She is the daughter of Deanna Campbell and Samuel Campbell. She started to protest, but Sam's facial expressions changed from apprehensive to determined and she knew she wouldn't win this battle. In the Winchesters' final confrontation with Eve, the mother of all monsters, she takes on Mary's appearance to taunt the brothers. Sam reassured her as he held out the keys, "The truck isn't as fast or sleek as the Impala, but it's dependable and well-maintained. She never wanted to hurt him this way. Sam asked, putting his nightmarish thoughts into words. And would it ever come to the point where one of them was forced to take her out, just like he'd killed Samuel. When she typed in "Sam and Dean Winchester", though, she hit jackpot. Dean takes a moment to hug his mother as he did in the memory. "Yeah, " Dean replied gravely. Sam had given her a laptop and a cell phone. She tells Dean the worst thing she can think of is having her children raised to be hunters. She was dead, then in heaven, now on earth. It is revealed that she was killed because she interrupted the demon as he fed his blood to baby Sam. A book series, written by someone named Carver Edlund, with summaries very consistent with what she knew about her children and hunting. A teenager at this time, Mary flirts with a San Francisco hunter, and it is implied that they have had sex, the hunter was spared from going to Vietnam because of an injured foot, with Mary affirming that the angle of the wound makes it impossible for the wound to be self-inflicted; reference is also made to her being friends with a local mechanic, who may or may not be John. Sam had always been, and would always be, the most important being in the universe, his Holy Grail, and anyone who tried to hurt him, however dear, would always come second, even Mary Winchester. Mary Winchester. Castiel verified her words with a visit to Mary's Heaven. Without us around, Cas would have been bye-bye long ago. Sam and Dean are in Heaven searching for a way into the Garden. "I know in the past I've tried to run from hunting, from dad, even from you 'cos, you were all one with a life I never wanted for myself, but there are no shades on my eyes now. I have a feeling he won't take this as well as you are. In the very first episode, viewers meet Mary Winchester in a flashback. "The older man ran down the steps, grabbed his coat and ushered his brother out through the door and into the car.She might not offer the protection of the bunker, but the Impala was warded against most evils; way better than stumbling along a country road in the middle of the night. She has at least one unnamed uncle, who Sam and Dean have never met. Mary has to reveal to John that she was raised a hunter. "I said I'm coming with you and whatever the fuck is going through that big brain of yours, I want in on it. Sam said quickly, holding his hands up in a show of compliance, "Believe me, I understand what you're doing better than anyone. Your review has been posted. He leaned back against the car and breathed in the cool night air, feeling the welcome chill invade his body. "I don't have the answers, all I know is there's no-one who cares for us out there any more The ones who did, Dad, Bobby, Pastor Jim, Caleb, Ellen Jo, they're all dead..", "Hey," Dean growled. All good little brothers should be tucked up in bed, not heading out into the dark. But Sam shrugged off his brother's hold. He says that she fed him tomato and rice soup when he was sick, because that's what her mother did for her, and that she sang him "Hey Jude" as a lullaby. Mary is the wife of John Winchester and the mother of Dean and Sam. Sam lowered his gaze to the floor. By this time Dean had come to stand beside his brother, shoulder brushing Sam's. True to form, Sam began to spill. She wants to leave it behind for a normal life with her boyfriend John Winchester. The fact that Dean hadn't gone nuclear on the British Men of Letters chick was a testament to his humanity. "Good, that's settled then. But to be completely honest, if she stayed one more night in that bunker, she was in danger of taking drastic measures to get a break, and she didn't want to put that sort of burden on her children. We've had to deal with so much heartache, that by this time we should both be in an asylum, just like Martin was.". I...just need some fresh air. Starting to feel more than a bit anxious, she offered him a smile and took the keys, "Thanks, Sam. Sam had always been, and would always be, the most important being in the universe, his Holy Grail, and anyone who tried to hurt him, however dear, would always come second, even Mary Winchester. She had the option to buy them online, but no credit card, so she used the internet to find a bookstore that carried them. ", Sam shrugged. "She was fine just after Amara brought her back, but she's gradually been getting colder and colder towards us, and now she's left her own sons to go with the BMOL. The deal allows him to enter her home in ten years. I don't know how much more I can take.". In February 1979, John and Mary go rafting in the Grand Canyon while on their honeymoon. ", "Look out for your brother, okay?

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