Watch the ceremony here. A journalist delivering to a consistently high standard, not afraid to take on senior political figures, while revealing breaking news on the sectors big issues. Her submissions show versatility and empathy with her subject matter, but the confidence and maturity to voice a strong opinion on political aspects and the impact of her stories. Journalist of the Year 2019 Mark Tighe, The Sunday Times. On the ground reporting of the Barking fire-risk assessment, winning the trust of residents, resulting in a scoop followed up by the BBC and the Guardian. From a heartbreaking column on how she lost her dad to alcoholism, to wondering about how she will explain to her son when he gets older how the current housing crisis was allowed to happen. The winner of this year’s Popular Features category epitomises all of these qualities. Excellence in Immersive Storytelling 50th Anniversary: “Apollo 11: America’s Journey To The Moon” Florida Today. A detailed and through investigation revealing 98% of councils in the UK are using glyphosate-based weedkillers on playgrounds and housing estates the impact of which is potentially universal. The article on Amin Taha’s limestone building demonstrating the writer’s ability to present stories of almost byzantine complexity with admirable clarity. And his final entry, which starts in the interview room of Finglas Garda station, is surely the definitive account of the murder of Anna Kriegel. Isabelle writes with confidence and style. We had everything from exclusive crime stories to enthralling sports feature, and everything in between. Click on any of the arrows next to a Winner or nominated journalist’s name to access and view their entries. Will Hurst, The Architects’ Journal – HIGHLY COMMENDED. With its winning entry it captured the hopes and dreams of a young woman who represented a generation who only knew peace in our country Exclusives can be more time consuming and expensive, and they require real energy, dedication and commitment – something that sums up the author of the Newsbrands Crime Story of the Year. If you would like more information about this year's awards email Lisa Buckley But, perhaps most importantly, they also need new people and new voices. Judges citation: Consistently delivering exclusive content which caters for your readership, exercising meticulous attention to detail, and honing the skills to draw out the best of your well-known interviewees at both exciting and traumatic times in their lives are among the pillars of a stand-out showbiz journalist. All else - the commentary, the analysis, the opinion - emanates from the scoop. Zak Garner-Purkis, Construction News - WINNER. Three worthy articles – packed with detail and presented with passion and enthusiasm. Business and Financial cover a wide swathe of the property sector and the entries explored the whole area, from social housing to road building. This story of how four executives at the state-owned port company got through a quarter of a million euro on their credit cards last year, and how the company spent €7 million building a roof garden – wins business story of the year for Fearghal O'Connor of the Sunday Independent. The spoils just never seemed to reach us”. Endowed with the ability to paint pictures out of phrases, his mastery of the epigram drips from every sentence, allowing us - his readers - to share a seriously enriched journey under his guiding pen. Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 Paddy Clancy – Read full article here. NEWS REPORTER OF THE YEARSponsored by Glen Dimplex, Jack Simpson, Inside Housing - WINNERPete Apps, Inside HousingLuke Barratt, Inside Housing. Content shone through here with the Festival of Place tackling a range of topics to deliver something valuable for people to take home with them. The IBP Journalist of the Year showed just how newsy the construction sector is. Inside Housing continues to be at the cutting edge of fire safety issues, alerting readers and authorities of the dangers wooden cladding months before the Barking fire. Judges citation: The meeting to select this year’s shortlist was unusually amicable. And none more so than the winning entry, which effortlessly leveraged the power and narrative impact of video to bring audiences directly into the lives of people living in the shadow of Brexit. The overall winner of the title of IBP Journalist of the Year is Zak Garner-Purkis, writing for Construction News. Three interesting, well structured and well presented pieces covering a wide variety of subject matter. The comprehensive piece on private finance and supported housing was both informative and engaging. It shows patience and determination in sifting through information and data, and imagination in packaging it in an interesting and readable format. This was journalism at its best. The judges were impressed by how well these young journalists had grasped the complexities of the field in which they were working, building high=level sources and writing with sophistication and confidence. Martina Lees,writing for The Sunday Times and Tortoise Media. Her piece on the re-tarmacing of Silverstone caught the pace and speed of a job being completed against the clock. It gave insight to an issue affecting the lives of many with the impact clearly and powerfully expressed. The judges were impressed by the imaginative and dogged approach to research and information gathering – journalism at its best. The range and depth of the entries was also important. And no one embodied these qualities more than the winning entry, who used the power of digital audio to broadcast compelling and incisive interviews which not only captured the attention of audiences, but also set the agenda across major political news. Judges citation: It is not easy being a political journalist. The judges welcome this ambitious new initiative which has got off to an explosive start with a 200 page magazine, its fresh take on development is recognized in events as well as an engaging website with an appealing design. None of our shortlisted entries could really be faulted on that score and credit must go to all the digital editors involved in delivering such polished and passionate pitches for their sites and apps. He is not afraid to upbraid readers yet is never preachy in tone. One dealt with the taboo subject of law breaking by the fishing industry and the blind eye turned by the authorities. Mark submitted three pieces that showed his range – a thinking piece on the future of cities, an analysis of Crossrail 2, and an article questioning whether engineers can provide good design. Judges citation: Three extraordinary stories made for a worthy winner of this year's business journalist award. But there are times when a story just screams for a headline to do it justice. Judges citation: This was a good year for political stories. The next big story could as easily come from a throwaway remark at a doorstep as from weeks of digging, and so, the astute political journalist is always switched on, always tuned in. Although relatively new to journalism, Megan writes stylishly and confidently.

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