Learn about the role of the RCMP in the protection of Canadian and Foreign Dignitaries, and as protective security during major events.. Police service dogs.

Hire people that have more life experience and hire people that have been exposed to different groups of people," he says.

[12] RCMP Adds Water Cannons to G8/G20 Security Arsenal, National Post (June 21, 2010), http://news.national post.com/2010/06/21/rcmp-adds-water-cannons-to-g8g20-security-arsenal/. Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder Sandy Hudson said that while the findings do not surprise her, she is unsure whether diversity targets will necessarily bring about change. We've also had hiring freezes for a number of years in recent times.". [18] Jill Mahoney, Police Can Use Sound Cannons, but with Limits: Judge, The Globe & Mail (Aug. 23, 2012), http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/police-can-use-sound-cannons-but-with-limits-judge/article1373891/.

[2] Organizational Structure, RCMP, http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/about-ausujet/organi-eng.htm (last modified Sept. 15, 2014).

[11] Press Release, Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada, Deaths of Three RCMP Members and Future Safety of Officers Demand External Public Inquiry (July 17, 2014), http://mppac.ca/deaths-of-three-rcmp-members-and-future-safety-of-officers-demand-external-public-inquiry/.

[10] Hundreds of Faulty RCMP Tasers Destroyed or Pulled, CTV News (Apr. 4. 'Royal Gendarmerie of Canada'; colloquially known as the "Mounties", are the federal and national police service of Canada, providing law enforcement at the federal level. 4, 2014); Tasers & Conducted Energy Weapons: Current Guidelines, Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, http://www.mcscs.jus.gov.on.ca/english/police_serv/ConductedEnergyWeapons/ Guidelines/CEW_guidelines.html (Nov. 2013).

[29], With the increasing use of Tasers by Police agencies, guidelines and policies for Taser use have been developed at the federal and provincial levels. Owusu-Bempah believes the lack of high quality data in the justice systems — as opposed to what is available in the U.S. and the U.K. — limits our understanding of the scope of discrimination. These findings come as minority groups across North America are shining the spotlight on allegations of abuse of authority and discrimination among polices forces.

The Halifax chief says conflicts in the early 1990s led the force to re-evaluate its recruiting methods. Owusu-Bempah adds that the degree to which traditional police culture can assimilate racialized officers should not be underestimated. A CBC News analysis of all major police forces in Canada reveals that nearly all fail to reflect the diversity of their communities. "They are immersed in the same police culture, and that police culture shapes how they act and how they think," he said.

In 2015 alone in the U.S. there were at least 987.

Similar to the situation in Edmonton and London, the community in Montréal is approximately four times more diverse than its police force. In Nunavut, 12 per cent of the police force is Aboriginal, but the territory is almost 90 per cent Indigenous. We want to be able to encourage the best decision making possible," he said. In addition to peace officer powers granted under the Criminal Code of Canada, MPs also have the power … Jobs |

For York region, also neighbouring Toronto, that ratio is 44 per cent for the population, but 17 per cent for the police force. In Edmonton, 35 per cent of its citizens are visible minorities or Indigenous, yet those groups are represented in less than 10 per cent of its police force. The Commissioner controls and manages the whole Police force and all the matters connected with the force. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is Canada’s national police force. Akwasi Owusu-Bempah at the University of Toronto, who has studied the relationship between race and the justice system in Canada, says certain results from the analysis surprised him.  According to section 25(1) of Canada’s Criminal Code, “[e]veryone who is required or authorized by law to do anything in the administration or enforcement of the law . Accessibility | The Calgary Police Service was the only agency surveyed that said it did not gather statistics on visible minorities and Indigenous people within its ranks. CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices. [21]  In 2012, the RCMP purchased eighteen custom-built tactical armored vehicles from Navistar Defence Canada.

[34]  More recently, there have been reports of the RCMP using “armoured vehicles, helicopters and a cadre of heavily-equipped officers in full combat uniforms” during a manhunt for a gunman who shot and killed three officers. Donate External Link Disclaimer | [22] RCMP Take Delivery of 18 Armoured Vehicles To Bolster Emergency Response Teams, Global News (July 24, 2012), http://globalnews.ca/news/269502/rcmp-take-delivery-of-18-armoured-vehicles-to-bolster-emergency-response-teams/. "About 50 per cent of Toronto's population is not white, whereas only 25 per cent of the police service is, so we've clearly got a ways to go," he said. The Toronto Police Service says one of the key impediments to achieving better representation is that the rate of officer turnover has been outpaced by the rapidly changing community. If your community does not have a municipal or First Nations police department then it is policed by the RCMP. Official blog from the Law Library of Congress. RCMP, CBC News (Mar.

[32] Chris Butler, The Use of Force Model and Its Application to Operational Law Enforcement – Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?, http://www.cacole.ca/resource%20library/conferences/2009%20Conference/ Chris%20Butler.pdf (last visited Sept. 19, 2014). [7] ARCHIVED Remington Gun Parts (M8500-12R034/A): Tender Notice, Public Works and Government Services Canada, https://buyandsell.gc.ca/procurement-data/tender-notice/PW-REG-121-4523 (last updated Sept. 18, 2014). Police diversity fails to keep pace with Canadian populations. Certain police agencies were excluded from the final analysis because they did not have statistics that distinguished between sworn officers and civilian staff, they did not gather racial statistics on their police officers, or — as was the case for the OPP, the SQ and most of the RCMP — determining the demographic profiles of the territories over which they have jurisdiction posed many challenges with regards to accuracy. 1990, Reg.

"Hire people that are older. [13] Marine Services, RCMP, http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/mari/index-eng.htm (last modified Dec. 16, 2010).

Seven of Canada's provinces and all three te… [13]  The RCMP’s Air Services Fleet has approximately forty-one aircraft, including three Cessna Caravans, two De Havilland Twin Otters, two Eurocopter EC 120Bs, eight Eurocopter AS 350B3s, fifteen Pilatus PC-12s, one Piaggo Avanti P180, and ten Cessnas. [10]  The Colt Canada C8 Carbine seems to be in limited use in the RCMP but of greater use in Canada’s municipal police forces. Most urban areas have been given the authority by the provinces to maintain their own police force. However, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police cautions that gathering race-base statistics can create a climate of mistrust. Protective policing and operations. Fraser Valley (Langley) 604 539-2729. While the actual number of officers from minority groups that need to be hired in order to achieve representation that more closely mirrors their population is smaller compared to certain jurisdictions, many Québec police forces are multiple times less diverse than their communities. [16] Douglas Quan, Canadian Police Forces Bulking Up with Armoured Vehicles, Canada.com (Aug. 21, 2014), http://o.canada.com/news/national/canadian-police-forces-bulking-up-with-armoured-vehicles/comment-page-1. This can be broken down into three main areas: crime prevention, investigations and emergency response.

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