH AND FAMILY SERVICES.The cost for the background checks, including fingerprinting, is $33.25, and is payable by Money Order only.

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