Some common tasks may include: Wildlife Biologists job outlook is worse than average. MBA in Sustainability and Compliance Degree, Online Masters in Energy Policy & Climate, Food and Agriculture Law and Policy Degree, Meteorology Online Degree and Certificate, Anthropology Bachelor's Degree Online Programs, Plan and coordinate wildlife assessment activities and research, Act as advocate and spokesperson for wildlife and ecosystem concerns within their scope of research, Interact with other scientists, professionals, and advocacy groups to preserve and monitor habitats and populations in the wild and in protection, Draft reports and presentations for internal and external stakeholders, policy-makers and the public, Collect samples and conduct observational research in the lab, the field, and protected environments, Monitor and document animal behavior in the lab, the field, and protected environments, Make sure data/specimen collection and recordkeeping is accurate and adheres to relevant safety procedures, Communicate with national, regional and international initiatives in order to share information and assessment data, Continually review current research and scientific literature in the field, Consult on and implement habitat mitigation and remediation measures, Consult on environmental and site assessments as they affect wildlife biology, Travel to temporary field assignments in remote locations, Conduct and/or oversee wildlife population surveys, Provide information and expert testimony for ecological and environmental impact assessments, Provide technical expertise related to wildlife survey design, Consult on how to best mitigate the impacts of development on wildlife, Planning and scheduling research trips and associated logistics, Presenting findings and research to stakeholders, Designing budgets and timelines for workgroups in the lab and the field, Serve as point of contact for peer-review data calls and planning, Coordinate technical details for a range of cross-disciplinary projects, Coordinate data collection, input, interpretation, and reporting, Navigate environmental regulations and environmental approvals processes, Research, consult, and supervise habitat restoration and the reintroduction of species, Manage and advocate for endangered species populations, Manage and consult regarding species conservation, protection, and rehabilitation.
Some Wildlife Biologists work in labs or offices, but many only find themselves in these locations for small amounts of time. People who are interested in becoming wildlife biologists may also be interested in the following careers, listed with their median annual salaries: Complete an internship in wildlife conservation to gain the experience for certification. WILDLIFE BIOLOGY is a high-quality scientific forum directing concise and up-to-date information to scientists, administrators, wildlife managers and conservationists. In addition to their routine administrative office duties, wildlife biologists frequently work outdoors in potentially harsh weather conditions. The duties of a wildlife biologist can include: developing and conducting experiments/studies on animals in their natural habitats, studying the characteristics of animals such as their interaction with different species, their reproductive and movement patterns, the dynamic with in a population, and the transmission of diseases. Wildlife Biologists are scientists that observe and study the behaviors of animals. The Balance Careers uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. (Hourly rates are based on a 40-hour work week. What Does an NEPA/CEQA Manager Do? Wildlife Biologists are scientists that observe and study the behaviors of animals. Mary Hope Kramer is a former writer for the The Balance Careers covering animal-related jobs. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. Wildlife Biologists and those who wish to become Wildlife Biologists can look to the following government sites for guidance: Wildlife Biologists can also browse through these organizations and websites for valuable resources: A Metallurgical, Mining and Geological Engineer is in charge of designing, monitoring and administering What Does a Metallurgical, Mining and Geological Engineer Do? They frequently observe the features of certain wildlife and determine the creatures' role in specific ecosystems and/or how they interact with human beings. Getting a wildlife biology Master's degree or Ph.D. will be required to advance beyond entry-level positions. Participate in meetings with government agencies, consultants, and engineers, Evaluate and adjust hunting limits for hunted species. The Wildlife Society administers optional Associate Wildlife Biologist and Certified Wildlife Biologist credentials. This is the perfect career for an adventurer who likes to work in a variety of environments. Because the field requires intimate knowledge of many biological processes, as well as anatomy and ecological systems, this career requires at least a Bachelor's Degree.

[2] Wildlife biologists can work with endangered species, advocate for preservation of wildlife, resolve issues pertaining to wildlife, and manage animal populations. By using The Balance Careers, you accept our. Wildlife biologists often analyze relationships between predators and prey for a … Engineering is a complex job, requiring a firm understanding of the sciences. Plate tectonics give our world shape, both under the... Paleozoologists examine the context, form and function of faunal remains.
[6], In the United States, the average pay for a wildlife biologist is $62,290 per year or $29.95 per hour. The journal accepts theoretical, empirical, and practical manuscripts of high standard from all areas of wildlife … Apply to become an Associate Wildlife Biologist® or Certified Wildlife Biologist® through The Wildlife Society. Wildlife biologists need the following skills in order to perform their duties: The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment for wildlife biologists will grow slightly more than the average for all professions, at 8 percent through the year 2026 compared to 7 percent for all occupations. What Does a Paleozoologist Do? A wildlife biologist, or a fisheries biologist, studies and oversees the protection and management of an assigned population of one or several species of animals and plants. They frequently observe the features of certain wildlife and determine the creatures' role in specific ecosystems and/or how they interact with human beings. Most wildlife biologists work full-time, and they may work long or irregular hours, especially when working in the field. [3], Educational requirements for wildlife biologists typically include tertiary education, such as a bachelor's degree in wildlife biology, zoology, wildlife ecology, or general biology. She works in the equine industry and has a passion for careers in the animal industry. You should obtain an undergraduate degree in wildlife biology, general biology, zoology, ecology, or another related field. What Responsibilities Will I Have? Some also look at the ecosystem as a whole and see how people impact it. Wildlife biologists perform researching and monitoring of plant and animal habitats within specific regions in order to make determinations about environmental and population dynamics. ), Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017. The top 10% of wildlife biologists can earn up to $99,700 a year. This career is predicted to grow 5% slower than other occupations in 10 years time. Wildlife Biologists are extremely important to preserving the current state of our environment and deepening our understanding of the other creatures that share our planet with us. Many wildlife biologists at the federal and state levels are involved in managing wildlife populations. [5] Career progression into research or university-based roles will usually require relevant doctoral qualifications. Trap, tag, or relocate animals for conservation purposes. Fish and Wildlife Service. They also... is an advertising-supported site. [4] Many universities offer specialist degrees or courses in wildlife biology. Some kinds of work will require you to have limited contact with other people, possibly straining relationships and personal emotions. Compared to other fields, Wildlife Biologists have high educational requirements. What Kind of Education Does a Wildlife Biologist Require? What Does a Geomorphologist Do?

Mammalogists may... Geomorphologists study individual natural topographical features to attempt to understand the processes that shape the world. Post to and 100+ Job Boards with One Submission.

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