By intertwining domestic imagery with the natural, “bedspreads of meadows” and “streams like necklaces”, he suggests that we can appreciate nature at home by becoming grounded by it; enjoying our immediate surroundings, and being considerate of each other and the world. what sensation : Yemen: world’s greatest humanitarian crisis? recalling bold : How healthy is living in the fantasy bubble of our phones? ... Gilda Castillo - Thank you very much for liking my poem and for the lovely comment! Your Name: Your Comment: Submit your comment Best Poems of Tessa Thomson . Poems for when a Family member is in Prison. He's not here by choice.I start thinking just in case.He starts something.Like busting, The door, he paces the hard waxed floor.With his determination, Imagination, He can see his life on the other side of the door. Collage created by Sadie with images from Pixabay, Locked in, locked down Extra > Poem: Locked In, Locked Down. And know is “Dibé!” “Dibé!” “Dibé!” A command as heavy as hail shattering a windshield: “Dibé!” Go back to the sheep, now! Collage created by Sadie with images from Pixabay. Shakira Dyer watches protest play asking: how many more roads must we walk down? a turquoise dream. Hi Maëlle. small promise : I wrote this poem in response to Simon Armitage, the poet laureate, who wrote a piece titled ‘Lockdown’, about the coronavirus pandemic. A sheep dog locked in photograph. endless nights sprawling before me, Has a month ever felt this long? Locked in a golden gilded garden cage / dressed in a blouse of old-fashioned frilly lace /. How relevant is classic literature to young people in 2020? What a beautiful poem. Be fearless. go unheard : I am creating a project and would love to include her poem, but wish to ask for her consent first. flutter away, slowly but surely, I breathe in the silence and it fills me nothing :: piercing pain : (* Interactions only in the last 7 days) New Poems. so distant :: baby cries : inside :: catatonic : He's seen better days. internal vibration : He's not here by choice. Stomping the floor, Hitting the door, I don't belong in here, he says. of fevers, coughs and aching lungs, and the time that’s stolen, frozen, melting Gilda Castillo Follow on Jun 05 07:47 AM.
Armitage’s poem has got me thinking about the power of creativity and poetry, reinventing what freedom really means to us, particularly in times of isolation when hope seems all but lost.

He encapsulates the collective consciousness of anxiety and introspection. Locked In; Recent Interactions* This poem was read 10 times, This poem was added to the favorite list by 0 members, This poem was voted by 0 members. Animation review: ‘Loop’ about non-verbal girl. The Bound Bird by Adeyemi Wonderful (1 poems) …

Thank you very much! Essentially, what I took away from ‘Lockdown’ is to stop fighting our fears, and instead embrace them in all their imperfect glory, channelling our restless energy into art instead of dread. Simon Armitage has written a poem to address the coronavirus and a lockdown that is slowly being implemented across the UK, saying that the … beware : Dig deep and find your inner rainbow. Sadie Souter explores a restless mind in quarantine.

The contrast of the extensive semantic field of epic and whimsical language; “streams like necklaces, fan-tailed peacocks, painted elephants”, with the trapping “lockdown”, suggests people are responding to the crisis with fantasies of elsewhere, to escape this “waking dream”. immobility : fazed : You may be isolated inside your home, that doesn’t mean you need to be alone, send a picture, an email or call a friend, with virtual love there really is no end. What a beautiful poem Sadie, thank you for giving us some hope. high voltage area : Lockdown Poem was written by Cheryl Lee-White. Are police going too far in response to Covid-19 pandemic? delight : I also studied English Literature at A-Level… those analytical skills are always always useful. yet here we are. What a beautiful poem in these times of stress and uncertainty. We didn’t ask to be a part of history.
Prison is the punishment that keeps on taking. Let me out of this place. In the Alzheimer's Unit, I see a scared elderly man shaking the door. learns not to : My four walls bury me six feet deep. posted 08/10/2020. Almost anything you take from a man can be given back except time.

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