Rick29 is a film reference book author and a regular contributor at the Classic Film & TV Café , on Facebook and Twitter. As a child, Hellfighters became one of my favorite movies. With John Wayne, Katharine Ross, Jim Hutton, Vera Miles. On Location: The Hellfighters (Sabine Street) (GC2928D) was created by Great Birds on 5/23/2010. The usual Hollywood drama but that’s OK. The move was filmed in Casper, Wyoming. [9] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times described the film as a "slow moving, talkative, badly plotted bore". My husband isn’t as “into it” as I am, but watches it with me without any negative remarks every now and then. Wealthy rancher G.W. Comedy subtly dealing with moral issues such as racial bigotry, corporate greed, American belief of societal superiority and hypocrisy. During the Alaska gold rush, prospector George sends partner Sam to Seattle to bring his fiancée but when it turns out that she married another man, Sam returns with a pretty substitute, the hostess of the Henhouse dance hall. John Wayne was NOT Genghis Khan, and whoever talked him into this role did not serve him well. 19 of 24 people found this review helpful. Unnecessary remakes of the great film, Rio Bravo. Never should have touched that one. I’m thankful I got to be around when his movies were a part of my world. I do not particularly like ANY of the movies JW was in that were produced by Howard Hughes! What’s not to like? Robert Arthur was assigned to produce. Madelyn, projecting her own fears onto her daughter, though gracious is rather less accepting, despite her liking for Greg. The worst for my money (or not!) This less-than-stellar movie has also left behind a tragic mystery — a high percentage of those people making the movie in that A-Test desert died through the years of cancer. I was also a big fan of Susan Hayward. Red Adair had been fighting fires since 1946. Chance pulls her away during her tirade. Whether its clearing your backyard for your pool, or have large quantities of … I always saw the man in the movies and believed that he was more a presence, a “star,” up on that screen rather than an actor. Cattle baron John Chisum joins forces with Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett to fight the Lincoln County land war. Its ironic but she stands out more in this movie than the Granduate where she was overshadowed by Ann Bancroft. Certainly not one of the Duke’s best films but by no means the worst. Most of us probably remember seeing the real life Paul “Red” Adair in the American Express credit card commercial he did a number of years after “Hell Fighters” had hit the big screen. Chance enjoys the thrills, but longs for ex-wife Madelyn. Watching the fires go off at night was impressive. I bought it in a 12 dollar package with three of his other movies. Col. Mike Kirby picks two teams of crack Green Berets for a mission in South Vietnam. Madelyn declares "This is it for me," in the sense that it will either make or break her ability to deal with the fires once and for all, fully aware that her relationship with Chance is on the line. In the Hellfighters it was a simple plot but myself being in the oil business thoroughly enjoyed it especially from the educational standpoint. We are watching this right now. The acting and script are not the point of watching this movie. But I still love him, there will never be another to fill his shoes. It was common knowledge that everyone else in his films of this period were either decorative ingenues or pals. Long live the DUKE! He was well known in the industry but became more generally known in 1962 after extinguishing a Sahara Desert gas well fire called "the devil's cigarette lighter". Adair, who was one of several consultants on the making of Hellfighters, died in 2004. Chance gives his company to his son-in-law as a "wedding present", although Greg's pride compels him to tell Buckman he "doesn't want any gifts" and that he will "pay twice what it's worth." If you're a JW fan you'll recognize most of the cast. An early version of Hellfighters had a sign at the beginning of the film that said “Kelly Oil Field, Goose Creek, Texas”. ", to which he replies, "It's very simple — you'll do." As third-generation “oilfield trash” who covered the oil industry as a reporter for 30-plus years, I thought “The Hellfighters” was a silly film without a lick of reality in it, from the opening scene in which a roughneck causes a well fire when his hardhat shattered an uncovered lightbulb. How he could do this is beyond me. I remember seeing it theatrically, recalling it as one of Universal’s fairly rare stereophonic releases of the time. When could one forget that he was John Wayne in a movie….in a role that he was so deep into that the viewer could forget that he was “The Duke? What’s Your Favorite John Wayne War Movie. Against his wishes, his daughter Letitia (Tish) visits him in the hospital, summoned by his old friend and former firefighting partner Jack Lomax and fetched by Greg Parker in The Buckman Company's corporate jet. (Greg has a notorious reputation for using fires to pick up women. He’s a big fan of MovieFanFare, too, of course! Not only does Tish reconnect with her father, she also marries Greg. She was one of my favourites and a very beautiful lady. So, somewhere around LA maybe the bomb test site dirt may still be. I don’t know about you, but handling nitro in the vicinity of a raging fire is not my idea of a promising occupation. Action, Certificate: Passed Great fun!!!! Stop looking at every film through the eyes of an adult, but thru the eyes of a young boy who’s looking at adventure and danger. McQ is a cop with a mission. asian fires, were filmed in in the Goose Creek oil field in what is now Baytown Texas. Explain. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? An early version of Hellfighters had a sign at the beginning of the film that said “Kelly Oil Field, Goose Creek, Texas”. Her father relents and allows her to accompany Greg into the field. [10] A. H. Weiler of The New York Times wrote that John Wayne made "actionful, if not stirringly meaningful, child's play of exotic disasters" and remarked that "the unrestrained cast and director maintain a welcome sense of humor". Like many urban locations, this area has plenty of muggles. While extinguishing a burning wellhead, Chance suffers a near-fatal accident when he is crushed by a bulldozer blade. Who did the research on this piece? He was still active in television when he died of liver cancer in 1979. My family went to see it one time around Christmas, and all I remember about CW is that Rita Hayworth was the costar. However, when Chance undergoes a life-threatening surgery, his right-hand man Greg (Hutton) sends for the estranged now-adult Tish (Katharine Ross).

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