“Maybe the war has already started up there, while we are doing somersaults here,” he shrieked. Response.

Because we were reassured in this way, we failed to formulate and debate in advance of their discovery alternative ways of dealing with the deployment. A “Remember the Maine ” incident could be arranged in several forms: a.

“We’re going to blast them now!”. I asked the NATO field commanders how they were going to use the tactical nuclear weapons under their command. Yet, it was also eloquent, in its depiction of the stark choices before us. It seems to me that the Soviet leaders did not think it through in any detail. 12. Now 85, he is preoccupied with leaving his legacy intact and has more to say. This greatly complicated the situation, just as time appeared to be running out on making a decision before the missile sites became operational. McNamara: No, I don’t. Eisenhower, for his part, insisted throughout his life that he had never passed on a “plan” to invade Cuba, a claim Sherwin likens to Bill Clinton’s, vis-à-vis Monica Lewinsky, that “there’s nothing going on between us.” (“It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is,” Clinton later explained.). Such unprecedented messages, at such a time, meant that we had to find an exit, whatever it may be. The objective of all the measures undertaken by the Soviet Union was the defense of Cuba. You agreed with the withdrawal of strategic missile from Cuba while leaving there all other kinds of armaments. Before Arkhipov set off for Cuba, he had already been involved in a nuclear disaster, as an officer on a vessel designated K-19. Kornienko: Now, how did we think you would respond to the deployment? The world is facing another potential war in Iraq. But the President refused to do so. We were lucky, but not only lucky.

In the nineteen-eighties and nineties, the tapes were gradually declassified and released. McNamara: Why did the Soviet Union deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Cuba? As the President told a friend not long after the crisis ended, “You have no idea how much bad advice I had in those days.”, As it happens, much of this bad advice came from the author of “Thirteen Days.” “Oh, shit! Of course, this was shocking.

But who knows? We were so close to a nuclear catastrophe. What the grenade tossers did not know—what almost no one knew until four decades later—was that one of B-59’s torpedoes was carrying what the Soviets called “special ammunition.” The “special” part was a fifteen-kiloton nuclear warhead. At the same time they see no guarantees that could be given to Cuba for they do not trust the USA. The U.S. should “sink the Maine again or something” to provide cover for invading Cuba. But even now his genuine liberal zeal sits side-by-side with moral blindspots. And then it will be necessary to cut that knot. October marked the 40th anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis, in which the United States and the Soviet Union came chillingly close to nuclear war over the placement of Soviet strategic weapons in Cuba. It was more like a fantasy than a plan. Well, one of the ways is to determine that certain kinds of conflict will be prohibited by law.

How will history judge Robert McNamara?

The first message was long and rambling and appeared to have been written by a man under tremendous stress. Robert S. McNamara, the secretary of defense to President Kennedy, begins the section with commentary on the decisions made in October 1962 and the implications the crisis has for today. We have enough powerful missiles that can be used from our territory. Henry Kissinger may run every time he hears a mention of a Spanish or French judge, but McNamara, is concerned with ensuring that the "terrible mistakes" of his lifetime are not repeated. I still believe that President Kennedy’s actions during decisive moments of the crisis helped to prevent a nuclear war. Pliyev was a very good soldier, a tough soldier, as he proved in the Second World War. Here are some excerpts from that remarkable letter: Everyone needs peace; both capitalists, if they have not lost their reason, and still more, communists. Let us not only relax the forces pulling on the end of the rope; let us take means to untie the knot.

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