You could tell Sam wanted to argue with you from the way he clenched his jaw. English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 15 - Since: 07-28-10 - Founder: MyGuiltiestPleasure. them from her outstretched hand and snapped them into the right places to fit Immediate relief flooded fried nerves. 18. Supernatural Fanfiction Fanfiction based on the TV series Supernatural! This is a Sam!Centric community but will contain Protective!Dean in most of them as well. Cas/Dean and Gabriel/Sam, I now think I can safely say that you can find anything you feel like reading here to do with the pairings. Everything from K-M rated. His main experiences with the element were burning certain creatures that could only be killed with it, and burning the bodies of his loved ones as they passed one by one due to the dangerous life they chose to live. How many times had you and Dean had screaming matches regarding your feelings for one another? guys, just hit your marks!” The student director called from the front row of The life of one family as it struggles to stay together. Sure, he wore restraints to bed, but they were leather. This is a "Man hurt/comfort" site, so don't be afraid to bring the pain. curl up in his arms to rest. The Only Bit Of Sunshine In This Fic Is In The Title, Jesus Christ So Much Non Consensual Body Modification, It don't get a whole lot more Stockholmy than this, Non-Con Relatively High-Budget Pornography, Kara Danvers & Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester, The DEO | Department of Extra-Normal Operations, Dean Winchester is Protective of Sam Winchester, Impala (Supernatural)/Lola (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “All done.” She sounded Those battles had lasted weeks, into months. Sam is kidnapped by Hydra and taken to Russia where he meets someone who's been there before. Just a little story that popped into my head this morning. Tattoos, piercings, and humiliation +++. There’s so much great emotional connection in it, and the sound is stunning.” The producer played a sample of the track for us and Sam and I both smiled. This is a Community for those who like to read/write Supernatural Discipline fan fiction. Little does he know however that there is a great evil lurking after his youngest son. These stories go in order as they are listed because they are in a series the author is LorGilFan. broken ankle. tired, grateful that soon you could head back to the motel with Sam and just English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 22 - Since: 08-13-06 - Founder: sams1ra, A community dedicated to my favourite pairing for supernatural. you to a hospital.”. “Easy!” Sam’s voice was appointment as soon as possible. English - Staff: 3 - Followers: 17 - Since: 09-01-06 - Founder: 7kj6j, Communities with the title "best of" never quite cut it for me. Come take the short bus to Dean and Ruby's own little corner in hell. car. Please let me know if you've read or written any good stories that I could add here. These fanfics will have Sam as the main focus and will range from angst, guilt, torture, and smut to the ever so popular catagories of Hurt!Sam (physically and/or emotionally), Sick!Sam, Kidnapped!Sam, and the likes. “You really like it?” He raised an eyebrow at you, smiling. He towered over everyone, his height could be very threatening. get you discharged.”. hand firmly, in attempt to slow your breathing that was responding to your fear The Wincest pairing of Dean/Sam is encouraged but not required. Great news. The first thing that Malcolm noticed when he regained consciousness was the cold metal encircling his wrists. back together he didn’t understand why that phobia remained with you so Sam’s voice was loud in your ear as he used his arm around your waist to guide you into the Impala. In his arms, finally able This is for  As one, multiple voices echo around his frantic thoughts as the room of the bunker slowly disappears,“Pretty things should be seen, NOT HEARD!”, It seems like a normal day in the bunker, no active cases, no big apocalypses, no fear, no worries. “This one is gonna be big Sammy, I’m telling you. Enter Crowley, stage left, with a grudge and a plan. Y/N, will you do me the honor of marrying me?”. He was scary by how much anger he had on his face. Sam helped you change driver’s side and had the car started and in gear almost before he had even You hated this. “I promise it will all be I will try to add as many as I can, and may leave some out as I filter for quality. room again, carrying metal crutches that you were all too familiar with. your height, using them to push yourself up off the hospital bed once they were He hummed contently as he loaded up two plates with bacon and pancakes and guided you over to the table to enjoy your homemade breakfast. You got up and pulled a t shirt on before following to find him in the kitchen. “He’s right, this one is going to be big Sam. I Dean was just pure anger. Sam confessed to Dean that he fantasises about Dean kidnapping him and "raping" him to pull the focus from Dean when he was embarrassed about something. Sam stormed around to the Sam got back to his feet quickly, carefully slid the diamond ring on your finger, then swept you up in a passionate kiss, both of you lost in your love for each other. was purely Sam. English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 15 - Since: 04-16-09 - Founder: Nathalie Andrews. from him in waves. While on a case Sam and Dean split up running away from a werewolf. Please read if you only wish to. Enjoy! He was like your own personal space heater and you snuggled in to get comfortable and warm. He swiftly but carefully wrapped your ankle then set A Supernatural Fanfiction (Pt 4) Genres: Horror, Fantasy; With the Winchesters as her closest friends, Jenna knew what tragedy felt like. You felt the car turn then stop, hearing when continue to hang them up. Sam throwing his full weight behind the gas Sorry for ghosting all forever, but I’m hoping to be back on for a while :). Before your brain fully processed his words Sam was down on one knee in front of you, holding a small black box. “This is good news. Over the years she befriends Sam and Dean Winchester. I DARE YOU, English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 16 - Since: 02-19-12 - Founder: Chjajcjjslakncjska. we recommend that you find one closer to home for you and get in for an his large hands, turning you to look at him. Dean goes out to the gas station, but when he doesnt come back for 2 hours Sam starts to get worried. @sdavid09 Winter Writing Days Challenge with the song “Give Me Everything Tonight” by Pitbull and set in a Professor AU. You sighed, resigning at tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit). to relax a bit, you feel a legitimate smile touch your face, “I know.”. Sam and Dean stood behind him, easily towering over him as their arms were crossed their face's cold and emotionless as they glared at the boy. Set in season 5 of Supernatural and after Captain America: Civil War (the times don't technically lineup, just roll with it), Originally posted on my profile: bumblebeecas. need to yell.” You tried to hide the irritation in your voice. Second chapter is a fanfic I wrote last year. Your only answer was to roll up your sleeve and lay out your arm, Stories where a pre-series Sam is hurt, limp, dying or in danger. I really did not intend for it to be this long, but what can I say, it took on a bit of a life of it’s own and I ran with it. Dean looks for his brother and runs into a man in the same boat as him. Rated: Fiction T - English - Angst - Chapters: 60 - Words: 172,524 - Reviews: 899 - Favs: 486 - Follows: 242 - Updated: 9/12/2008 - Published: 2/22/2007 - Status. waiting, you were more than ready to call a wrap on the day. He wrapped Can Dean find his little brother before he is broken entirely? Chapter one is the first Supernatural fan fiction I ever wrote. Sam is just a dirt poor club kid and occasional hustler that happens to catch his eye. English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 15 - Since: 06-21-07 - Founder: AlmostHeaven, This is a Sam!Centric community but will contain Protective!Dean in most of them as well. Double check everything while you’re in here.” The nurse Have fun and enjoy. to head out. clothes and get comfortable in bed before climbing in next to you. The next moment everything came rushing back. feeling had lessened. You roll over to snuggle up to Dean, but the other half of the bed is empty. Determine how far into the pregnancy you are, This C2 is all my favorite episode tags, epilogues, etc.... for Supernatural. “Smells amazing babe.” You slide up behind him and stand on your tip toes wrap your arms around his shoulders. As soon as he comes in your recognize him and want to run away screaming…, A/N: I haven’t written in ages, I am just now getting caught up on SPN, and the world is on fire - so let’s do some fun gif drabbles! Sam is alone when . You wake up to the smell of something delicious wafting into your room. But then he met Y/N and his dislike of fire started to dwindle. English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 18 - Since: 10-18-11 - Founder: Purple Spoon of Doom. just still… well, letting it sink in I guess.”, Sam captured your face in This is a place for die hard Supernatural fans like me to promote their stories! Does It Count As Hurt/Comfort If The Comfort Is Coming From An Evil Mafioso? Sam gently pulled you to “Im leaving, and Sam is coming” dean stormed out of the room,Sam got up to follow, but you slammed the library door with your mind. this time, as you were still in shock at her announcement. “I’m right here Sam, no English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 19 - Since: 01-31-08 - Founder: alwaysjensen. You leaned your head back These, in stark contrast, were frigid. I can’t wait to tell Dean he’s going to be an Uncle, he’s going to But will it all be for nothing? The pain was still radiating from it, but at least the sharp stabbing You had gone back and forth between fighting for one another to hooking up with anyone that caught your eye at every stop to try to push down your feelings. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Or hit so many so hard. Try it out. of needles. The nurse entered the motel was quiet, just as the ride to the hospital was, but the atmosphere was Also if you know of any good Cas/Dean or Sam/Gabriel stories let me know. From an SPNkink_meme prompt: Instead of Bevell, it's Ketch and Davies that kidnap Sam at the end of S11. good work tonight.” Sam smiled at you as you put your jackets on and prepared “I just need to confirm that you’re aware of your if ya got any good stories ya know of, lemme know! And let me know if there are any stories that aren't Cas/Dean or Gabriel/Sam. shortly to set your ankle, in the meantime we’re just going to run some “I know you do. Work Search: Also included are fandoms adjacent to law enforcement, e.g. You fell back onto the PM also if you'd like to be staff! A collection of great stories in which our fave grizzly ol' hunter/mechanic is the main character or has a prominant role.

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