That’s not chump change, but it is a commendable move from the company. When Matagot released Kemet back in 2012, it became an instant classic. The deeply strategic game was a hit with the board community, shooting up the Board Game Geek charts and into gamer’s hearts everywhere. For reference, buying the full game runs you $77. Nemesis Lockdown Is a Massive, Stand Alone Expansion to the Hit Board Game, Matagot Announces Kemet: Blood and Sand, a Revision of the Classic Board Game Classic, Frosthaven is the Most Funded Board Game Ever on Kickstarter, Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Looks Like It’s Finally Being Unveiled Tomorrow, Bloodborne is Still Locked to 30fps on PS5, Would Need an Update to be Changed, DualShockers Definitives — The Top 10 Essential Nintendo Switch Games, Ori and the Will of the Wisps Next-Gen Updates Detailed, Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ghost Experience Update Detailed in a New Trailer, Ruination is Kolossal Games’ Latest Massive Board Game Kickstarter, Chris Metzen Comes Out of Retirement To Start Warchief Gaming, Descent: Legends of the Dark Is Your Next Massive Dungeon-Crawler, Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 Review — A Flawless Finale, Cartographers Heroes is the Latest Roll Player Spin-off Board Game, Frostpunk: The Board Game Is a Work of Art That You Need To See, Steam Digital Tabletop Fest To Take Place October 21-26, © 2020 DualShockers, LLC. Fans might remember the new Kemet 1.5 rules and wonder what this is. Thankfully, we already know Kemet: Blood and Sand has an excellent foundation to build from. Of course, great art doesn’t always equal a great game. If you’ve never played Kemet and like strategic board games, I highly suggest you give it a look. Kemet: Blood and Sand is already demolishing its goal on Kickstarter. Well, it goes well beyond that ruleset and adds tons of great content. No, it does not deserve nor need Kickstarter. Give it a look if you love strategic board games. Kemet: Blood and Sand is available to back on Kickstarter for 18 more days at the time of this writing. Now, the team is back with Kemet: Blood and Sand, a brand-new edition of the great original. I’ll have to hold judgment until I have the game in-hand; however, it certainly looks like a more fun experience. The big news here is, undoubtedly, the new components. When Matagot released Kemet back in 2012, it became an instant classic. Kemet: Blood and Sand Is an Epic Reinvention of a Classic Board Game. From the gameboard to the tiles to the minis, everything just has a new sheen of quality. Kemet was never “ugly” per se, but Matagot has done a great job beautifying the whole product. Content: • Upgraded tiles: 64 tiles from Kemet: Blood and Sand core box with Kemet V.1 look • New Divine Interventions deck • Kemet: Blood and Sand rulebook • Kemet: Blood and Sand player aids • 5 player bags & 3 creatures bags God Pledge - RM349.00 This is Kemet: Blood and Sand base pledge. The creature minis, in particular, jump off the table the second you see them. All Rights Reserved. Give it a look if you love strategic board games. Matagot is also letting players who own base Kemet upgrade for just $28. Established or no, publishing a deluxe version of a board game that is already owned by the vast majority of players who have any interest in the game represents a financial risk. If the expectation is that it won't sell in large quantities, a kickstarter may simply be the best option. Matagot looks have done quite a bit of heavy-lifting to streamline the rules and make them much more intuitive. Kemet: Blood and Sand is already demolishing its goal on Kickstarter. i know that this game is a competitor for Ankh: Gods of Egypt (even that, this games will be different) and i believe Kemet will be much better than Ankh, but i think eyes will buy minis from CMON. Veteran Pledge - RM134.00 This is the upgrade pack for Kemet V. 1 owners.

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