If you are the Canadian manufacturer or importer and your products are intended to be used by consumers, you are responsible for the product recall. 3 reports in the last 5 years. It is important to keep a record of internal communications. The corrective action for consumers to take should appear in the consumer recall notice.


Whether the affected product was sold in the USA/Mexico and whether the product is being recalled by the CPSC/PROFECO or any other jurisdiction. On what date was the recalled product removed from distribution and sale? The CPSP may expand/update your current recall to include the new information. A typical liability policy will have a $1 million limit for liability claims, and the sub-limit for recall expense reimbursement ranges from $10,000 to $250,000, with varying deductibles that apply. Number of units returned, exchanged, refunded and/or provided repair kits. Communicate the recall on the HC website as soon as possible and within 10 business days. For the purpose of recall, danger also equates to the idea of "harm" as it relates to cosmetics.

Recall effectiveness is the process by which the company undertaking a recall of its products summarizes the recall notification measures taken, the response from supply chain customers and consumers, and incident reports related to the recall.

General guidance for record-keeping requirements can be found online by reading the Guidance on Preparing and Maintaining Documents under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between these Acts or regulations and this document, the Act or regulation will take precedence. The best practices described in this document for the recall process are the same for consumer products that carry a certification mark, but you may also wish to consider the following: Should you require assistance in interpreting your obligations related to the recall of certified products, you may wish to discuss them with your product safety advisor or legal advisor. Report a product incident/recall using the. For example, if I have identified other brands or models of product, or need to include similar product in the recall notice. Key steps in the recall process. An incident includes a recall or other action taken in or elsewhere based on concerns about human health or safety and must be reported. Under section 23 of the FDA, during an inspection certain people meaning, an individual or organization, must provide reasonable assistance to Health Canada CPSP inspectors in their duties, which includes providing information they may reasonably require in a timely manner. Product disposal in such a way that unsafe products do not make their way back into the Canadian marketplace and that is carried out in a manner that is in compliance with applicable federal, provincial and municipal waste disposal requirements. The CPSC's timeframes may vary depending on time needed for sampling, sample assessments, and fix/remedy evaluation. Change model/serial numbers of redesigned product. And protecting that brand name is of great importance since reputation is always on the line. Proactive? Sometimes these actions may be presented to the public by a company in the form of a "safety notice", "repair program" or "upgrade program", but these are all considered to be recalls and will be communicated as consumer recall notices by Health Canada. warnings, instructions or labels that are associated with their product. 6. Any replacement product should meet the appropriate legislative or regulatory requirements and safety standards before they are distributed. This recall notice is outlined in section 5.7.1 – Notify supply chain customers. Specifically, a recall will be a level 1 recall if there is evidence to suggest that a serious event may occur involving the product to be recalled sooner than 10 business days from the day on which the company's decision to recall the product was made. If applicable, provide a description of corrected products such that consumers can readily distinguish these from the recalled products. These timelines are presented as general guidance to communicate recalls; however, the CPSP may choose to deviate from them at its discretion depending on the circumstances of a particular case. Further action may also be taken by the CPSP if recall monitoring shows that supply chain customers were unaware of the recall and/or incident reports received by the CPSP after the recall was published indicate lack of awareness of the product recall. These may include the following: Product correction, such as a repair or fix, which removes the hazard. If the corrective action is to repair the product, verify if the product will need to be re-certified or if the existing certification will need to be amended. During the recall monitoring process, the CPSP may use this notice to check that your supply chain customers were informed of the recall. If you have a contractual agreement about ownership of the certification mark with the Certification Body (CB), report this product safety issue to them and inform them that you are working with Health Canada on a recall of the product. Additionally, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter may be used to broaden the recall message. All A "serious" danger is, in the context of this document, one that could result in death or severe injury; such as, a significant, possibly permanent, injury, physical impairment or incapacity. fast and effective recall gives a company the valuable opportunity to By no means is this limited recall expense coverage intended to pay for defense costs or lost revenue, but rather to “reimburse” for expenses incurred for a recall event. Under section 31 of the CCPSA, the Minister of Health has the authority to order any person who manufactures, imports or sells a consumer product in Canada to recall that product if the Minister believes on reasonable grounds that it poses a danger to human health or safety. 1. In most cases, it could be prudent to initiate a product recall when the following has been confirmed: The CPSP may learn about health or safety issues through: As a result of information received through these sources, the CPSP may contact a company to confirm that the product in question was sold in Canada. Product registration cards - Records of purchasers of products that send back a completed information card with useful product information and consumer contact details. For enquiries, contact us. Your company should once again monitor the effectiveness of the expanded recall. Any person who manufactures, imports, advertises, sells or tests a consumer product for commercial purposes who is not a retailer must prepare and maintain documents indicating from whom they obtained the product or to whom they sold it (or both if applicable). What instructions will be given to your clients/supply chain customers regarding what to do with the recalled product? Level 1 recall - publicize the consumer recall notice as soon as possible and within 2 business days following the decision to recall. Health Canada may use social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, to further promote the recall. This also includes reporting an incident even if it occurred after a product has been recalled. Picture(s) of the product with no text (jpg images should be 600x800 pixels or no wider/higher than 16.5 cm or 6.5 inches). Corrective measures and other affected products.

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