“I’m ready, Dean. ", "Yes." Well, let just say the title of this fic says it all. Dean’s overprotective nature and alpha instincts cause a rift in their friendship when it comes to Castiel being a hunter. Dean gets a big surprise when, after a few weeks, Castiel doesn’t return and Dean runs into him on a hunt! Of course, no halfbreed omegas were invited. He was his mate now, of course he'd want him to have his heats. You don't look ok, you look-", "Yes Sam, I'm sure!" Sam is your brother, Dean…you have to take care of him and protect him…control yourself… But he is in pain. It should have made no sense at all that Dean, Castiel's mate, went into heat every two. And with that, Dean felt the last of his control shatter into a million little pieces. Maybe he should feel a little used. He takes a nipple to his lips, tugging it gently and teases it with his tongue. "You can come closer and scent me if you want to make sure..." Castiel suggested. "Having heats will just get in the way with the hunts." "You sure?" "Dean..." His name came out in such a way, it made the omega tremble deliciously in his lap. Being stuck in a room with Sammy when he was half-ruled by his baser omega instincts, seeking out a touch that he had forbidden Dean from giving him…it was just plain fucking unfair. Now at 35 years, all he could do was watch and allow the walls around his heart to grow taller and stronger. "Says the omega in heat." 5. Don't let your biology consume you. A playful deviancy, because that’s what Alphas are in some circles. Cas sits next to you while Sam … And worse of all, the smell of a panicked omega hung thick in the air, making Dean's nostrils flare and muscles tense as his blood began to heat, his pulse racing. Cat and mouse on more levels than one. Omega Sam Winchester (235) Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics (201) Alpha Dean Winchester (150) Mating Cycles/In Heat (64) Knotting (60) Mpreg (53) Alpha Castiel (Supernatural) (46) Alpha/Omega (40) Omega Sam (32) Alpha Gabriel (28) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. It has Dean's breathing heavily and his chest arching towards him, his brother's name on his lips. They wanted pups. The liplock they've entangled themselves in stays intact until Dean drops the omega on the mattress and unzips his jeans. Cas loves his twins, he does, but since their mom past away, things have been tough. Samuel Winchester's life hasn't been the same since the devil, known as King Lucifer slaughtered his family and took him as his prize. Every part of him craves for the alpha to claim him, bite into his throat and knot him but...this was Sam, he couldn't. He never understood the whole idea of gender confirming jobs. He snaps, causing Sam to just smirk and steal a kiss. That, in addition to Dean repeatedly brushing against his prostate, has Castiel moaning and writhing on the mattress in no time, head pressed back deep into the pillow and fingers clenched in the sheets. Who he's meant to be with. He can only find it in himself to regret his over-sharing for a few moments before Dean lights up like a fucking kid on Christmas morning. He could stay hidden by the canopy of the beautiful oak tree that had grown up against the old stone wall built by his grandfather, the late King Charles. Brady and his new therapist help a bit. Things only get worse when he gets injured on a hunt and Dean demands that he stop hunting altogether. Part of the Supernatural Bingo event on tumblr. "But if you don't want to then we don't have to, I can go get some pills and we can crash for tonight." Please consider turning it on! John Winchester assigns his three sons the task of subduing the creature and sending it back to its realm before anyone else dies. cue him dealing with that, dunno if he tells him or acts differently or what. Destiel One-shots “Shut up,” Dean says, but he presses a soft kiss to his Castiel’s forehead. One sniff of the delicious scent around Mr. Winchester tells him exactly why. He could tell he was tired as well but refused to take a break and let him drive for a while, The Omega was always stubborn like that at times. Hard. Now Sam and Dean are outcasts in their own hometown because of their pasts. The Alpha in him whines at the thought of rejection, wanting nothing more then to mark and to pop his knot in the needy other. It doesn't take long for them to find a decent pace, their movements meeting with a smack of their skin. One night, a hotel room, and a Lord of the Rings drinking game are about to change everything. He groaned in discomfort as he worked out the stiffness in his neck, courtesy of sleeping against the door. When he comes back down to earth he sees Dean smiling at him with those perfect, kiss-swollen lips. But his little brother had made it clear, all those years ago, how he felt about Dean mating him, and Dean cared too much about the kid to offer when he was clearly in such distress. Fuck, Dean knew that pose. He gripped the wall so hard his nails started to chip the paint. Lips linger along Dean's chapped ones, a flickering tongue wetting them before sucking on the bottom lip and pulls the hazy Omega in a suffocating kiss. Then, one day, Dean bumps into a tall, dark and handsome guy on his day off. “Another finger, please.”. I thought I grabbed them from the bathroom but now I can't find them anywhere." When Sam presented as an Omega, John was angry and disowned both brothers. ", "You're my little brother!" Your legs begin to shake as you sit at the library table. But it came at a price, their freedoms. But Dean is different, gentle. "The fuck happened, Sammy?" It made perfect sense. "Sammy…" Dean swallowed hard, feeling the last of his control beginning to slip. Normally Cas doesn't like endearments, finds names like 'sweetheart' and 'baby' condescending at best, especially coming from an alpha to an omega, but from Dean it brings him a sense of just being wanted, cared for. He sees his fingers tighten on the wheel at his name being called, knuckles turning white. Poor Sammy. He cups his jaws and runs his thumb over Dean's cheek, Dean pulls away from his hands. dean, hunters, castiel. Castiel can feel Dean’s knot swelling and catching on his rim. "Sam. "Sam..." It comes out in a needy moan, it makes him feel guilty and his stomach curls on itself. Dean, Sam, and Adam have no idea that their actions could spark a civil war in the Fae realm, one that might spill over onto Earth and trigger an apocalypse that will destroy all of humanity. Are you sure?" Castiel glares at him angrily. Especially about the one with the sunglasses. Those blue eyes will haunt him forever. “Can’t say no to that, can I?” He pulls his fingers out and leans away from Castiel’s neck. “I’ve never been fucked before,” Castiel blurts out, before he can stop himself. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "You're my little brother! This is not a nice Story. "Dad would kill me, I'm suppose to look out for you, not this!" Or do they...? Here on his perch, he could pretend he wasn’t an omega prince, son of King Michael. Hoped he could get away quick enough if Sam said no; his control was slipping fast. Sam slumps in the passenger side seat, tired and unable to sleep due to his brother having the stereo blaring. Dean could get Sam through his heat, sure. The sweet smell catches his attention again, he quietly sniffs the air but couldn't place the scent. When omega Castiel was bought from the horrors of the breeding house he thought he was just headed somewhere worse. Dean woke hours later when Sam began to stir. Easy enough for Gabe to pick up on, but then that’s exactly why he’s been needling him. He wants to tell Dean, he wants to scream it to the whole fucking camp but he knows that would scare him away. "Does that hurt?" His face was flushed pink, even his ears and the face he was making was hot, making him hard. Can Cas and Gabe show Dean and Sam that despite everyone’s conclusions they can love them? His lips move from Castiel’s mouth to his jaw, pressing hot kisses against his stubbled skin, then get to his neck and suck. After Omega Dean makes a mistake while serving guests at Sam's party, Sam delivers Dean a punishment he won't forget. Still, the finger only circles the rim lightly. It only takes one, tiny little fight to throw an Omega-shaped cog in the works. And the country as a whole tries to survive a blood-thirsty, uneasy tyrant who has a penchant for murdering people who make him nervous. "I don't know what I want," Dean scoots closer to his brother, he felt so confused about all these new urges and feeling towards Sam. "We'll take as long as you need, just relax." I'll try to show original or reference images if I have the time. Lust, warm and thick, washed over Dean and filled his lungs, the earthy scent of slick redoubling. He gritted his teeth. He would probably spend the rest of his days as whatever a male Omega spinster would be called. It was important for Sam to realize this. Just random drabbles of wincest I am writing during the stay at home order.Check notes for each chapter for warnings. One of the leaders of the conquered nation as his sex slave. "Goddamnit, Sam!". Endverse; omega!Cas/alpha!Dean. It's a rough life, the way of the gun and toughest-alpha-wins rules, but that works for Dean. Castiel wraps his legs around Dean’s waist as he’s picked up and carried to the bed. When Castiel is about to nest, his omega boyfriend Sam comes in and asks what he’s doing. M-mate?" “It’s not like I’ll be able to order you a stripper again any time soon. Mix in Ketch, Watts, the Head office, and brainwashing and poor Sammy is headed for a life that he has no control over. The omega curled in on himself, bringing his knees to his chest and breathing heavily. Dean just turns 5 and he is very excited to visit Hawaii, but on their way to Hawaii with the cruise ship, something unacceptable happens. "No..." Not with the volume up that loud, he shifts to where he's sitting up, rubbing his eyes. When Dean gets like this, there’s only one thing that helps. "You're so fucking hot," Sam says, his lips trailing cross Dean's chest. Pissed at the alpha, Castiel decides that it would do the two of them some good if he left the bunker for a while. John had left, commanding Dean to protect Sammy, and Dean had spent the next maddening week locked in that room as his brother alternated between screaming from the pain of his unfulfilled heat and screaming at Dean to just stay away from him. He loves his brother, no doubt against that. “Claim me. "Dad would kill me, I'm suppose to look out for you, not this!" The omega raised his head, meeting Dean's eyes with his own pain and fear-filled ones. When he goes missing, his Omega brother Sam goes to search for him only to find himself face to face with a golden eyed Alpha. "Sammy, if you really want me to I will; but it's not just gonna be this once. Dean is not jealous, no, nope, not at all, not even a little bit. Would Dean find it in his heart to forgive Castiel? He waits a few moments just rotating it before easing a second then a third, his brother bites back a whimper. He loved them both. Castiel groans as he feels Dean’s arousal pressed against his own. Sometimes, he just doesn’t know how to ask, but Sam always figures it out anyway. Sam kisses down his brother's neck, since when did he want to claim Dean? That much he knows. Sam yanks his brother's shirt off of him in a swift motion, hearing him suck air through his teeth as the cold air hit his hot chest. After they got kicked out of their old pack, Castiel and his brothers find shelter with the Winchesters. Romance, shameless smut, drama, hurt & comfort, and some angst. Sam grabs his hips and slowly begins to push himself up into the tight ring of muscles, it was instantly so hot.

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