From handmade customized frames, to luxurious materials such as buffalo horn and salmon skin, TD Tom Davies eyewear are for clients that know how important is to look and feel good and that there is no compromise when it comes to something so pivotal on one’s appearance. In 2002, a Financial Times journalist passed by Davies' desk in their shared office and noticed one of his drawings. I know for a fact some very high end branded frames are made a stone’s throw from Tom’s factory. Tom Davies – Masterful Frame Customisation Tom Davies began designing glasses in 1997. "I'm 43 years old and have been living in near perpetual jet lag for about a decade – frankly, I'm fed up with it," jokes the entrepreneur, who offers a final tip to small business owners: be brave when it comes to pricing. With us you can buy on line but you also have the added benefit of knowing that we are a full service opticians so you can always come to see us for an eye exam, a contact lens check or just to try on the frames we have on display. Is the bridge fit not quite right? A decision to follow all of his friends to Asia for a year of work and study would eventually lead him to the door of a local watchmaker in Hong Kong. I’m so glad I got the treatment! Tom Davies frames are handcrafted using the finest materials, from high-quality premium acetate to natural horn and titanium. "Whenever we've put prices up, people keep buying, and you always think: why didn't I do this last year?". Please allow additional time if you plan to choose new glasses.

Definitely pick your own plates. We also assess the surface of the eye in detail to determine whether you are suitable for safe contact lens wear. No products were found matching your selection. It’s the total package that makes a huge difference. "Too many people are too frightened to price their products right. Default Good day, Independently Owned Luxury Optical in St Louis MO. I’m afraid you obviously haven’t spoken to many British companies.

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Video question: How can I dress up without a suit? By 2008, Tom opened his own workshop and started offering full custom service through his global network of exclusive opticians, both ready-to-wear and custom made-to-order frames. For the price of super expensive plastic frames ($900 USD) I ended up with mediocre horn frames. I know they are not bespoke service, but a fairly large number of model you can choose and different colours of titanium leg you can choose make them a top quality product as well. In 2002, Tom began offering a Bespoke service to private clients. When you book online there will be five appointment options to choose from.

For existing patients that have not booked online before you will need your Patient Identifier (Patient ID). That's ludicrous, he says, adding that shoppers unnecessarily accept a level of compromise when it comes to specs: "A person may find a pair that looks good, but it marks their nose or it falls down their face, or they get the right shape, but not the right colour.". For £1000 I’d expect someone (a local craftsman) to be making these glasses for me after offering a supposed bespoke experience. All the Tom Davies frames are hand-made and personalised to your exact measurements and personal tastes. The Price for them : 500,–€. The quality is amazing, the detail is very good too, but most importantly they a very cool and suit me very well. It depends on a number of things - some people just wear hotter than others. The unexpected inspiration of Ralph Lauren womenswear. Add any comments that may be important to know before the appointment, Check the details of the appointment are as desired, click ‘Back’ to make any changes or ‘Confirm’ to complete your booking, Enter your Patient ID and date of birth (DOB), Enter the Captcha code and click Continue. university, he worked at an eyewear factory in Hong Kong before returning to the UK in 2000. "Glasses define you," says Davies, who points to how often people spend looking at each other's faces. By clicking "Accept" you agree to our use of cookies. Partially, that was because it took a while to have them made. The appointment will last up to 30 minutes (more time will be needed if you wish to choose new glasses). Firstly I think one should care about jobs in one’s own vicinity. If you require an appointment that is not on this list please contact us by phone and we will be happy to help. Passionate about innovation, London optical designer Tom Davies is continually experimenting with new materials and adding new finishes to his collections to maintain his position at the forefront of eyewear design. Continuing without accepting cookies will limit the functionality of the site. Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to one of our team then do not hesitate to contact us on 020 7377 2020 (or 0776 892 2020) or pop in for a chat.

By 2008, Tom opened his own workshop and started offering full custom service through his global network of exclusive opticians, both ready-to-wear and custom made-to-order frames. I was surprised as well. “When it comes to eyewear, why compromise? However price really isn’t the only reason to have a workforce in China, their work ethic is phenomenal and quality can be exceptional provided they are trained well, and I believe Tom has done this. In 1996, British spectacle designer Tom Davies began working producing products for international brands in Hong Kong. In 2014, Warner Bros approached the entrepreneur and his eyewear design firm with an interesting brief: to create a set of specs to fit Henry Cavill, the actor who played the comic book hero in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Plus, they are all hand made in Denmark as well. After graduating from Good points Roger, personally I just don’t care about British jobs as much as quality craftsmanship. Good luck with your own hunt for the perfect frames! "It's not cheap in Shenzhen any more," says Davies, who claims that his average salary in China is about 70pc of that in London (it used to be 10pc). If it can be done better in China, then that’s better for the future of the industry. He went freelance, designing everything from popcorn machines to MP3 players, but he always had a passion for eyewear and would spend his lunch breaks sketching ideas for new frames. No matter how dedicated a founder is, corporate finance isn't something that can be learnt in a hurry, explains Davies, whose financial outsourcing enabled him to avoid any early mistakes and missed opportunities. These cookies help us understand how customers arrive at and use our site and help us make improvements. TD Tom Davies solves that problem through a bespoke service. Just picked up my pair of Bespoke Buffalo Horn’s from Tom, and they are incredible! It required him to train partner opticians to take a few extra measurements, while a supplier in Japan would manufacture his designs.

tax. You can also subscribe without commenting. Since then, I have had only repairs and costs with it. They are afraid of exotic materials. Each handmade piece is crafted with your comfort in mind. Jennifer Horat, Thanks Jennifer. We did the superimposing frame to my image steps. One was economics.

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Sorry Simon, I cannot agree on that. Oil every 4 months for several hours. ", It was a smart decision, he thinks: "It ensured that anything that we presented to the bank, and all the basics – from payroll and forecasts to credit control and chasing invoices – was watertight.". But as with Meyrowitz he can create new frames, usually based on an existing style that is adjusted for the wearer’s dimensions.

I get a little discount on a second pair where I’ve been assured it wont happen again.

I left it to the consultant. I also have whiter, brighter eyes than I’ve had in years.

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I trusted that my eyes would feel better, but I had no idea how much better. From the very beginning of his career he identified a need to offer customers properly fitted frames that were exceptionally comfortable, elegant and made with meticulous craftsmanship.

what a person is trying to project," he says, explaining that subtle changes in frame shape, thickness and colour can make people appear more authoritative or less intimidating (or in Kent's case, more inconspicuous).

A £100,000 bank loan enabled Davies to design a launch line of frames, which could be customised at a basic level. It’s all about style, and the suiting of shapes to faces. Prices range from £300 to £10,000 (the most expensive item is an 18-carat gold pair of sunglasses with gold-plated lenses). The temple is not 100% flush to the frame, and the lens isn’t seating in a small curved area. In 2008, the firm launched its second collection – this time with enough money in the bank to open a workshop in Shenzhen, China. "There were several things at play," he explains.

Pricey, yes, but I've never felt so comfortable in glasses. you can get any design you want and was is possible. The fee for this appointment is £55, there is no charge if you are a member or you join our ‘Eye Plan Contacts’ membership scheme. I had ordered non-Tom Davies horn glasses recently. This is included with any appointment reminders you may have received. Read our community guidelines in full, 'Designing Superman's glasses was a fascinating commission,' says eyewear entrepreneur Tom Davies, Join the community | Share your small business story, Five competitor analysis tools every marketer needs in 2020, Black Friday trends and insights for retailers and marketers in 2019, How this ex-marine turned finding the right job into a new career, Joss Search founder: 'Technology is great, but you have to look someone in the eyes', Keep staff happy and engaged to ensure they commit to your business, How to start and grow a successful florist business, 'It's a snowball effect once your first business customer is on board', 'Being so close is great, but it's difficult to carve out family time', How flexible working can help and hinder a small business, Monster mystery keeps family-run tour firm cruising along at Loch Ness, Commit to causes and post entertaining content to engage Generation Z, Optimism takes first place with small firms now accentuating the positive, 'Hiring your first employee is a big step; it's when you feel like a real company', How stressed and overworked small business owners can tackle burnout, The pros and cons of starting a business with a co-founder. I trust her with my eyes. Do the glasses slip down their nose? The second motive was marketing; the "made in England" badge has got a lot of international appeal – especially in the US, explains Davies, who registers about £3m in annual turnover Stateside. Recourse is nill.. I still like the horn look but this pair kinda stinks. Chinese manufacturing, including tailoring, pays much more than traditional jobs by contrast. Sorry it took so long to report on. All Rights Reserved. In November 2017, Davies moved his manufacturing operation from Shenzhen to a factory in Brentford, west London. Every time I come in, she gives me a thorough exam and asks me if I have any questions. I appreciate Tom’s candidness rather than the big conglomerates who just treat customers like idiots.

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