Don't know where the hell you got that from but it's a name very similar to the sound the kiwi makes. elves' bones, a corruption of the earlier Helfantbein - elephants' bones. Trinidad and Tobago. Lesotho.

The most common ending of Russian demonyms is "-ets". A “demonym” is the name for the people from a certain place. Residents are called Sao Tomean, regardless of which island they’re from.

Europe: 50 (+6) countries, 230 languages, 743M people… 1 subreddit. Maybe do your research before you post because honestly, people from New Zealand tend to be called New Zealanders more often then Kiwis.

The ending -men has feminine equivalent -women (e.g.

Here are my faves:, An Ill-Advised Trip Down a Pixelated River. The most well known one is, of course, Liverpudlian (a resident of Liverpool, England) and a Leodensian is from Leeds.

It’s slightly confusing that people from both the state of New York and New York City are both called New Yorkers. Latin name + ien or ain.Others exemples : In Spanish we have city + -a, -aco, -aíno, -án, -ano, -ar, -ario, -asco, -eco, -ego, -enco, -eno, -ense, -eño, -eo, -ero, -és, -esco, -í, -iego, -ino, -isco, -ita, -o, -ol, -ota, -uco and -uz as endings.

Geography Quiz / Unusual Demonyms Random Geography or World Quiz Can you name the countries whose demonyms (adjectival forms) do not end in -an, -se or -sh? Écija (Sevilla) - Astigitanos - From the roman village Astigi, Andújar (Jaén) - Iliturgitanos - Iliturgi, Almuñécar (Granada) - sexitanos - From phoenician Sks, greek Héxi and roman Sexi, Cabra (Córdoba) - egabrenses - Roman city Egabro, Huelva - Onubense - From Onuba Aestuaria or Ὄνοβα. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Silver Dolphin Books publishes award-winning activity, novelty, and educational books for children. According to the news, it's always "Myanmar, formerly Burma." Demonyms like "Indianan" or "Indianian" are attributed to the state by federal publications and dictionaries, but are confusing at best and not used in practice. : "the Hoosier Lottery"). An Ivorian is most commonly called ивоарец (ivoarec). Manchester and Oxford. (Since "Indiana" literally means "land of the Indians", the historical mistake initiated by Columbus becomes inherently absurd and clunky: "of the people of the land of the Indians," or perhaps "of the land of the land of the Indians", or even "of the land of the land of the land of the people of India") A search of the state's official website at on June 16, 2010 found 13 instances of the word Indianian and 47 of the word Indianan, compared to more than 20,000 of the word Hoosier.

"Saskatoodle"? Scroll down for a complete list of demonyms from around the world! Constantinople/Istanbul was historicaly and sometimes still called Tsarigrad (king's city). Bhutanese: Guldem Ustun via Flickr, Copyright © 2020 Wanderlust and Lipstick .::.

(Hence the name Harold Bluetooth), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Barbados → Bajan A colloquial term a shortened form of, Botswana → Batswana (plural), Motswana (singular), Fontainebleau → Bellifontain (from French), Karnataka → Kannadiga (from the local demonym), Lesotho → Basotho (from Sesotho), Mosotho (singular), Mumbai → Mumbaikar (either gender), Mumbaikars, Netherlands → Dutch (from Middle Dutch: Duuts, High German: Deutsch, or Proto-Germanic: *þeudiskaz (all three meaning "national/popular")), Parma → Parmesan in English, Parmigiano in Italian, Pram'zan in emilian, while Parmense is for people born in the province of Parma, (emilian language: Arijoz), The Hague → Hagenees (people born in the inner city), Hagenaar (people born elsewhere), Antioquia, Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío → Paisa, Buenos Aires → Porteño (city), Bonaerense (province), Canada → Canadien (male), Canadienne (female), when referring to someone of French-Canadian heritage, Quebec → Quebecker or Quebecer, English alternatives to Québécois (which may carry language and political implications), Connecticut → Connecticuter (uncommon), Nutmegger (common), Michigan → Michigander or Michiganian (coming from the Upper Peninsula → Yooper), Newfoundland and Labrador → Newfoundlander, Labradorian, Newfie (also Newf or sometimes Newfy), Oklahoma → Okie (derogatory), Oklahoman (formally), Rio de Janeiro → Fluminense (State), Carioca (City), São Paulo → Paulista (State), Paulistano (City), Texas → Texan (see also Texian and Tejano), Wisconsin → Sconnie (see also Cheesehead).

A person who is a native or resident of Indiana is a Hoosier, an irregular demonym whose origin is obscure.

The meaning as bone is the original archaic one that's only used in poetic language today. However, some cities and towns are less regular, starting with Moscow, of course, but everyone knows the word "Moskvich": Some of the irregular ones have the most common ending in Croatia/Serbia, which is '-nin'. Georgia (the country) is called Gruzia, the citizen - gruzinets. A demonym is the adjectival form of a place name used to describe the people from that place. This country is surrounded completely by South Africa. Singular forms simply remove the final 's' or, in the case of -ese endings, are the same as the plural forms.

In some of the latter cases the noun is formed by adding -man or -woman, for example English/Englishman/Englishwoman; Irish/Irishman/Irishwoman; Chinese/Chinese man/Chinese woman (versus the archaic or derogatory terms Chinaman/Chinawoman).

The older name, Бряг на слоновата кост (Bryag na slonovata kost) - literally "coast of elephant bone / ivory", is still used by older people.

There is no demonym confusion for Mexico City.

Three odd (but popular) ones from the UK: The most common ending of Russian demonyms is "-ets".

Tula - Tulyak. Vatican City. People from Del Mar, CA are Del Martians. In some cases, both the location's name and the demonym are produced by suffixation, for example England and English and English(wo)man (derived from the Angle tribe). Thunder Bay Press brings information to life with highly visual reference books and interactive activity books and kits. Balinese: Janice Watson Photography via Flickr I feel like this is racist against people from Mars. Germania is inhabited by nemți, Georgia is informally Gruzia and its inhabitants gruzini.

I've always wondered what a person from Arkansas is called.

People from the Greek island are…Cretans. They always use both names.

French is the demonym of France. ", Fun fact about that word kiwi. Though the word itself is relatively new (fun fact: it used to be called a “gentilic”), its meaning is not.

I know the Vikings used the term “blue man”, as Old Norse didn’t distinguish between blue and black. Demonyms can either be official or non-official, there can only be one official and several non-official synonyms. Officially a person from the State of Maine is called a Mainer but is unofficially recognized as a Down-easter, Mainiac, Pine Tree, and in some cases, he is referred to as a Fox. Taking to the logical next step, the name for the country Ivory Coast is Elfenbeinküste which my 5 year old self interpreted as "coast of the elves' leg".

For example, in Italy, Germany is Germania, but a citizen from there is Tedesco. Children are called Michigoslings.

A person from Romania is sometimes informally called Vlah.

The meaning as bone is the original archaic one that's only used in poetic language today.

Unusual Demonyms.

The following is a partial list of adjectival forms of place names in English and their demonymic equivalents, which denote the people or the inhabitants of these places.. People from Bhutan are Bhutanese. We also have Galweigan for a Galway person.

This page was last edited on 22 October 2020, at 18:02 (UTC). It's very strange to hear and realize, "Oh my god, they're saying kiwi.". (Enter either the country or the demonym) by milc Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . The state's official nickname is "The Hoosier State".

Please say yes, There are different demonyms for residents of different towns in Nova Scotia besides Halifax. There are some exceptions – the attributive adjective for Alaska for many is Alaskan; the same is true for Alberta (Albertan), Texas (Texan), and Hawaii (Hawaiian). Low country (or land). Canterbury Classics publishes classic works of literature in fresh, modern formats. Even more confusing, often a demonym will have nothing to do with the name of the country! When you are wondering whether to call someone who hails from Michigan a Michigander or a Michiganian, you are contemplating which demonym to use. The Novocastr- bit is from the Latin words for new (novus) and castle (castra), and then -ian is a fairly common suffix (per some of your other examples). So a variation of low countries.

• If you’re from Cyprus, then you’re a Cypriot.

Men from Michigan are called Michiganders. There are other demonyms that are borrowed from the native or another language. Website by WordPress Barista.

Mexico City Capitalino Moscow Moscovite Mumbai Mumbaikar Oakland Oklander Rio de Janeiro Carioca (pronounced Keh-ree-OH-kuh) Sydney Syndeysider Idaho Idahoan Monaco Monagasque Manchester Mancunian Seychelles Seychellois (pronounced say-shell-WAH) Springhillers are from Springhill, NS Lunenburgers are from Lunenburg, NS Cape Bretoners are from the island of Cape Breton, NS, Copyright © 2020 Portable Press. Ask Europeans questions about their countries! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

The official common name is still 'Burma' in the UK. The Singing, Dancing, Mystery-Solving Actresses of... What You’re Calling Your Finnish Copyeditor, No, I Can’t Think About the Sun Right Now, An Unusual Incident on the Fourteenth Floor, The Triumphant Return of Fluffy Butternums, Sweets for the Sweet Who’s Addicted to Opium, Embiggening Your Understanding of Embiggen, If You’re Happy and You’re Handless, Clap Your Nubs, Everything You Need to Know About My Hometown.

The tiny country is the headquarters of the Catholic Church, and 75 percent of the population are priests and other clergy, and citizenship is granted upon appointment. Often a location’s demonym is simply the name of the language the locals speak. If the context doesn't make it clear if it's about the small nation or the city, then Munich is called Monaco di Baviera.

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