Attorneys are required to e-file in this county; others are encouraged to e-file. In most Alabama counties, the circuit courts hear both civil and criminal cases. The US Constitution’s Sixth Amendment ensures the right to an attorney regardless of whether or not you can afford one. Copyright © 2020 State of Indiana - All rights reserved. The circuit court shall have other powers as provided by law. Criminal proceedings take place in the DeKalb County Criminal Courts. CONTEMPTS. In most Alabama counties, the circuit courts hear both civil and criminal cases. If the jury cannot reach a unaminous decision, the jury is said to be deadlocked and a mistrial will be declared in the case. At this time, the defendant can plead guilty, not guilty or no contest. Local rules-Appendices (Currently in effect). DeKalb Circuit Court Clerk Office closed until November 4 due to COVID-19 (WJLE) DeKalb County Circuit Court Clerk Susan Martin has announced that she and some members of her staff have tested positive for COVID-19 and for that reason the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office is … In DeKalb County the defendant is brought into court and informed by the judge of the charges that have been filed against them along with informing them of their rights. Required fields are marked *. The circuit court shall have exclusive original jurisdiction of all civil actions in which the matter in controversy exceeds ten thousand dollars ($10,000), exclusive of interest and costs, and shall exercise original jurisdiction concurrent with the district court in all civil actions in which the matter in controversy exceeds three thousand dollars ($3,000), exclusive of interest and costs. The clerk can only provide information and is not an attorney so they cannot provide legal advice, only a licensed attorney can provide legal advice about what the best options for are for your particular case. In a criminal case in the United States, the burden of proof always requires the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty. The circuit courts are where jury trials take place. DeKalb County Record Availability Crime statistics, police reports, court records, and vital records for DeKalb County are both available online and physically. The defendant can also waive their right to a speedy and public trial. In practice, more than 90% of criminal cases end with a plea agreement. This is often a public defender. In addition, the court clerk for DeKalb County will also be able to provide general information about a specific criminal case. The power of the circuit court to enforce its orders and judgements by determinations of civil contempt shall be unaffected by this section. The appellate court can either uphold the conviction, or determine that errors were made and may request a retrial, a resentencing of the defendant or that the charges be dismissed. In a jury trial, the judge will inform the jury what this burden is and their obligation to find the defendant not guilty if they feel the prosecution did prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a high threshold that must be met by the prosecution when presenting evidence in a case. Civil Process Search Court Records Search traffic, criminal and civil court records. ALL SERVICES PERFORMED BY THE DEKALB COUNTY PROBATE COURT WILL CONTINUE TO BE HANDLED BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. This is applicable for when the crime can carry a sentence of 6 months in jail OR a $500 fine, these are known as “Serious Crimes”. In Jefferson County there is a civil division and a criminal division. In the event of a “Failure to Appear” the judge may issue a warrant for the arrest of the defendant. The circuit court shall have exclusive original jurisdiction of all felony prosecutions and of misdemeanor or ordinance violations which are lesser included offenses within a felony charge or which arise from the same incident as a felony charge; except, that the district court shall have concurrent jurisdiction with the circuit court to receive pleas of guilty in felony cases not punishable by sentence of death.

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