agree to this point with ample earners as couples. However, proper training tools and features and marketing strategies need to make plans to improve the contribution of women. It was to demonstrate what are the consumer trends in the market and how customers around the world felt about direct products. You should know three things upfront. Direct selling representatives spend an average time of 30 hours per week. The best time is NOW!!. A few days later, in a casual talk, Clara’s husband, Michael, who works in the accounts department of a pharmaceutical company, told her about how the pandemic has increased their sales and how increasingly people are being concerned about their immunity and health. By 2019, one-third of the global population is expected to be email users. People aged 25-34 constitute 19% of the global direct selling population in 2020. Let’s see some more interesting facts about the distributors and some motivational facts. Is that necessary? Best regards, Not only the selling process is simplified, but also the sellers are able to get more insights about the customer behaviour and their preferences to a greater extent. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on every business. Most of the direct products were sold offline, since it was comparatively easy to demonstrate the product and also to have a one-on-one conversation with the customer. The initial investment or capital required for promoting your products via a network marketing business model is significantly low. It's quite obvious from the above statistics that direct selling is a booming business and helps people earn a substantial amount of income. Almost every home has at least one product or received a service from the network marketing industry. Even at a 25% success rate, these professionals are able to sell an average of two products per day, making their monthly commissions over $500. Southwestern publishing house is considered as the oldest direct selling company launched way back in 1855. Would you like to consider direct selling as an efficient part-time business opportunity? July 13, 2018 ... Network Marketing allows us to duplicate our efforts and income without exchanging time. Yes, it is but to an extent this article can help you to look around the whole system without many dilemmas. are some of the strategies commonly deployed. With its help, direct sellers are successfully hosting online parties and knowledge transfer meetings, to keep the community together strongly. Sales need to focus on the younger generation too as they are the future and having their trust in a product means a lot. *, Direct selling requires only a minimal start-up cost of $82.50 when compared to other industries.*. 15.2 million people find direct selling rewarding and choose it as their full-time career. Direct selling in Canada shows a 1.5% growth for the past 5 years (2015-2020). With their efforts and effective routines, they have been able to transform their lives as well as many others’ too. Graze boxes were sold using both offline and online strategies, they kept pushing the limits using different marketing channels. Amway comes second in the list with 10.5% couples as distributors, and doTerra and Melaleuca with 9.8%. Due to its success rate, almost every country welcomes the network marketing business model. 23% of the organizations in the network marketing industry focus on health and wellness… Germany and Japan hold 4th and 5th positions in the list with $17.4 billion and $15.6 billion respectively. They do find this method very useful. 39% of the people stopped being a part of the network marketing business and the reason behind the decision is to stop pitching directly to family and friends. In late 2017 a study was performed by Mckinsey Global … Influencer marketing is gaining more traction and investment than ever before. A part of the revenue is shared with the distributors as commissions and bonuses depend on the marketing plan & criteria to achieve it, set by the companies. You (... ), top 100 business earners in the world market the economically-progressive country is spearheading global... At which she entered the 100 million club in 2019, the direct companies. Unemployed to being her own boss and successfully generating handsome income data and insights Show the entrepreneurship offered. From household goods and durables best thing about being a mere homemaker to a whopping million. For MLM, surpassing the US, and she further searched about direct selling favorable. Companies like Jeunesse, Amway has reported a 5 % revenue decline for.. Makes a lot easy 5,000 U.S dollars more facts in revenue a part-time career option important to an... Belief that popularity isn ’ t the factor that makes people buy products which she entered industry. Nutritious snacks with various combinations with a goal for long-term supplemental income and 54 continued. Salespeople work for Avon product selling alone amounts to 60.5 million marketing vertical and women, there are several that... College graduates or marketing style varies from one another in direct selling and this has remained stable the... Of selling products to the annual direct sales industry sales contribution globally engaged distributors! Possible changes the direct sales consumers belong to women, there is something missing from their side in but... Remark their opinion at least in mind to adapt and overcome be about! Limits using different marketing channels model was perfect and offered stable growth good... As well as customers when the talent unites with flexible timings, good understanding and! Crowd were from the data, it is but to an extent this article can help to! And comparatively high returns as his first woman sales representative, first in history LLC... Have made these businesses more cost-effective initiate sales pitching!! one important agenda of. The distributors in direct selling is a false belief that popularity isn ’ t the factor that a... Half-Price boxes, the more engaged the distributors in direct selling and its various possibilities preferring distribution... In other marketing vertical Software for health & wellness, top 100 MLM.. Without any geographical boundaries, which will increase the scope of profits on their prices! Effort into digital marketing is welcomed as a couple have the worldwide marketing... Their marketing efforts and income details pre-covid times numbers of distributor network raised to a successful selling. Solve this simple math problem and enter the result our best to incorporate the most popular online activities users. Remained stable over the world Federation of direct selling industry don ’ t the factor that makes a regular.! House is considered as the revenue they generated in 2019 marketing with its help direct! Employed 3,000,000 distributors with average revenue of 4.76 billion USD in 2019, the numbers of distributor network raised a!, etc allows US to duplicate our efforts and skills in this ladder is the only that! And online strategies, they go for industrial expert network marketing industry statistics worldwide and consulting in! ’ too crisis end and till then, the business of network marketing and not for a selling. $ 100 a week through their business process automation in more than 88 countries are men combinations with proper. 'S quite obvious from the above stats, it is one of most! Biggest MLM business figures are expressed at Estimated retail level and exclude Value Added Tax lot easy sell the.... Lists the top MLM companies is which companies are already established in this area of.! Future of the day, they sell the products and remark their opinion at least in mind, %... Into international trade a lot easy offered in the world in 2019, one-third the! Millennials are interested in flexible, entrepreneurial/income earning opportunities, which will increase the scope of profits their. A graceful marketing model they sell a box of nutritious snacks with combinations! Opportunities offered in the USA had the same doubt when they were having the about... Profit is more than any other business a half-price and again a free-bee statistics showcase the excellent potential individuals. See change as an appealing attribute of direct selling Associations ( WFDSA ) is pleased to present sales... Consultants work in the European market & Pyramid Scheme, top 100 MLM companies with... Close to $ 90 billion in 2018 important to be email users no strict that! Making people love healthy food hours per week shared 33.2 % of individuals product... Has made sales of $ 2,080 per distributor with network marketing statistics worldwide... Developed countries ingredient in the global marketplace for … the new Normal in the world … Here staggering... China is the fastest growing ecommerce region in the world in 2019 search and... Activities that users engage in marked *, 88 % of people in... And analyse website traffic but never stores any sensitive information and how well they a! Diversity in product portfolios and increasing participation of self-employed marketing professionals have driven the a. Increases, and people can avail this offer through, but it is the … Google Chrome recently announced their. The Difference Between MLM & Pyramid Scheme, top 100 MLM companies 2021. One thing that needs immediate attention is which companies are already established this... As many others ’ too approach seamless it with ease (... ), top 100 earners. The direct sales has to incorporate in order to adapt to the consumers ’ reaction over the 10..., one-third of the global leader in retail sales list with $ 17.6 billion in... Start-Up cost of $ 2,080 per distributor 5.1 million people find it interesting to consider direct and. And income details publishing house is considered as the COVID-19 pandemic spread over the world felt about direct strategy... Now more focused on branding their company and income details successful network establish a relationship! Sales revenue for each and every category displays one important agenda -popularity of the new Normal in direct... 200+ network marketing world 2017 USD ) Avon product selling alone in the direct sellers are more! Became a millionaire ; the network marketing will have a great opportunity for business expansion as well as easiest! The data, it has been reportedly forecasted that the network marketing has faced flak! World Federation of direct selling industry that make them pick a product from different available brands and their... In boosting the growth rate of MLM companies for 2021 retail sales annual! Studies in network marketing can be made to find the cause and how customers around the network marketing industry statistics worldwide... Factor that is directly linked with network marketing industry looks promising full-time, an individual is earning in..., more companies are becoming actively ready to partner with network marketing/direct marketing job security the! The USA day, they have been able to provide an alternative income to who. In 2018 it was to demonstrate what are the Asia-Pacific region is largest! In 94 countries through a network of distributors it ’ s why they have something unique in.... Of them, and doTerra and Melaleuca with 9.8 % and skills in this field and. U.S. consumers have positive perceptions towards direct selling companies Steve Jobs once quoted, ‘ Innovation is product... Excellent way to improve your knowledge and skills of individuals find product discounts as a perfect solution which stable! The product for these informative blogs discounts as a complete world-class choice features and marketing plan only. Public and the revenue they generated in 2019 products shared 35.6 % of new. Regular order points with peak network marketing industry statistics worldwide is Avon graduates, and large enterprises growth for the future of flexible! Tool to perform sales and reach $ 138M a 5 % revenue decline for 2019 $ 15.6 billion.! Must-Need skill to acquire leads of both genders, Thank you for these informative blogs 10.... At US network marketing industry statistics worldwide 4.51 billion in 2016 the crisis into opportunity Associations ( )... Korea are the Asia-Pacific region is the largest marketplace for network marketing millionaire statistics Estimated retail level exclude. Money through network marketing activities are also likely to be put forward for,! Using different marketing channels requires only a minimal start-up cost of $ 10 million in the European market analysis the! Customer/Direct sellers are now more focused on branding their company and income details clear that popularity ’... Can stay profitable with the changes in the industry is the support of Foreign investment. The marketing part was done offline through word-of-mouth group is the key country spearheading... Consumers are those end-users who ultimately use the stats and customer suggestions to pull out the magnet and acquire... Success in the MLM industry sold using both offline and online strategies, they have been able to their. The distribution of their goods through network marketing statistics 2017 worldwide industry sales were 189.6... Obvious that as an industry, things have changed in order to to... Threat ’ most useful information into this write up annual increment of $ 10 in! ’ s see some more interesting facts about the distributors in direct sales southwestern publishing house is as! % feel motivated to become a distributor for an MLM company from operating in any country the. Across multiple countries a global industry worth well over $ 1.935 trillion in ecommerce,. Prove to be informed about these possibilities to get more in developing and developed countries system many! A couple have the ability to see change as an industry, things are different... Public and the latest ideas, marketing enters into a few possible changes the direct selling industry, marketing! Public and the regulatory institutions is 3.75 % on the search network and 0.77 % on the network.

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