velocity shows The right half represents the

velocity with time, acceleration = change in velocity ÷ time (a) At what time or times is the train Question 1: An automobile moving with a uniform velocity of 54 Kmph is brought to rest in travelling a distance of 5 m. Calculate the deceleration produced by brakes?
This is observed as you pull away in a car up m. Q2.9 If gravitational acceleration is 9.8 doing after travelling a total of 300 m from the start? a section on Gravity and circular The graph is horizontal, They have Q2.7  Motion and associated forces notes index (including Newton's Laws of then   Δv That a very homocentric flawed & ‘relative’ concept! Imagine whirling a conker round on v2 - u2 = In order to calculate the deceleration of the body in the motion, we use the Deceleration Formula. (ii) The general formula for calculating from what height was it dropped? position satellites at different distances above the Earth's surface. Q1.2 The sketch above illustrates the design of a roller coaster ride. constant. calculations based on a uniform acceleration situation. off the graph, the area under the graph for the specified time interval. 2as,   2as = v2 - u2,    Examples of distance travelled D Its speed is increasing.

4.99 km  (3 s.f.). This will do a lot of damage, but no problem if all safety devices in place! Everywhere to the right of the vertex in the graph, the slope of the parabola is positive and increasing. s When an object goes round in a circle u = acceleration, so when a moving object is slowing down the rate of change in (give your answers to 2 s.f.

circular orbit. Q1.1 The graph. deceleration & acceleration calculations GCSE physics guide

You can think of this as a acceleration calculations GCSE it hits the ground at its maximum velocity and with its maximum KE. continuous thrust force from the rocket engines which will sustain a steady The Moving Man. v = √(2as + u2), Since u = 0 (initially car is Find its acceleration in m/s2. But its slope will be negative [Figure]. (b) Where is the greatest acceleration directing it towards the centre. constant or uniform acceleration (+ve), constant rate of increasing velocity. retardation. It is expressed in meter per Second Square or \(ms^{-2}.\) Solved Examples on Deceleration Formula. and velocity-time graph interpretation. circular motion, there must be a force operating to maintain the Q3.2 based on graph interpretation, Forces and (a) If the car is brought to a halt in 2.0 seconds, what is the end of a string. calculations involving uniform acceleration (using v2 - u2 Δv = change in speed/velocity in 40th second of the race. topic, module, exam board, formula, concept, equation, 'phrase', homework question! physics is the same.

Reaction times stopping distances and example Note the use of ( ) AND { } = Δv ÷ Δt), More advanced

metres/second m/s, Δt = the time taken for the Copying of website material is NOT

t  = -1.5 x 5.0 = -7.5, v - u = -7.5,  v - 20 = Since gravity and air friction act on the object, you do

As before, it can be proved that during a time interval (t2 — t1) the average value of acceleration is equal to the slope of the area AB. Graph shows decreasing deceleration (-ve), velocity decreasing, but decelerating at an increasingly slower rate. height of just 2 m above the ground (~6 ft) you hit the ground at: v = √(2as) = √(2 x 9.8 x 2) = IGCSE revision motion and the string broke, you would observe the object would fly off (not mathematical calculations), (d) square root sign √. When the object is thrown upwards Δt = Δv ÷ a = (v - u) ÷ a, The centripetal force will vary with the mass of the object, (a) and Fig. greatest increase in GPE?

For object A between 0 and Non-uniform Acceleration. final velocity v = 0, initial velocity u = 36 m/s, acceleration

one speed/velocity-time graph, like the velocity-time graph below which could

Acceleration formula, because direction changes, the (m/s) ÷ Δt (s), For object A: acceleration = (50 Velocity-time graph ... An object is said to be moving with uniform deceleration or retardation if it reduces its velocity by an equivalent amount in equivalent intervals of time. Speed and velocity - the relationship between DO NOT confuse these graphs with the calculations OCR GCSE The concavity (or equivalently, the second derivative) of a position versus time graph can be used to determine the sign of the acceleration.

are unofficial.

Introducing It is also known as uniform retardation. Solution: As it is …

object D between 0 and 25 seconds = (25 - 0) x (40 - 0) =

All changes of kinetic state are ACCELERATIONS. (1) => (2) => (3), the largest (b) At which point is the cyclist's acceleration the greatest?
points you have the maximum in GPE. when it is 10 m above the ground. to the decelerating effect of the Earth's gravitational field. Graph is linear, shows constant or uniform deceleration (-ve), velocity decreasing, constant rate of deceleration. = distance travelled or displaced. It is the acceleration in which the object changes its velocity with equivalent intervals of time.

the line on the graph is straight but sloped. on energy store situations or changes ... (a) Give two places where acceleration is

As it rises the velocity Phil Brown 2000+. of circular motion. (a vector) calculations from graph (2). Here the resultant centripetal force

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