It might even come across as a "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" situation where Kara considers Lena as a potential enemy because her last name is Luthor.

Kara and Lena’s Relationship. The relationship between Kara and Lena has been a highlight of the season and hopefully, there's more in store for those two in the future. It really doesn't make much sense for Lena to react this way. Though Lena opted to keep her newfound knowledge a secret in the Season 4 finale, that seems to have changed by Season 5. Even then, at least in the beginning she kept wanting his approval, always made an effort to please him and he ended up becoming someone who she couldn't trust anymore and ended up hating him. What a psycho! And after everything Kara has done for her she’s just gonna switch up?? Meagan Damore has served as a CBR Editor since January 2015, though she got her start as a staff reviewer in 2013. I also would’ve preferred to have seen that Lena actually did know the whole time and had just been waiting for Kara to tell her. All other arguments have been mentioned. But Kara didn’t lie to Lena...she kept the secret she didn’t lie.

She's a Luthor, so can you ever really trust someone who was raised in that environment? Archived. Getting three successively? Edit: ya have changed my mind and helped me see this topic with a new perspective and thought process. No matter what she does, how much good she does, or how good her intentions are she must feel there is just no way she can win. The ones who will side with her. I’m glad this is happening. If she knew she could trust the DEO maybe season three would be different and she would not have felt the need to cure Sam in her own. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. He graduated from Rowan University and loves Marvel, Nintendo, and going on long hikes and then greatly wishing he was back indoors. I think Lena's hurt reaction makes sense, piggybacking onto all the well-put reasoning in the comments.

Even late season four, Lena ran back in to a place about to explode to saver her best friend Kara. Multiple attempts to change history led to bigger and bigger ramifications on the timeline, up until Lena became a tyrannical villain who took over National City.

You can catch her writing on Agents of SHIELD, the Arrowverse and more right here on CBR. Benoist DID say this season is a fight for Lena’s soul. Lena Luthor has shown herself to be the black sheep of her family, and Melissa Benoist recently opened up about the complicated relationship between Kara and Lena. This indicates that not only does Kara know now, but that the two longtime friends are now at odds with one another. When last … WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from "It's a Super Life," the 100th episode of Supergirl. Parasite, Livewire, Metallo, and Cyborg Superman are usually Superman's baddies, but all of those guys are chump change compared to the Luthors. If every character reacted logically and in a mature way, there'd be no show (and this applies to most of television in general). I think it’ll just take her some time to really remember the many times Kara was there for her and Supergirl saved her. But Lena has to understand some things have to be kept a secret for the fact that it could be dangerous to one’s relationships and hopefully they come to that in this season. The Boys' WORST Supe Had a Gross Season 2 Cameo - But You May Have Missed It, Supergirl Just Dramatically Altered Kara & Lena's Relationship - Again, Supergirl Showrunners Preview Magical, Poignant 100th Episode, Supergirl: Major DEO Shakeup Sees One Character Leave, Another Promoted, Supergirl Season 5 Finally Gives Winn His DC Comics Name, The Boys Finale Confirmed Homelander's TRUE Power - and It's Terrifying, Henchgirl Is Exactly What Superhero Television Needs, Supernatural: Dr. On Supergirl season 2, Lena Luthor was introduced to the show and became close friends with Kara Danvers. Especially after Kara got trapped with Lena in the LCorp during Mercy's raid and miraculously didn't get hurt?

There will always be consequences. Not knowing has put her life and national city more at risk.

Supergirl Season 5 is Finally Delving into the Lena & Kara Relationship.

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